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They say a picture can paint a thousand words. But I believe that a good story could paint a million pictures.


Black Eye has had his eyes set on a lovely mare for several years. Only now, on Hearts and Hooves day, he is prepared to ask her on a date. Everything is set up, he has the caps to get her a lovely gift, as well as a special surprise for his secret love. What could possibly go wrong?

Chapters (2)
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For fucks sake its a wasteland! Too dangerous to have date on some old boat!
Nice story anyway! I like it!:twilightsmile:

5594346 Too dangerous to go for a boat ride!? Impossible! You can always have a good old fashion boat ride, so long as it's not a storm. That's like saying it's too cold to snowboard:derpytongue2:

Your book has been advertised on the new facebook group page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/foebooks/ :)

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