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With Valentine's Day fast approaching, the talk at Canterlot High turns, naturally, to romance. However, it is during such a discussion that the Rainbooms and their one-time rivals, the Dazzlings, discuss their own love lives. Or, to be more specific, their lack of one.

Fortunately, they know just who to talk to about all this.

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1 view. Three likes. Mkay?

"You know...you girls are my closest friends. I don't really hang out with the guys all that much. I mean, I guess I'm on decent enough terms with Flash and Bulk, but that's about it."

What about Skull?

Great chapter. Nice to see Randy again.

That last sentence made my water come out my nose!! :rainbowlaugh:

5611144 Views are cached, likes are in real time.

That's a lot of tags for a one shot. *adds to read it latter*

here's hoping certain writers don't forget to use me for another four-to-five months again.

Here's hoping that thing with Big Mac and the time people started showing up at Sweet Apple Acres for no readily apparent reason is remembered too. Did things just not go anywhere with him and Fluttershy?

This was a fun little break-down of why all of them (Aria and Adagio's case was kindof obvious) remain romantically uninvolved. Other than that funny business with Flash, I mean.

Bot the Rainbooms and the Dazzlings were, at this moment, doing one of two things, eating their lunch or looking around the rest of the cafeteria, watching their fellow students.


"AJ, no offense, but you have an older brother whose built like a tank and gives death stares to any guy who so much as looks in your direction."


Didn't Randy die from a heart attack?

It is actually a Alternative universe? I just avoid alternative universe stories but sometimes people add this tag to EqG universe, strangely enough

This story can best be summed up as: "I'm going to talk to each of you, one by one, and point out why you're single. Also, why aren't any of you lesbians?"

I don't mean to be negative, but that's the biggest vibe I got. It's a short piece, sure, but it doesn't really go anywhere other than pointing out something we really know the answer to, being that Hasbro has chosen not to ship them. I know it's your story and you're doing what you want, but yeah. You can probably omit the Romance and Random tags as well to shorten them. The closest thing the story has to random is the last line. Other than that, it's not needed.

Still, I did like it.


Brings up another point in the other dimension.



You can't have Bulk without Skull. It just doesn't work that way.

5611541 Yeah, for some reason, Jboy puts the Random tag on every single one of his stories even though it never fits. I don't get it either.

I love the fourth wall break.

I like to think Random Insert shows up everywhere. Randomly. Because he can.

But yes, in general, most guys are gonna be intimidated by the girls. I get the feeling the biggest reason Flash Sentry wasn't intimidated by Twilight was because he'd already been with Sunset - if he could survive the latter girl, he could survive any girl.

5612256 And because the first time they met he saw her clumsily fall flat on her face. Kinda makes people seem less threatening if you see them exhibiting those kinds of flaws

5612400 Well yes, that. Still, girls are intimidating, clumsy or no.

The reasons for the Rainbooms being single makes me think of RWBY, namely Pyrrha Nikos.

5611166 That was good :rainbowlaugh: The theme's stuck in my head again.

This was amazing and ultra cute! It probably is the reason why the boys hadn't asked any of them out yet. Also, I really love Randy! :yay:

This story is so charming and funny, and gives you the warm fuzzies! Liked and favorited! :twilightsmile::twistnerd:

I would have went with a different way.

"You really only care about yourself. You even had a song about how awesome you are. People don't really like others being egotistical. Then there is the fact that you make many of them feel inadequate about themselves."

"Well yeah, they have to be the best if they want to date, THE Rainbow Dash."

"That's the attitude I was talking about."

"The way you always present yourself, guys think you are high maintenance and less down to earth. Plus, guys aren't all that into fashion like you are, and that is all you talk about."

"Well, I guess it wouldn't hurt to lower my standards a tiny bit..."
"You never open up to anyone other than your friends. It's hard for them to even talk to you, let alone ask you out."

".... I'm sorry."
"All you talk about is hard work. It's always about the farm, but never about actually enjoying anything else. All work and no play, makes guys go away."

"What do ya mean, "All work and no play?" Ah have lots of fun like.... Aw horse apples!"
Pinkie- You got that one spot on.

"I guess I could try being a bit more serious..."
"To be honest, a lot of guys still haven't forgiven you for the fall formal. It might be a while before any step up and decide to be friends. No offence."

*sigh* "None taken."

"Well, in that case, here's hoping certain writers don't forget to use me for another four-to-five months again."

My thoughts exactly.

The boy turned to her before gaining a disturbing expression upon his face.

"But I've always been here."

And with him being named Randy....


....I'll see myself out

I second that. [Or is that thirded?]

5612869 Link isn't working for me...

5612995 ....not a clue. But the point is still made!!

5611144 I added a chapter to one of my stories, and a little while later, the dislikes went up one, even though the views didnt. people just look at a story, dis/like it, and move on without actually reading.

I will always believe deep in my heart that Randy wears taco-scented cologne.

Taco Ran-Days
[please feel free to ignore the image, it felt fitting for some reason that I promptly forgot]

I really don't feel like this is actually a story because it is just an OC telling them stuff. The Sonata moments were very cute though. Thumbs up.

"Also, Sunset, you turned into a kamahameha throwing daemon once. Most guys think that's just your piriod. 'Cuz you know, you come from a magical land. So no one on this planet wants to date you. Like, ever."


I wonder what humanworld Cadance does for a living.

"Well, in that case, here's hoping certain writers don't forget to use me for another four-to-five months again."

Bad Randy! Breaking the fourth wall is Pinkie's job! :rainbowwild:


you have an older brother whose built like a tank


5613764 Relationship counselor?

Am I the only one thinking that this needs a sequel or not??? (Writers I'm looking at you:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:)

5612725 These mostly sound more likely to me than "you're all just too awesome for anyone". Though I would add...

"...plus, Big Macintosh is a really effective deterrent."

"...And then people found out you used to be a horse, which is kind of a turn-off. Except for Flash Sentry, I guess."

"You're a horse that dabbles in being human. That's way worse than Sunset's former horse-ness."

Vinyl Scratch:
"You never talk to anybody, and you never take off the headphones. It's helped us out, don't get me wrong, but talking to you would always be like talking to someone at a loud party where you just pretend you heard what they said."

"...what? You're a dog, just go...(implying looks and gestures)."



A bit too obvious, don't you think?

So who is this Randy guy, anyway?

There was something kind of...off about the way he was speaking to, and about, them. And it wasn't until near the end that I realized what it was.

He was putting them up on a pedestal, he was speaking from the position of someone who thinks they're...well, idols, to put it mildly. It's strange to me because the Equestrian versions of them have done a hell of a lot more hero stuff than them, and yet they get spoken about by everyone as if they're ordinary people, not national heroes.

Randy, adventures in the character reception room, where all unused characters wait their turn to be used in a fic.

Yesh did you really have to go with Randy?

5614042 I think in one of his other stories Randy was mentioned off-hand as Sonata's boyfriend while the Rainbooms and Dazzlings had a slumber party.

Nice story, and would apply just as much to the pony versions
:pinkiehappy: - too hyper, plus slightly psychotic :pinkiecrazy:
:rainbowdetermined2: - too competitive/determined
:ajsmug: - Big Brother and also a pony you wouldn't want to be angry with you with that level of bucking strength
:yay: - Discord, plus friends with a bear
:raritystarry: - too high maintenance
:twilightsmile: - a friging princesses and a dragon for an assistant

Plus all national heroes and on first name terms with all three/four princesses

"Darn it! Ah told Mac no to go off scarin folks like that!"

Should be "not to go scarin' off".

Why are they still single? Why Im I still single.

might get upset over this Thankfully, she soon perked

Missing a dot between those words.

Sonata loaning her boyfriend. Write about it please.

5614788 You forgot for Twilight, has a big brother who's the former Captain of the Royal Guard and currently prince of the Crystal Empire.

Great story kida see how that would apply to each of their personality. Stil i think one of them would try their luck :pinkiehappy:

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