• Published 8th Feb 2015
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Story Time With Zecora or Things Get Hairy for Fluttershy - Mister E

Zecora once again foal sits the Cutie Mark Crusaders, and has a new tale to spin.

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Live Everfree or Try Hard...

Chapter Two
Live Everfree, or Try Hard...

All of the friends,

made their way down the trail,

Twilight leading the way,

they vowed not to fail,

on through the forest,

they followed the prints,

‘till they came to a steam,

where away they were rinsed.

“Upstream or downstream,

which way did it go?”

Twilight said, looking round,

with no sign to show.

“We have to split up,

some go south, some go north,”

after splitting in teams,

both parties set forth,

Rainbow, Rarity, and Aj,

headed upstream,

Twilight, Pinkie and Spike,

made up the other team.

Angel looking both ways,

went off on his own,

quickly hopping through thickets,

that were much overgrown,

“If you catch sight of the beast,

or dear Fluttershy,

then send back for help,

with the one who can fly.”

Saying this Twilight led,

her group down the stream,

searching both banks,

for a sign where it’s been,

While the rest did the same,

going north up the creek,

calling Fluttershy’s name,

but not hearing a peep.

The sky started to darken,

and to Twilight’s consternation,

the stream split in half,

toward two different destinations,

“Pinkie and Spike,

you two head toward the west,

while Aj and I,

will this other way test.”

So the group split again,

in the fast fading light,

so they paused to make torches,

for the coming of night.

As Spike fashioned a torch,

Pinkie went on ahead,

then her Pinkie sense went off,

cause her to feel dread,

“This is... new,” she exclaimed,

‘I’ve not felt this before,

I have no idea,

what next is in store.”

A few moments later

she came to a falls,

the creek suddenly dropped,

over ten hooves in all,

She stood on the edge,

and then wrinkled her nose,

as from far below,

horrid stenches arose,

She tried to peer down,

but by now it was dark,

the lack of all lighting,

made the rocks seem quite stark,

then out from a cloud,

the full moon cast it’s light,

and nose bent to nose,

Pinkie had quite a fright.

Her loud scream of terror,

could be heard far and wide,

but the roar from below,

brushed such whispers aside,

Pinkie Pie turned and ran,

just as fast as she could,

passing Spike she yelled “Run!

There’s no doubt that you should!”

All of the others,

had all heard her scream,

and without hesitation,

they all headed downstream,

in the dark they collided,

Rarity getting quite wet,

the cold splashing water,

calmed Pinkie a bit,

“Tell us,” Aj said,

“just what did you see?

What was that roar,

and from what did you flee?”

“It was huge!” Pinkie yelled,

“All yellow and pink,

it had razor sharp claws,

and wow did it stink!”

“Too big for a bear,

at least so I think,

it’s claws were quite huge,

did I mention the pink?”

“Calm down sugar cube,”

Aj said, in placation,

but Pinkie still shook,

much to her consternation,

“That’s not ME,” Pinkie said,

and that turned out to be true,

twas the ground that did shake,

as booming hoofsteps, near grew,

“It’s too big to fight,

in the dark we should scatter,

and meet at the falls,

where I first heard it’s chatter,”

So they all then split up,

at the time none asked why,

they were using a plan,

thought up by Pinkie Pie.

Rarity had tired quickly,

after splitting up from the rest,

in a hollowed out tree,

she thought hiding was best,

but closer she heard,

the loud boom, boom of steps,

a hoof in her mouth,

she silently wept,

then the moon disappeared,

behind great banks of clouds,

and the booming of steps,

got suddenly much less loud,

moments later a rustle,

something came through the bush,

it was small, pony shaped,

and it breathed in a hush,

“Who’s there?” Rarity asked,

barely above a rasp,

what she heard in reply,

was a familiar gasp,

“Fluttershy is that you?”

she asked, hope building inside,

“quick into this tree!

You must quickly hide!”

“What’s going on,”

Flutters asked in dismay,

“Why am I in the woods?

And with you by the way?”

“We all came to find you,

a beast took you from your bed,

you need to hide here with me,

till it goes elsewhere instead.”

Fluttershy was alarmed,

she whimpered in fright,

“Hush now my dear,

it will all be alright.”

But Rarity’s soothing words,

were spoken too soon,

for out from the clouds,

came the dazzling full moon,

So intent was her gaze,

in the woods, out the hole,

that Rarity didn’t notice,

the change in her bole,

till she was forcibly pushed,

from behind in a smother,

and her nostrils assailed,

by the stench of another,

as her head began turning,

she stifled a scream,

and with a great rending tear,

the tree split at it’s seams.

The tearing of wood,

freed her from her silence,

and she let out a scream,

before she came to violence,

That and the roar,

that soon followed after,

had all her friends running

toward the sounds of disaster,

By the time they all gathered,

at the wreck of the tree,

there was no sign of anyone,

or where they could be,

Aj looked at the tracks,

“these are Rarity’s hooves,

and here, why it’s Fluttershy,

I know her prints good.”

“They hid in this tree,

but from somewhere there came,

that bear pony hybrid,

it must be the same.”

“But then no more tracks,

except for the beast,

but by the looks of all these,

I’d say there was TWO at least.”

“Two beasts in the woods?”

Twilight said sounding grim,

“and they took both our friends,

we must find them again!”

So Rainbow and Twilight,

both took to the sky,

searching by moonlight,

for their friends to espy,

On the ground all the rest,

followed the giant beast tracks,

for once easy to follow,

of their prints was no lack,

But suddenly the tracks,

split both east and west,

and again they split up,

though now none thought it best,

Pinkie and Rainbow,

Aj, Twilight, and Spike,

followed two separate trails,

each beginning their hike,

“I’ll fly ahead,”

said Rainbow to Pinkie,

“yell if you see it,

or smell something stinky.”

focused down at the tracks,

with her torch held up high,

Pinkie did not even notice,

till she bumped Flutteshy.

“Oh my gosh oh my gosh,

you had us all worried,

let me call Rainbow Dash,

she’ll be here in a hurry!”

So Pinkie called Rainbow,

and three three were united,

Rainbow was quite relieved,

and Pinkie was excited.

“You just won’t believe,

what I saw” Pinkie said,

It had bright yellow fur,

an hair like on your head,”

“It was as tall as a bear,

and had big teeth and claws,

and could bite you in half,

with a snap of it’s jaws.”

“Oh dear,” Flutters said,

“Let’s get out of the forest,

and go back to the town,

where it isn’t as lawless.”

“But first,” Rainbow said,

“Rarity must be found,

let’s head back to Twilight,

cause that’s where she’s bound.”

“Well at least,” Flutters said,

“we should find her quite soon,

see the clouds moving off?

we’ll have the light of the moon.”

As Pinkie and Rainbow,

both gazed up in the sky,

neither one of them noticed,

the change in Fluttershy,

till out from behind them,

landed two sharpened claws,

upon each of their shoulders,

with gave them both pause,

and then through the night,

came two screams and a howl,

and shortly thereafter,

were more beasts on the prowl,

meanwhile far away,

and some time before,

Aj, Twilight, and Spike,

had begun to get sore,

“Tarnation,” Aj said,

“It’s tracks I can’t see,

all the ones that are left,

look just like Rarity’s.”

And true to those words,

up ahead on a log,

Rarity sat along,

her mind in a fog,

“Oh girls!” She exclaimed,

“How did I get out here?

The last thing I remember,

was a tree far from here.”

“But the tree came apart,

with a horrible crack,

and the next thing I knew,

I was being attacked!”

“Calm down sugar cube,”

Aj said sitting down,

“You’re among friends,

and that beast ain’t around.

Twilight and Spike,

were about to approach,

but then the clouds parted,

and the moonlight encroached,

And before both their eyes,

Rarity changed her shape,

sitting right next to Aj,

with her muzzle agape.

She was huge, she had claws,

and a horn on her head,

the mere sight of Bearity,

filled all three with dread,

“Run away!” Shouted Twilight,

as Spike leaped on her back,

but Aj was too close,

to avoid the attack,

Bearity took a nip,

out of poor Aj’s flank,

and then AJ transformed,

adding more to their ranks,

“Werebears!” Twilight said,

as she ran for the woods,

“There bears!” Spike replied,

pointing back where they stood.

Twi was too busy running,

to put hoof to her face,

and she poured on the speed,

when she saw they gave chase.

But then up ahead,

she saw a familiar abode,

without hesitation,

she quickly there strode,

“Let us in, let us in!”

Twilight yelled in frustration,

and the door opened quickly,

without hesitation.

“Twilight my dear,”

Zecora then said,

“What brings you out here?”

Twilight just shook her head,

“No time to explain,

quickly bar the door,

Werebear ponies outside,”

then they all heard a roar.

Peering out the window,

the three were confounded,

for outside the house,

they were completely surrounded,

Flutterbear, and Bearity,

Rainbear Dash, Bearie Pie,

and even Applebear,

was along for the ride,

They paced back and forth,

outside of the door,

and every so often,

one would let out a roar,

“Twilight we need a plan,”

Spike said, “and real soon,

cause if they break down the door,

then we are ALL doomed...”

Author's Note:

I so wish I could steal some of the lyrics from the clown shark song for Pinkie bear. :pinkiecrazy:
"I'm real, I'm here, I'm worse than you feared, I can juggle five balls and then swallow a deer."
"I'm scarier than ever, it's time for you to panic, my rainbow wig makes me more aerodynamic."
If you haven't heard it before, check it out... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mBALsWwxPf0