• Published 10th Feb 2015
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Ends of Empire - GreyGuardPony

Much has been lost in the mists of time. The names of heroes and villains, lost treasures and nations, and even the passage of wars. And one such war would leave the world forever changed, and leave a ruler scarred. A Lunaverse story.

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It was a cold winter morning that found the former emperor of the saurians standing on a train platform, in a large Equestrian town. A train had just finished pulling into the station, and would soon be disgorging its cargo of ponies and their luggage into the world. And he was here to do what had become his second pursuit, when not tending to his charges, observing the important events of history.

It had been a long time since he had taken Celestia’s offer and the world had seen much upheaval since then. He had seen the rise and fall of kingdoms, and the eventual unification of Equestria. He had seen villains rise and fall. The likes of Tirek, Grogar and Discord had all left their own marks upon the world, that he had seen play out with exacting detail. It was because of this, that he had taken up a new name. The Watcher.

It was quite appropriate in his mind.

Of course, watching the flow of history had it’s fair share of tragedy as well. The thought of Celestia’s fate...well, that was still an open wound in his heart. He spared a glance up at the sun, where the alicorn was still trapped by the Elements of Harmony. Perhaps if he had cast his gaze towards Canterlot more often, he would have seen the disaster coming.

“Many mistakes.” He sighed.

Still...he had a good sense that something big was going to happen today and he would observe. Perhaps sooner or later he’d be able to pass on the record of what he observed to creatures beyond the uintatherium, but for now, he’d observe.

The train door slid open, two unicorns trotting out into the cool, crisp morning air. The first tugged the brim of her star studded hat back from her silvery mane, taking in the town with an appraising look. Her mint green companion was looking at her with a raised eyebrow, waiting to see what she’d do.

To the Watcher, the two unicorns almost radiated potential. The threads of possibility and destiny flowed and radiated around them like the raging waters of a mighty river. It was a skill that he had honed over thousands of years of watching the world’s creatures, and developing his own divination skills.

“Ahh,” he chuckled. “So you two are why I’m here?”

“So,” the mint green unicorn spoke up, growing uncomfortable with the blue one’s silence, “where to first? The Apples? The weather team? Introducing yourself to the mayor?”

“You’re eager.” The blue one responded.

The Watcher observed the pair discuss things a little more, before trotting off towards The Apple Trust. He fell into step behind them, eager to see what surprises were contained within the two ponies. But one thing he was rather sure of.

They would do great things.

Author's Note:

And here we come full circle to the beginning of the Lunaverse.

I think that this little story is my first real attempt at a tragedy. It also ended up becoming much longer than I initially intended. But I suppose that if you get into a groove, that's what'll end up happening isn't it? Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed it!

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This is marked as incomplete despite the epilogue. Might want to fix that.



Doh. It's fixed now. :twilightblush:


To be fair, I suppose you can view it as kind of both, if you want. If you notice, immediately after he grabs hold of the comet, he feels the daggers in his mind and is picturing things all over the place. Kerzog's statue could easily just be a tweaking effect.

Though it is also pure, damn, spite. He wanted Xin to see the last decay of his own empire, and mammal kind taking over. Kerzog is not a nice guy. :twilightsheepish:

5609043 Kerzog totally is a huge bastard :p

This is a pretty neat epilogue BTW. I hope once Discord has passed you'll write a webisode about Celestia visiting the Watcher!

Does the Watcher have a scribe so he can put what he has seen into writing?


Thanks Fizzy! I'm glad that I managed to make them work for you. The saurians in general are a good example of what compromise can help accomplish in the Lunaverse, I think.

And, assuming that RDD doesn't touch on the watcher during the Season 2 finale, I will totally write something showing the two meeting again! As far as the scribe goes...he doesn't really have one now, though I imagine it would be easy enough for him to get one.

Great story!!! I was captivated from beginning to end, and wanted to see more. I think, however, that you left the story at a good end, leaving people wondering what's going to happen next. It does leave you wondering what would happen to one like the Emperor/Watcher. I like to think that I too would become a watcher of civilizations: recording what happened within, write it down and pass it on to future generations to read and discuss it with. Immortality is seen by many to be a fate worse than death, but I would try to do something constructive with all that time.

Thanks for writing something so thought provoking and captivating!! :twilightsmile:

Guardy, you've done it again.

I seem to say that an awful lot.

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