• Published 26th Jun 2016
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Shellstrings - shortskirtsandexplosions

After freakish happenstance turns Lyra Heartstrings and Queen Chrysalis into a symbiotic being, they find themselves putting their superpowers to heroic use in an ever-changing Equestria.

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Didn't You Get the Memo?

Downtown Ponyville – Bon Bon's Bountiful Bakes – Thirteen Months After the Royal Canterlot Wedding – Present Day

"Hmm-hmm-hmmm..." Bon Bon hummed to herself, opening a steamy oven. Clasping a mitt in her muzzle, she reached in and pulled out a sheet full of chocolate croissants.

It was a slow morning, but business was bound to pick up into the later afternoon. The charming confectioner took advantage of the time by baking an extra surplus of dessert items. Gentle sunlight glinted off the pristine walls and multi-colored floor tile of her establishment.

"Hmmm-hmmm-hmmmm..." She slid the tray onto a kitchen counter and spat the mit out. "Immerse your soullllllll in lovvvvvvveeee," she sang beneath her breath while trotting about to fetch more ingredients. "Immerse your soul... in lovvvvvvvvvve..."

D-Ding! The bell above the front door jingled happily.

"Just a second!" Bon Bon dusted some baking powder off her apron and trotted over to the sales counter. "Well, good morning to you! Welcome to Bon Bon's Bountiful Bakes! I'm she who would be Bon Bon. Heehee... what can I cook up—..." She blinked. "...for you?"

A massive figure shuffled in on all fours, its huge girth obscured by three pony-sized trench coats tied together.

Bon Bon blinked. With a smirk, she leaned against the counter. "Mooella... how many times do I have to tell you?" She winked. "There's no need to be embarrassed about walking into a horse-run store and asking for pasteurized milk—"

Just then, a single jutting horn slipped out of the front of the trenchcoats, aiming straight towards the ceiling.

Bon Bon blinked. "... ... ...you're not a cow."

"No, I am most certainly not a cow..." The figure disrobed completely, gray hooves and all. "Mmmfff... but with the sugary shit you're peddling these days, looks like I could become as fat as one over night."

Bon Bon's chin fell. "... ... ...Secret Agent Betsy?!"

"Shhhhhhh!" The rhinoceros frowned. She pulled over a chair, sat down—and smashed it to pastel colored bits. She blinked down at the mess, shrugged, and saluted the mare behind the counter. "It isn't 'Betsy' at the moment. At least not now. I'm doing this all undercover-like, ya dig?"

"It... it's..." Bon Bon trotted briskly around the counter with a dumb grin. "It's so amazing to see you! I mean... how've you been?! Did you hear about the Bug Bear?! How's the weather in... in... wherever you've been—"

"Yeah yeah yeah... knock it off with the pussy-hoofing around, already," Betsy grunted. She eyed the mare with a steely squint. "I came here to find out why you haven't responded to the memo."

"Memo?" Bon Bon blinked. "What memo?"

"Cheese and crackers on shit, girl?! Did you lose your sound stone or something?"

"What? N-No!" Bon Bon fidgeted, ultimately producing the enchanted communicator from a pocket of her apron. "I-I've kept it on me at all times!"

"Huh..." The rhino tapped her chin. "...well... if that isn't interesting as all get-out."

"Why... what's the matter?" Bon Bon leaned forward.

"Horizons sent out the call weeks ago," Betsy said. "It's being reformed."

"What is?"

"The Hell else?" Betsy grunted. "The League, ya doughnut-powdered jackass!"

"Oh..." Bon Bon blinked. She slumped down in a red-cushioned chair. "Well... buck..."


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