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My name is Thom, I'm from the Netherlands, and I love writing stories. That about sums it up, I think.


After suffering from a recurring nightmare, Sunset Shimmer decides to go back to Equestria. There, she discovers that Twilight has been having similar dreams and that a mysterious dark force is at work in Equestria. Sunset, Twilight, and her friends are sent on a mission with the goal of bringing harmony to Equestria once and for all. (Human tag included solely for first chapter; pony all the way after that) (Light SunLight in later chapters)

Chapters (11)
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Comments ( 20 )

It's an interesting start.

Huzzah that this story's continuing! Double huzzah that they've completed the first part of the quest! Of course, now they have to find the other five forges...

This sounds pretty good.

Well the dream indicates they succeed so no worries there.

Wouldn't an Equestria Girls tag be better than a human tag?

I'm glad to see this story continue, and can understand creative difficulties. We all run into them now and again.

Anyway, one forge down and a lead on where at least one more might be thanks to the power of mathematics. Nothing wrong with that.

Might be, yeah. It was rejected the first time for not having the Human tag, though.

Hey, a chapter's gone down! What happened?

I missed some stuff in editing and a friend gave me some more feedback, so I took it down to patch it up. I normally wouldn't, but there was one thing that I had to fix so I figured I'd do a little bit more.

And things just get more and more interesting.

interesting, you're going with atonement instead of empathy.

...I liked this chapter. It ended on a hopeful note, and I like it when that happens.

Ya know, such a fight in the nexus of Kindness just makes how far it had gotten way back when all the more disturbing.

Not sure what the Princess will say about all of this though. Yes it might not be how the world is 'supposed' to work, and all of this might even give us an explanation on just who or what Discord is. But Ponies have been like this for as long as any of them, probably even the Sisters, can remember. Letting the world go back to what it was, like the Everfree or Sunset's adopted home, might not even be something they can deal with.

Well those were some eye-opening revelations. Enough to make you wonder.

True. Another thing to consider is that the darkness destroyed Callabus after the Forges were built. That kind of gives the impression that the darkness was created by the Forges power, a negative byproduct of sorts. That begs the question of whether reactivating the Forges will help, or just make it stronger. So maybe all they're doing is making things worse.

Yes, they must keep...
(Wait for it...):pinkiesmile:
... forging on!:pinkiehappy:


...I sincerely hope that was a big damn heroes moment from Celestia at the end.

Princess Celestia inclined her head. “Thank you. I want you to aid Twilight Sparkle and her friends in the quest I’m about to send them on.”

well then... Just immediately send them out.
it does?

I may be paranoid or something but it seems too easy I know they still have to find the other 5 but I feel there has to be a screwball I feel like there’s gonna be a 7th forge I mean think about how Rarity needed to stand in the center to help Twi activate it and where would Sunset’s use come from she has to be related unless she’s needed to activate Twi’s forge.

Sunset smiled at the contrast. It showcased Twilight’s focus on learning the theory behind each spell she cast, just like it showed Sunset’s tendency to just try spells out and work from there. Not much later, the shield was done. It was partially magenta, partially cyan. The colors swirled around each other and glowed faintly, the different magical energies empowering one another.

am I correct in assuming ying yang

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