• Published 3rd Feb 2015
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Sweetest kind of love - Cuteclaws101

Sweetie belle and Button mash arent sure what's going on with them The story travels from when they were in elementary school in till they are young adults. What will happen in between those years, will they finally confess each others love?

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The awkwardness comences

Author's Note:

I really hope this chapter wasent too bad. More was originally going to happen in this chapter but i decided it would be to long if i added it all.:twilightsheepish: Anyway i hope you like the chapter, another chapter will hopefully be released next week.
see ya!

p.s Im sorry in advance about any bad grammar or spelling mistakes. I never had time to correct it and was dying to release another chapter. Dont worry it WILL be corrected.

Almost as soon as Button had slammed the door shut his mother appeared out of no where.

“Button, you home early!” she declared.

“Ya, Apple Bloom had to leave and then Scootaloo did too” he said not mentioning walking home with Sweetie Belle.

“Are those you new friends name’s?” she asked, knowing what the answer would be.

“They're not technically my friends yet mom. But yeah they're the ponies i was talking about, their thinking of letting me join their club!” he said half excited.

“That’s wonderful Button, making friends already, maybe they can distract you from all those video games you play. You really should get outside more.”

“Hey, my video games never waste my time, they are my life!” he said defensively.

She chuckled. “I never said they did sweetie, but video games aren't everything.” Button looked down at his hooves for a moment. “ I started making dinner, its almost ready. How about we have a early dinner tonight, okay?” she smiled warmly at her son.

“Yay!, I love early dinner’s” he yelled excitedly and dashed towards the kitchen.
He was glad he could get his mind of his walk home with Sweetie Belle and could get something delicious down his belly.

After a few minutes of waiting for dinner to be served and three games on his joyboy, dinner was finally ready.

“Here you go!” Button’s mom said pouring some eggs, toast and hay bacon on to his plate, in a quite a large portion. He was a growing colt after all.

Button dug in and gobbled down his dinner, bits of egg and toast flying in all directions. He hadn't realized how hungry he was because he didn't get to eat his lunch.

“Wow, you sure are hungry” Button’s mom commented.

“I never got to eat lunch.” he said through mouthfuls of food. “Mmmm sooo good.” he declared through another big bite a food.

Button’s mom giggled, her pretty blue eyes closed for a second while she smiled. “Well that explains it. I hope your not going to eat like this when we have guests over.”

Button looked up from his food and swallowed. “What do you mean guests?” he asked, his brow scrunched up into a concerned look.

“I was just thinking of inviting a few ponies over for dinner this weekend as a housewarming party, you could even invite some foal’s from you school, if you want.”

“HOUSEPARTY?!” he shouted spraying crumbs everywhere. “Why would you want to host a house party, you NEVER host parties! And plus, i don’t want kids from my school to come to my house just to make fun of me!” he yelled, pure terror on his face.

“I just thought it would be nice to meet a few ponies.” she said timidly. “And what makes you think ponies will make fun of you?”

“Cause everyplace we moved, someone has made fun of me not to mention two fillies just insulted me today!”

“What! Why would someone insult my little button!” she said her eyes narrowing. Who are these ponies? She ordered, her face scrunched up.
“Mom, its not a big deal, they were just some school bullies, their apparently mean to everypony, especially blank flanks.” he said while resuming back to his almost finished dinner.

“But it IS a big deal! Im your mother, i'm supposed to protect you from things like this.” she whimpered.

“No offense, but you didn't exactly help me out with other bullies at other schools. they called me mamaboy for weeks after you started yelling at those ponies who were teasing me.”

Button’s mom sighed,”Never mind then, but i'm still expecting you to invite some ponies over this week.”

“But Mom!” Button mash complained.

“No But’s Button” she said, taking charge.Button groaned. “How about you invite over your new friends?”

Button thought this over for a moment.“Fine” he mumbled.

“Good, then that settles that, then who want’s some dessert?”

“ME!” Button exclaimed, completely forgetting about their conversation.

After a filling dessert of Jello, Button trotted up the stairs to his room. His thought’s had returned to the House party,his mom had announced at dinner.
Why he thought, did she want to have a house party all of a sudden? She never had any sort of party in all the other places they had lived.

Maybe it’s because she’s lonely.He thought. It was just her and Button now most of the time since her brother moved out and his father was almost never around, he was too busy with his work. It wasn't fair really, Button thought. The whole reason they had to move all the time was because of his dad’s work, but they never seemed to actually spend time with him at all.

Button sighed as he collapsed onto his bed. He looked around, there was still boxes that needed to be unpacked. The only things that were already unpacked were his bed and the small television he used to play video games on.
I know, i’ll play some video games. That always cheered him up.
He picked up a controller and picked a game. A Legends of Zelda game, it was a good game to play when he was feeling stressed.

After playing for a few hours, he saved his game and looked at the clock; 8: 40 it read. He might as well go to sleep, even if it wasn't that late. He was tired from moving, not to mention his first encounter with some new fillies. He wasn't used to talking to a bunch of nice foals on his first day of school.
He was usually a great target for teasing, considering he was a blank flank and was obsessed with video games.
Button sank deeper into the cover’s of his bed. He wanted to just fall asleep but something was nagging him.
In almost every place they had moved to, no pony had ever been so nice to him on his first day of school. Why wasn't he happy about this.Shouldent he be glad?
He was so used of being tormented by other fillies and colts at school that he just seemed to not care anymore.
He remembered when it was his first day of school when he was just a little colt how he was so excited to meet everypony and wanted to do every possible fun thing. Now he just seemed drained and tired like their was nothing to feel happy about.In a way video games were his life, besides his mom.
Some ponies said that he had no friends because he was too anti social, but only Button knew that he could make friends anytime he wanted to. He had them before,so he could make some again, but ever since they had moved several times, he was tired of making new friends and then just losing them. So he had decided just to not make friends. It was easier for everyone.

Button felt a twang of loneliness as he thought of all of this. Maybe it was time for him to start making friends again, to start enjoying his life. He wanted to be his old self again; the happy, excited care free colt he had been just a few years ago, and he could be.

For once, somepony had wanted to be his friend, but not just one pony, three ponies! He decided he didn't want to lose some potential friends and the first good step of becoming someone’s friend was inviting somepony over, it almost always worked to Button’s knowledge.
Button, usually waited a while before actually inviting some pony over to his house to see if they were trustworthy. But those three fillies seemed pretty trustworthy, right?

As Button was beginning to drift off to sleep he made a decision: he was going to invite Sweetie Belle over.
The thought of this made his insides squirm but if he wanted to take a step up from where he was now it was a good place to start.

After all Button thought how bad could it be?
Sweetie belle lied on her bed, her face mashed into the sheets. She was still thinking about Button mash.
Was her sister right about her having a crush on Button mash? It seemed unlikely and Rarity sometimes over dramatized things but Rarity had actually not made a big deal out of it for once.

Maybe it’s nothing to worry about, im probably just nervous around new colts that are kinda cute, that’s completely normal. she thought. She sat up on her bed feeling slightly better.

She ignored all the thoughts that tried to get into her brain. “Absolutely nothing to worry about.” she said to herself.

“What is absolutely nothing to worry about?”

Sweetie belle snapped her head back, finding her older sister standing at the entrance, completely unaware she had been there.

“Oh, hey Rarity, it’s um nothing, just thinking.” she smiled softly.

“Well, if you say so. Anyway i was wondering if you have seen that box of blue bows i ordered the other day. I seemed to misplace it.” Rarity said, scanning her sister’s room for bows of any kind.

“Oh, no I haven't seen them, but i’ll tell you if i find them sis.”

Rarity sighed. “That’s alright then i’ll just keep looking.” Rarity said turning to the exit.

“Wait!” Sweetie belle squeaked. “Can i help look for them, or help with your dresses?” She asked, her eyes shining brightly with a big smile plastered on her face.

“Well i suppose” she said uncertainly “you could help look for the bows while i work on my other orders”

“Yay, thanks Rarity” she said as she skipped out the door.

“Just TRY not to make everything eh,... messy.”

“I don't make a big mess of everything,besides how would looking for bows be messy.” she said rolling her eyes. At that moment she had accidently stepped on Rarity’s cat; Opal. The white puffy cat hissed mencicely and trotted away her nose in the air.
“Whoops’, sorry.” she said partly to Opel and her sister.
Rarity sighed “Well you can start looking in the cupboards downstairs, if you need me i’ll be near the entrance finishing some orders.”

“Okay!” Sweetie belle said, running down stairs to the red cupboards, Rarity always kept her fabric and accessories in.
As Sweetie belle was going downstairs heard her sister talking muttering to herself.

“I do hope i find those bows, they’ll make my new dress even more fabulous looking.”

Sweetie belle threw the cupboard door open and began searching enthusiastically for her sister’s missing bows.
She was always happy to help out her sister when she needed it.

Curiously she opened the box. Inside there was lots of letter’s and a few objects. There was, a bracelet with blue jewels and sparkles on it with writing engraved onto it. it read to my beautiful jewel….
There was also a very wilted looking rose, that had lost all of its colour and was just faintly tinged pink.
Besides all the letters there was also a small notebook with more jewels pasted on to it. It was quite well put together.
There was only one pony Sweetie belle knew that could make any common object beautiful, her sister.

Sweetie belle opened the book cautiously, and it appeared to be a diary, Rarity’s diary. From looking at the slightly battered pages and the dates on the top which were neatly written in cursive, it was quite obvious it was a very old diary of Rarity’s.

She shouldn't look at it she thought as she closed the book but then again she was very interested it what it read. Maybe she could look at one of the letter’s instead.

At random Sweetie belle took one of the envelopes and opened it up. A letter dropped out near her hooves,she picked it up and began to read.

It contained a lot of sappy romantic poetry and gestures.

“Bleh.” she dropped the letter on to the floors. She had just read a very disturbing mushy sentence, not meant for fillies like herself to read.

Part of Sweetie belle wanted to ask her sister about the box filled with letter’s but another part of her wanted to not ask Rarity about it and to keep it to herself.
She eventually decided to collect all the things and replace them back into the box. She shoved the box back where it was and dragged the box of bows in to view.

“Rarity, I found your bows!” she yelled. Rarity soon trotted in to the room a smile on her face.

“Oh thank you Sweetie belle, i thought i would never find them!” she exclaimed as she bent down and nuzzled her sister.

“After im finished we can have some dinner.”she said to Sweetie belle.

“Im not really hungry, i think i’ll just go to my room,i have some homework i need to finish.” she lied.
“Oh, alright you can have something to eat later if you want then Sweetie belle.”she said slightly surprised.

“Thanks.’Sweetie belle replied and she trotted up the stairs.

She flopped onto her bed once again, thoughts filled her mind.Why did her sister have that box in her fabric cupboard? Wouldn't she want that to be kept someplace private?

Sweetie belle didn’t want to think about anything else now and distracted her self with a book.
She didn’t relize how long she had read because it was almost time to go to bed.She clicked off her lamp and placed her book on the bed side table.

Sweetie belle fell asleep peacefully dreaming of all the things that had happened.

Sweetie belle woke up in the morning light, she could already smell her sister’s cooking downstairs.
She got up brushed her hair and teeth and headed downstairs.

She was greeted by her sister, who was busy making a delicous omelette on the oven “Good morning Sweetie belle, how was your sleep?”
“Alright.” she answered grabbing a plate from the counter. Rarity sat down across from Sweetie belle and tipped a perfect looking omelette on to both of their plates, garnished with parsley.

“You never ate dinner last night so i left some leftovers for you in the fridge, you can have it for lunch if you like.”

“Ok, thanks. I was just tired last night so i decided to go to bed.”

The two silently ate their food until it was time for sweetie belle to head to school. Sweetie belle contained herself from asking about the box and concentrated on her food instead.

“Here’s your bag, Sweetie belle.” she said to her sister as she handed her the light pink saddle bag.”

Sweetie belle took the bag and threw it over her back. “Thanks Rarity, see you after school!’ and she walked out the door.

“Have good day at school!”

Sweetie belle, Scootaloo and Applebloom, walked to school together as they usually did and arrived just as the school bell rang.

“You girls go on without me I just have to check something in my bag.” she said to her friends.

“Okay Sweetie belle, we’ll see you inside.” said Apple bloom as she and Scootaloo made there way into the school.

As Sweetie belle rummaged through her bag, she thought she heard hooves gallop onto the dewy grass. It grew louder as if the hooves were headed toward her. She looked up just in time to see a brown colt with messy hair flying everywhere slide on the slippery muddy grass and slammed into her.
‘AHHHH, WATCH OUT!” the colt screamed. Before he could stop he fully body slammed into the surprised looking filly. They somersaulted twice on the ground in the wet dirt.

“OOUF!” Sweetie belle exclaimed as she thudded onto the surface, or thought was the surface. She was on top of a muddy looking Button mash her hooves on his shoulders. They were both on the ground, looking quite stunned, unable to move.

Button mash spoke first. “Um, mind getting off of me?” he choked. “Sort of suffocating here.”
Sweetie belle flushed red, and quickly hopped off of him, unsure what to say.

“Im SOOOO sorry, Sweetie belle, Button said as he sat up, rubbing his arm.”I was running late and then i didn't see you and then slam, i kinda uh fell on you, i hope i didn't hurt you, Umm are you ok?” Button asked.

Sweetie’s face was in pure shock, her mouth slightly open, She had been on top of Button,she was kissing distance from his face! thank Celestia nopony was around, especially Diamond tiara. She couldn't even imagine the awful thing’s all the foals in her class would say if they had saw them.

Sweetie belle snapped out of her trance, shaking her head vigorously. “Im fine! she squeaked. “Just a surprise is all, wasn't expecting to be knocked over by somepony!” she said nervously.

Button looked down guiltily. “Sorry about that again.” he apologized still looking down at the ground.

“It’s ok, accidents happen, at least were not too hurt.” she smiled weakly. She noticed that both her and Button were covered in mud and grass stains. How would she explain the mess to her sister!?

“We better get inside”Sweetie belle said “Don't want to be late or anything” she added as she picked up her abandoned saddle bag that was also covered in grass stains and mud.

“Oh, right!” Button replied. He was looking just as perplexed as Sweetie belle was but diden’t seem to take any notice of his dirty coat at all.

The two foals silently walked inside. Lucky for them Cheerilee hadn't noticed that they were late and was getting her lesson ready on the board.

Sweetie belle was still trying to rub off the mud and grass stains off her fur as she sat down in her desk, silently muttering to herself on how unlucky it was for her to have a white coat.


“Huh” exclaimed Sweetie belle, turning away from trying to clean off her fur. It was Scootaloo.

“Sweet’s, what happened to you?” asked Scootaloo with a look of confusment on her face. One of her brows was raised and her mouth was slightly curled into a smile, as though she wanted to laugh.

Before Sweetie belle could respond Cheerlie’s voice interrupted their conversation.

“Attention everypony! the maroon mare announced as she began her lesson.

“I,ll tell you at lunch okay?” Sweetie belle whispered back. Scootaloo sighed and slumped back into her desk. Agreeing silently with her eyes.

Sweetie belle turned her head back to the teacher, pretending to be listening but she just wanted it to be lunch so she could talk to her friends. Sweetie belle made sure she didn't look over to Button mash, which was a bit difficult to do considering he was right next to her.
She was sure that if she looked at Button mash she would immediately start blushing as red as a robin’s chest.
Her eyes however insisted that they half glance at Button mash every few minutes. She was mentally scolding herself in her mind.
No Sweetie belle just dont look, oh jeez he’s staring at me now. When will this class end?! she thought while dropping her head onto her desk, it gave a small thud.

“Anything wrong Sweetie belle?” asked the teacher, surprising Sweetie belle. She was standing right next to Sweetie belle handing out sheets of paper.

“Huh, what? Oh sorry Ms.Cheerilee, i'm just tired is all.” she lied with guilty eyes,

“Well i don't suppose you heard what i was saying in class, do you?”

“No, im really sorry Ms.Cheerilee.” she said hanging her head.

“That’s alright Sweetie belle, sometimes we have off days just try to pay attention next time, okay.” Cheerilee said in a comforting voice. “ Any way, i was talking about a small project were starting in pairs about the history of Equestria, your partner can tell you more about it.”

“Okay, thanks Ms.Cheerilee, i will.” Sweetie belle said immediately scanning the room for her two best friends.

Ms.Cheerilee interrupted again “How about you work with Button mash for this project.” she asked hopefully. “He’s quite new so i was wondering since you're such a nice student you could be his partner just this once. I think Scootaloo and Apple bloom are already partners and Button doesnt have a partner yet so could you work with him?” pleaded Cheerilee.

Sweetie belle looked over to her friends, it did look as though they were already partners. She saw Applebloom give her a look signifying she was sorry.
Sweetie belle knew she couldn't say no to a teacher so she agreed. It wouldn't be too bad working with Button mash right? Just possibly super awkward.

Sure Ms.Cheerilee.” she said faking a smile.

“That’s great! Im sure you’ll do well on the project. Button has a….very creative imagination, so im sure you’ll have no problems coming up with ideas.” she smiled.

Ms. Cheerilee signaled Button over. He was looking around the room with a panicked expression on his face as fillies and colts passed by him with partners. He looked a bit confused when Cheerilee called him over.

“Button, how about you work with Sweetie belle for this project, you’ll make a great team.” she grinned enthusiastically.

As soon as the words came out from their teacher’s mouth, a horrified expression swept over Buttons face but he quickly changed his expression to a slightly less horrified expression.

“O-Okay” he stammered to the teacher.

“Well, then i’ll leave you to it, oh and the project’s due next thursday.” said Cheerilee as she walked away.

The two foals looked at each other with the same expression on their face.

This wont be to bad Sweetie belle thought trying to convince herself. How bad could it be?