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My name is Matt Johns.


Or it was. At least, I think it was. I can't really remember everything, but what I do remember is that I didn't always go by the name Sweetie Belle, nor was Rarity always my big sister and yet... I am Sweetie Belle and Rarity is my big sister and that's how it always was.

I sense I've confused you. Yeah, well, get in line for that.

I'll tell you what I can.


I've already got stories where I turn into Scootaloo and Apple Bloom. I felt Sweetie Belle was being left out, so, this is the result

Popular Stories 6-7/8/2015 :yay:

Cover art from http://erisgrim.deviantart.com/art/Shocked-Sweetie-Belle-306559791

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First thing that came to mind seeing the story. Added to my read later list. :pinkiecrazy:

Watching MLP for so long, I never once would've guessed that I was one of the ponies


I shall be following this... maybe more, if you'd like it.

Hey! I'm the singing dictionary here, I should be Sweetie Belle!

Well then... this means that your three Fics are now all in my Read Later list... I certainly will be waiting for the next chapter... keep it up, I'm quite interested to see where this is heading... haven't stumbled into a story like this before... becoming a baby. Well... not a first-person one, and one with the character becoming a baby having been a human originally.

Human-turned-into-baby is an interesting idea. Are there more fics like this out there?

And also wondering. Can he talk? Or will he try it at least? This could be interesting. :pinkiesmile:

This is good...

Looking foward to reading more of it.

When will the next chapter come out?:rainbowhuh:

I would like to see your take on Sweetie Belle's 5th birthday party (as referenced in As the Sweetie Belle Toils). Sweetie Belle wanted to emulate her sister and make a fashionable entrance, but the guests wanted to leave the party, prompting Rarity to offer party noise makers and cake to keep the guests entertained.

The Princess and the Foals

when do you continue on some of your earlier storys like this one? I really liked your writing style, but I´m kind of affraid to start anything else, since I already have started 5 -10 of your 51 storys and wait for another update. I don't mind to wait a bit, but it is a bit dissapointing to kind of know that they won´t get an update for probably a whole year, because of your other storys.

I can't help it, I really like your ideas, but I can't really explain it otherwise, because I think that is really the reason why nothing is getting an update. I think against my better judgement I´m going to read this too, and I would like to know on which storys yout actually concentrating right now.

I don't want to force you to continue with a special story, but I can´t deny that it is a bit dissapointing to know that they won´t continue for longer than a month/year.

I look up, before my eyes widen. I’m looking up at a purple maned, pink coated mare that I’ve only seen once, but recognise right away: Rarity and Sweetie Belle’s mother!

Baby age?, not Filly? hhhhmmm then I just hope this isn´t that type of story, where he is more or less only doing what Sweetiebelle would do, with two little differences to give him the wisp of an own personality.
(I just have already seen two like that somewhere else)

Before I can do more than register this beyond bizarre and rather disturbing idea, a hoof presses lightly on me, pushing me forward enough that my slightly open more is pressed against the nearest teat, it popping into my mouth without resistance, causing my eyes to widen.

To be honest, I like it as an explanation more, that the age of the body is affecting his brain in a way, since this is much better than having the character being forced to do stuff that he doesn´t want to, like in a Blueblood story where the body forced the (Human turned Blueblood) to more or less rape someone.
However it would have been also nice to see, that he has enough brain power to maybe prevent himself from being feed that way, and causing them a bit trouble before he would give in. Sadly I don´t trust myself enough with writing a story, or my english grammar otherwise I would use such ideas myself.

As more and more milk goes down my gullet, my body feeling warm as the like enters my stomach, my mind starts getting a bit hazy. I struggle to stay focused, suddenly alarmed. I’m having trouble remembering my past, as if something is erasing it from my mind with each gulp of milk I consume.

oooohh no, this already looks like Human deleted, original Sweetiebell installed.

Why was I so anxious a moment ago? I can’t remember.

........not sure if you even needed the Human there, but even if I´m wary about it, as long as this one actually gets any updates anytime soon, I'm willing to give it a fair chance. At least this time it seems that he isn´t sharing his body with anyone this time, even if I really liked how the unfinished story with Scootaloo started.

Five score, I'm guessing. Also, oh hey! The also liked has one of mine!

Is there going to be an update?

I would like to have a new chapter please.

I love this idea. Not many fics do the whole growing up as a pony from a baby bit.

nuu why are the intresting stories always cancelled :applecry:

the video doenst work sadly

maybe not since it was last updated around 2015

Though it would be more funny if he became sweetie bot, there is a severe lack of sweetie bot stories.

Will you ever finish this?

They poisoned the milk! It's the government I tell you! Soylent Green!

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