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Keep Calm and Chaos On - Azure129

Discord calls out Celestia on the details of his initial reform. He has some interesting demands, which she gives into (but not without a few challenges of her own.) By the time Discord’s final reform comes, they're as close as two friends can be.

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Midquel 4: The One After 'Princess Twilight Sparkle'

“Luna…” Celestia sighed and shook and her head as she and her sister briskly walked along a corridor in their castle following a very harrowing adventure involving being kidnapped by dark magic vines and dragged to the Everfree forest for a day thanks to a thousand year old prank from the master of chaos. “I know you’re joking, but please calm down.” The sun princess raised an eyebrow at her moon princess counterpart.

“No, sister, really and truly, tis a perfect plan.” Luna’s eyes were piercing as she proceeded forward. “You see, I destroy Discord now, we blame it on a ‘Nightmare Moon relapse’, and then I just go into hiding in Horseshoe Bay or Acapulcolt for a thousand years. And when I come back we can try this whole ‘reformed Luna’ thing again. Or you can even send me back to the moon if you want for the millennium. Either option is acceptable to me. The point is, I am going to destroy Discord now.” She smiled a little to herself, her eyes still bright with passion.

Celestia smiled a little too, unable to help herself. “Luna, really, be serious. I know we have to talk to him about what happened today and we have to make sure he knows that nothing like it can ever happen again, but I’m afraid making threats and yelling the entire time isn’t going to help. Let’s just think this through with cool heads. And remember,” Celestia had to point out, “Discord did help clean up the vines and the damage in Ponyville.”

“And he did cause us to be kidnapped and dragged to the Everfree forest!” Luna countered, scowling. Then she cleared her throat and proceeded in a mocking Discord voice. “Oh Luna, Celestia, you’ll be happy to know I’m spending a day or two in Ponyville, so you’ll have the castle to yourself!” She scowled more, her normal displeased tone returning. “He KNEW this was going to happen, and he still had the nerve to mock us with the idea of a respite from his presence in our home knowing full well we wouldn’t be here to enjoy it!”

“I know, I know…” Celestia’s look went dry as she recalled that particularly cheeky part of his antic from a couple of days ago. “And we’ll be firm with him, Luna. I promise.” She raised an eyebrow. “I wonder why the guards told us he was in the ballroom though…”

“Oh, if he is throwing another one of his parties, so help me…” Luna’s eyes flashed and a bolt of lighting and thunder occurred outside as the sisters reached the ballroom doors. Luna sighed, observing (and listening to) the doors for a moment. “Well, no music—that is something, at least.”

Celestia moved forward and knocked. “Discord, are you in there? Luna and I would like to talk to you.”

“Oh, uh…” Discord called from inside. “Sure, sure…come in, ladies!”

Celestia took a deep breath and then magically opened the doors.

The ballroom was completely dark as she and Luna entered, causing both sisters to look around in confusion.

When the doors suddenly slammed shut behind them though, that action made both sisters actually jump a little in surprise. They both lit their horns to see by.

“Celestia…” Luna whispered, leaning close and looking around warily, “I don’t like this.”

Celestia nodded, likewise looking around with concern. “I know, Luna. I don’t either. But…certainly there’s an explanation.

Luna scowled again and raised her voice. “Discord, enough games—show yourself!”

Then suddenly all the lights went on in the ballroom, causing both sisters horns to stop glowing and their eyes to go wide.


Instantly, Celestia and Luna found themselves in the middle of a beautiful surprise party with tables of food and tons of streamers and balloons and cake, and many of the staff and guards smiling at them, and even Twilight and the girls smiling at them (and Pinkie Pie shooting herself out of a party canon overhead, causing confetti to go everywhere).

Celestia and Luna just blinked several times, their jaws fallen open.

“I, uh…” Celestia didn’t know what to say. “What’s all this?”

Pinkie Pie dashed up to the princesses and took a deep breath before proceeding to explain with a big smile. “Well, you two went through so much with the magic vines, and the staff of the castle missed you two so much when you were gone, and Twilight and the rest of us are so happy to have you back that a party seemed the best way to celebrate both of you finally returning home safe and sound!” She smiled, making a little squee sound.

Celestia and Luna blinked a few more times…and then the pony sisters smiled.

“Oh Pinkie,” Luna started, stepping forward, her smile growing, “How wonderful. Thank you! Was this your idea?”

Pinkie smiled but shook her head. “Nope! I just helped with the planning and the decorating and the party canons.” She leaned in close the princesses, whispering loudly. “I’m not supposed to tell you whose idea it was.” She pulled back. Then she leaned in again. “But I didn’t Pinkie Promise on it.” She pulled back. Then she leaned in again. “It was his idea.” She gestured upward with her hoof…and the sisters followed her gesture until they saw Discord hanging out on the top of a disco ball that was now in the ceiling in place of the usual chandelier, eating cake and grinning to himself.

Celestia’s eyes went wide and then her smile brightened considerably. Luna blinked and her jaw dropped, but then she gave a pleased smile as well.

Celestia looked down again to the pink pony before her and smiled warmly. “Thank you for letting us know, Pinkie Pie,” she replied softly. “We’re very glad to hear that.”

Pinkie winked and then went bouncing off into the party.

Celestia cleared her throat now and addressed the guests. “Everyone, thank you so much for coming! It’s so kind of you all to care so much about the safe return of my sister and I. So without further ado, please let the partying commence!” And with that Vinyl Scratch popped up in a corner behind a DJ booth, a few records were put on, and the party broke into full swing!

“Princess Celestia, did you really like the party?” A concerned but smiling Twilight asked (again) as the final guests cleared out of the ballroom a couple of hours later. “I tried to make sure things stayed organized, and I tried to make sure everyone felt welcome, and I tried to make sure there wouldn’t be too much cleanup for the staff.” She glanced around sheepishly—though the party hadn’t made a Discord class mess, there was still quite a bit of cleaning up to do. “Sorry, I guess I could have done a better job about that last item.” She rubbed the back of her neck and looked up to the sun princess. “I’m just so happy to have you back, Princess Celestia—we all are.”

Celestia just smiled down gratefully at her former faithful student. “And I’m very glad to be back. And, Twilight, really, it was a lovely and very well organized party and also very fun. I enjoyed it very much. And don’t worry about the mess—Luna and I will be cleaning up the party ourselves.”

Twilight blinked. “But Princess Celestia, you shouldn’t have to do that. I…”

Celestia held up a hoof though, smiling more. “But we want to, Twilight. And it’s the least we could do after such a lovely event was thrown all in our honor.”

Twilight smiled. “As long as you’re sure. Do you need any help?” Her horn glowed.

Celestia smiled but shook her head. “No, thank you. Go enjoy spending some relaxing time with your friends, Twilight. After everything you’ve been through today, you’ve earned it. Besides, I’m sure we can get Discord to give us any extra help if we need it. After all, the castle is his home for the time being, and I’m sure he regrets any stress he might have put Luna and I through with his prank and wouldn’t mind a way to help make it up to us.”

Twilight blinked and then glanced away. “Oh, yeah…that’s true. Heh…” She smiled very awkwardly, trying to seem like she wasn’t keeping a secret but of course failing miserably at the attempt.

Celestia’s smile picked up on one side and she looked at Twilight meaningfully. “This whole party really was Discord’s idea, wasn’t it, Twilight?”

Twilight blinked and looked back up at her. “How did you—”

“A little pink bird told me.” Celestia chuckled softly.

Twilight sighed and nodded, lowering her voice. “Yes, it was Discord’s idea, the whole thing. Everyone was happy to be part of putting it together, but he’s the one who came up with the idea and insisted we do it in the first place. Actually, his exact words were ‘I can’t help it if the pony sisters deserve a little something for putting up with my shenanigans, especially since we’re friends—but just don’t go spreading it around and ruining my reputation. And I still don’t do windows.’ He was in a French maid’s outfit at the time. The whole thing was a little confusing.” Twilight scratched her head with her hoof.

Celestia just laughed. “Yes, I imagine it was. Don’t worry, I’ll see to it he doesn’t get upset with you or anypony else about Luna and I finding out the truth. Besides I think he knows my sister and I are smart enough to have figured it out on our own anyway even if we hadn’t spoken to the six of you.”

Twilight smiled and nodded. But then she had to raise an eyebrow again and ask, “So…if he knows you that well and even cared enough to throw a party for you, then him living here really has been working out?”

Celestia shrugged. “It’s been interesting, Twilight. But yes…I’ve enjoyed his time here. And I think he enjoys it too. I think we’re all growing quite fond of each other, actually.” Something in her smile and gaze warmed.

Twilight nodded, her own smile growing. “I think that’s great, Princess Celestia. Especially since we don’t have the Elements anymore…” She frowned a little and her voice lowered. “Princess Celestia, considering the situation with the Elements and not having direct access to their powers anymore, I’m not sure what we should do if Discord…I mean…if his reform doesn’t…” She looked down, clearly in a touch of distress about how to professionally put what she was trying to say.

“Don’t worry, Twilight,” Celestia assured with a touch of seriousness, knowing where her former faithful student’s observations might be taking her. “If anything, what happened with the Elements might be the best thing that could have happened regarding Discord. Friendship means less if someone always has a threat hanging over your head to make it work. From now on Discord will be choosing friendship over evil of his own free will instead of choosing friendship in part to avoid being turned to stone. I think we can expect good things overall.”

“I hope you’re right, Princess.” Twilight smiled and nodded. Then she gave Princess Celestia a slight bow. “Well, I should get going. Have a good night, Princess.” She waved.

Celestia smiled and waved too. “Goodbye, Twilight. And thank you again for your help with the party.”

Twilight smiled over her shoulder. “Of course, any time!” The purple alicorn began to head over to the doors…but then she paused…and suddenly she zipped back over to Celestia and hugged her around the neck, shutting her eyes tightly. “Princess Celestia, I’m really, really happy you’re back and safe. Really. I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

Celestia’s eyes went wide for a moment…but then they hazed and a warm smile spread across her face. She put a hoof over Twilight and hugged her back gently. “And I’m very happy to be back, and very happy you made it through such a trying and dangerous ordeal today, and very proud of how well you took command during such a crisis—Spike told me how you led the guards. You’re growing into an excellent leader already, Princess Twilight Sparkle.”

Twilight pulled back a little, smiling up at Celestia. “Thank you, Princess.”

Celestia smiled down at her. “You’re very welcome, Princess.”

Twilight laughed softly and stepped back, wiping a small tear from her eye. “Goodbye, Princess Celestia, and say Goodbye to Luna and Discord from me.” She gave her mentor a final bow and then turned and departed the room.

Celestia watched her go with a warm smile, reflecting on the events of the day regarding herself as well as the destiny of her young protégée.

Her thoughts were broken though as a familiar voice coming up from behind her met her ears.

“So then we are agreed, Discord,” Celestia turned at the sound of her sister’s voice, and indeed Luna and Discord were now walking together across the empty ballroom toward her and talking. Luna went on. “To make up for the severity of your transgression today, you shall assist me with my patrols over the Everfree forest and borders of Equestria tonight, and you shall help my sister by assisting her in her affairs at the unicorn academy tomorrow.”

Discord sighed and rolled his eyes to the side but did nod. “Yes, yes, fine, if you insist. I admit, however fun it was to let the prank with the vines play out, I probably could have shaved a few hours off of how long I let you two stay kidnapped. Or at least I could have given you both a heads up from the start and just left Twilight in the dark to learn her important princess lesson about her ability to lead and not letting others treat her like she’s better than anypony else, yada, yada.” He chuckled and shrugged, his arms behind his back. “I guess all of that just never occurred to me.” He grinned cheekily.

Luna eyed him but sighed with a small grin of her own. “Right. Well, then…almost everything is settled.” They paused in front of Celestia, and Luna came beside her sister.

Almost everything?” Discord raised an eyebrow, looking from one princess to the other.

Celestia smiled at Luna and then smiled up at Discord. Then Luna smiled up at Discord as well.

Discord looked from one sister to the other again, his look of confusion only deepening. “What?”

The two sisters just smiled more at him.

“What??” Discord’s eyes went wider and his eyebrow arched even higher.

Celestia and Luna were practically beaming now.

“It really was a lovely party, Discord…” Celestia couldn’t help herself.

Discord blinked at this comment, and then sighed and rolled his eyes in realization. “Great, this is what I get for hanging out with six gossipy mares all the time.” He smiled a little and crossed his arms over his chest. “So who told you both it was my idea to throw the party?”

Celestia smiled more and brought a hoof to her chin. “Well, I promised not to name names but…I distinctly recall a princess and a very happy pink pony.”

Luna chuckled and nodded. “And a blue pegasus and orange earth pony may have accidentally slipped up in front of me…and then a white unicorn couldn’t help gushing about the decorating and how she loves a good royal soiree and was so grateful you gave her the chance to throw one.”

Discord just grinned all the more. “So Fluttershy’s the only one who kept my secret? Yeah, that figures.” He shrugged. “Well then, my cover’s blown. But we all knew already that I love a good party, so no harm done. Now, shall we get to the cleaning up?” He held up his fingers to snap.

The sisters just kept looking at him with beaming smiles though.

Discord raised an eyebrow again. “Girls, seriously, what??” A little grin picked up on the side of his mouth. “Oh wait, is this about the fact that I technically threw another party but I didn’t give you two weeks notice like we talked about? Ladies, it was a surprise party and in your honor, and I’m helping clean up—cut me a little slack about the house rules, okay?” He chuckled to himself.

Luna and Celestia giggled softly, and Celestia shook her head. “No, I’m afraid it’s not about that, Discord. But I’m happy to know you’re keeping our deal in mind about the parties.”

Discord tilted his head to the side and grinned a little more and looked at the two sisters so curiously. “Okay, then…But seriously, what is it??”

Luna grinned all the more and finally told him ‘what’ exactly was on their minds. “You like us, Discord.”

Discord blinked, his hand lowering a little in midair. “Huh?”

Celestia laughed softly. “You like us, Discord.” She explained. “Even if you did let us get kidnapped by those vines and even if you do play pranks on us and even if you do invade our privacy and even if you like to pretend that you’re just living here for fun…you like us, don’t you?” She moved a little closer to him, her smile growing and her eyes hazing.

A rare thing happened then: Discord blushed quite distinctly. “I-I…” he blinked several times, then instantly shook his head, “N-No, of course not, don’t be ridiculous! I don’t like you at all! I-I’m just here for the free food and the roof over my head and…uh, what was that third thing? O-Oh yeah, clothing or something.” He leaned back and crossed his arms over his chest, pouting a little in his fluster.

Luna giggled, coming closer to him as well. “No, you’re not—or at least you’re not here only for those things anymore. You really like my sister and I, and you only let those vines take us because you knew nothing bad would happen to us, and you helped Twilight set us free, and you wanted to throw a party to make up for our harrowing experience but you didn’t want us to know it was all your idea…. You really, really, really like us.”

“That is absurd, I am clearly just using you to get the royal treatment!” Discord rolled his eyes, blushing and scowling and pouting all the more. “A-And stop smiling and getting so close. Celestia, you’re the grim one around here—make this sappy emotional moment go away.” He looked to the sun princess for support, but then his eyes only went wider in surprise.

Celestia was blushing just a little herself now. She looked up at him, her gaze very warm. “If it makes you feel any better, despite everything, Luna and I really, really, really like you too, Discord.” And the sun princess came forward and gave the master of chaos a hug with her foreleg.

Luna stepped closer and hugged him from the other side with her foreleg as well. “But even if we didn’t, today proves definitively that you like us! Discord likes the pony sisters and wants us to be safe and happy! We shall commission a stained glass window in honor of this glorious event!” The moon princess smiled brightly as she finished her grand announcement.

“Oh come on, no, not hugs!” Discord squirmed a little in their grasp, blushing all the more. “And, no, not a commemorative window! Oh, I hate how I come out in those gaudy things!”

“Maybe we should just sing a song then?” Celestia suggested brightly, grinning up at him. Then she cleared her throat. “Long ago we may not have been friends…

Luna took up the tune. “But all of that has now come to an end…

For the magic of friendship has brought us together…

And now we’ll stay side by side forever and ever…

The sister’s sang together now for the ‘big finale’. “The pony sisters and Discord through all kinds of weather!

Discord scoffed and his eyes flew open wide. “Oh, you two are off key, and I’m going to my room! Clean up the ballroom yourselves! I hate making things orderly anyway—honestly!” And with that announcement, a stern pout, and the strongest blush ever, Discord snapped his tail and disappeared from their grasp and their sight.

As he left, Celestia and Luna fell forward into each other a little and then just burst out laughing.

“Oh Sister,” Luna stood up and wiped a tear from her eye, “We have to keep in mind how effective that much affection is at lowering his defenses.”

Celestia nodded as she tried to get her smiles and laughter under control. “Yes, it certainly was interesting to see. He really must like us to get so flustered.”

“You know, I’m really starting to think he does.” Luna nodded as well. She sighed, glancing around the ballroom. “It’s a pity we won’t have his help for cleaning up now, but I think it was worth it.”

Celestia nodded again. “I absolutely agree, Luna.”

As the two sisters commenced cleaning, Luna glanced over her shoulder at Celestia. “Sister, what do you make of the other events of today—Twilight’s discovery of the harmony chest, and somehow through Discord’s efforts no less?”

Celestia smiled to herself as she used her magic to move aside some rubbish. “I think solving the mystery of that chest will lead to a great moment for Twilight. And I think Discord’s involvement won’t end here. His actions led to the production of that chest—his actions somehow will lead to it opening. I can feel it.”

Luna considered and nodded, using her magic to take down some streamers. “Somehow I think you are right, sister.” She smiled more. “And somehow that fact does not make me nearly as uneasy as I feared it would.”

Celestia smiled more as well. “Discord’s really becoming a good friend, Luna. I hope he stays with us for a long time.”

Luna nodded. “Me too.”

The two sisters proceeded with cleaning up the rest of their party followed by a nap together before going on with the rest of their duties for the remainder of the day and the start of the oncoming night. And Discord did indeed assist Luna then Celestia with some of their duties as he had promised to do regarding his punishment for the vines and the kidnapping (though he was distinctly pouty and awkward as he did so, much to Celestia and Luna’s silent amusement.) Their friendship was growing more complicated…and also stronger…every day.

Meanwhile, as Celestia and Luna went about cleaning the ballroom, Discord was lying on his bed in his room, staring up at the ceiling with a very grumpy (and slightly embarrassed) expression upon his features as whirlpools of glowing color spun all around him, and assorted fish with legs drifted by, and a few cherry cola clouds had a rainstorm in the corner, and the pinwheels sticking out of his bed turned, and a herd of living dust bunnies burrowed beneath his lop-sided sofa (his nightstand with his Discord lamp and picture of Fluttershy being the only normal-looking things in the room).

The master of chaos sighed and grumbled to himself. “I do not ‘like’ them—that is outrageous. Fluttershy—okay, fine, I do like her, I admit that freely. She’s…kind to me.” His frown fell away into something softer for a moment but then quickly resumed. “But I do not like the pony sisters! So what if I threw them a party? I was just trying to get on their good side so that they wouldn’t get angry about my prank!” Something in the tone of this last statement though suggested that Discord wasn’t making an observation so much as trying to convince himself that what he was saying was true.

He tossed upon his bed and ended up facing his window overlooking the orderly normalcy of the castle grounds and Canterlot beyond them. “Oh okay, fine, and maybe I did think Celestia and Luna deserved a little something nice after putting up with my shenanigans, especially this time around. So big deal—I was just trying to be a…good friend.” He seemed satisfied with this argument for a moment, but then his eyes went a little wide. “Of course, friends usually do like one another. Even with my limited understanding of the magic of friendship, I get that simple fact. So then, I like them. Well, that’s not such a big deal either.” He reached out into the chaotic atmosphere as a flock of donuts floated past, and grabbed one to snack on. “They’re not so bad, after all. I’ll never tell them that, of course. But they’re not so bad. And even if I have developed a liking for them, I’m still the same old chaotic me, otherwise I never would have played such a grand prank on them like I did even if I did indirectly apologize for it in the end with that party.”

Discord finished his donut and then turned away from the window and snapped, making a multi-colored patchwork quilt appear over him. He yawned and smiled to himself, closing his eyes and settling in for a nap. “Yes, it was a great prank, I’m glad I let it play out, and I have no regrets!” He chuckled. “And there are no more Elements around now. How very, very interesting…” He yawned. “Clearly I’m going to deserve serious bonus points from now on whenever I’m a good friend since there’s no more threat of being turned to stone hanging over me. I’ll have to mention that to Celestia during our next cake date.” He smiled more to himself. “But the bottom line is, reformed or not, I’m still the master of chaos even if some of the ways in which I’m chaotic have to shift a little to accommodate my friends. I’m very proud of myself for coming to such a great insight. Perhaps I’ll throw another party in my own honor very soon. Or at least a special tea party with Fluttershy. One good thing about friendship, after all—I’m having a lot more fun socializing these days.” Discord’s smile grew and he settled into his bed more. And soon the master of chaos had drifted off into a chaotic nap following his tireless efforts to pull off one of the greatest pranks in Equestrian history and to thoroughly make up for it all in the same day.

Author's Note:

And thus another midquel is done, lol. Thank you guys again so much for your patience with update delays :twilightsheepish: My life is insanely busy right now but I'm going to do my best to give you guys an update of something at least every two weeks. Please check my blog for schedule updates as the summer progresses :raritywink:

The next midquel: "The One with the Tea Party (and French maid's outfits!)"

In which Discord has Fluttershy over for a tea party that quickly escalates into embarrassment, shenanigans, and a lot of sheepishness from the pony sisters. And random fun fact about this midquel--despite the title (and yes, there are actually French maid's outfits, and, no, Discord is not the only one who ends up in one), this is not the most risque of these midquels. "The One that References Twilight (no, not the Princess)"--that one is the most risque, no question lol. I seriously wish these three would try living together in the actual show. I think it would be glorious :rainbowlaugh:

Bye for now! :trollestia: