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A Pre-Equestria/Star Wars Crossover

I'm not a leader. Far from it, in fact. I was a follower. Blind. Obedient. Willing to do anything to gain power. I never considered the conditions that followed with it.

Now my body has changed, no longer my own.

I find myself on a primitive world where magic isn't just the ramblings of those who are ignorant of the Force but a tangible threat separate from everything I've known.

A world where the weather is controlled not by machines but by hand.

A world without the most basic of electrical conveniences.

A world in a long standing cold war with backroom politics, assassins, and threats of open warfare being spouted by bigots with an overinflated sense of racial superiority and egos so big that they can bring down a battleship in its gravitational pull alone.

The most basic concepts of the world baffle me...

And yet they call for me to lead.

What do they expect me to do about this?

I'm using comic book Asajj for anyone who is curious on which cannon I'm using.

Thanks to Setokaiva for editing the first chapter for me.

4/19/2015: I wake up and find this in the popular stories section!!! Wow!

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 14 )

Intriguing you got my attention, but I will wait on reading it until there are more chapters for it.

Intresting... very intresting. I like this kind of fanfiction.
Fav and like, without any doubt.

I want more...no scratch that, I MUST HAVE MORE!!! :flutterrage::flutterrage:
please :fluttercry: insta fav

Self fulfilling prophecy, I sense ahead.

Uuuhh, Ventress in Pre-Show Equestria? This should be interessting.
*sets up a tent and sits down to wait for more*

Interesting. I would like to see more of this please.

This was a great chapter, I can't wait to see what happens next.

Please, continue this story!:fluttershysad:

This is really good! I hope you update soon!

It's with heavy heart that I must say this, I do believe this story is dead

So Ventress is an Earth Pony mare now, and this is an Anthro world I see, got to love these kinds of Pony Worlds, also is this BEFORE Luna turns into Nightmare Moon or AFTER she comes back from the 1000 year banishment on the moon?

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