• Published 3rd Feb 2015
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Sweetest kind of love - Cuteclaws101

Sweetie belle and Button mash arent sure what's going on with them The story travels from when they were in elementary school in till they are young adults. What will happen in between those years, will they finally confess each others love?

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Love at first sight

Author's Note:

Hey everyone. This is the first chapter of my new story! I have always wanted to write a story about Sweetie belle and Button mash so i thought this would be a fun idea.:pinkiesmile: Hopefully I will actually finish this story and i plan to do so, i hope you enjoy!
P.S. If you have and great ideas for future chapters, please feel free to comment an idea or a remark, anything really! it will really help me out, coming up with new ideas. See ya!:raritywink:

It all started when I was nine years old.

I had just moved to ponyville, but that was no surprise because we basically move every year. Although my mom said we might be staying a bit longer than usual.

I like Ponyville, it wasent all city like, like Manehatten had been or Las pegagsus, it was just calm and soothing and I liked that. Everypony was nice for a change and instead of ponies calling me names and bullying me they would say hello or just smile. It was one of the best places I had moved to in a long time. All was good intill I had to go to school, because I was dreading of colts and fillies to start being mean to me all over again, but I was surprised.

“Button, time for school! You don’t want to be late on your first day do you?” yelled Buttons mom.

Button Mash was laying in bed, his face smushed into his pillows, he did not infact care if he was late at all.

“Just give me five more minutes.” He mumbled into his pillow.

“We have to go in five minutes Button, so get up NOW” She answered firmly.
The brown colt groaned into his pillow and slowly go out of bed. He walked to the bathroom, brushed his teeth in record timing and tried to brush his messy light brown hair. He gave up after three strokes. After he slumped down stairs and gobbled up his breakfast and was ushered out of the kitchen by his mother.

“Come on, school starts in five minutes.” Buttons mom said urgently, taking buttons hoof and trotting along. At last they made it just in time as the school bell rung.

“Okay sweetie, have fun at school, I packed you a lunch, oh and try to make some friends!” she said while nudging him into class.

“Bye mom” Button mumbled, still waking up from his sleep. Cautiously Button mash entered the classroom. It was like any classroom, noisy, packed full of foals and walls where covered in pictures and lessons. Nothing different than anything he ever saw.

He was greeted by a sweet, marroon coloured mare, with three smiling flowers as her cutiemark.

“Hello, you must be Button Mash, im Ms.Cheerlie. I hope you will have a wonderful time here at Ponyville elementry.” She smiled excitedly.

As soon as the class begand to settle down Ms.Cheerlie cleared her throat.

“Welcome back my little fillies and colts from you weekend, I would like to introuduce you to a new student”. She gestured to Button mash. “Would you like to say a few things?”

Button half nodded as he began to speak “Hi, im Button mash and im eight years old, I just moved here from Manehatten, because my dad moves a lot for his job, oh and I LOVE video games.”

The class clapped, and a few shouted “Manehatten, cool!” Button was slightly taken aback, he had never been applauded for just introducing himself.

“Why don’t you go over there and sit next to Sweetie belle, dear?” Ms.Cheerlie said as she pointed out an empty seat in the second row. Button mash made his way slowly to the seat aware of two fillies eyeing him meniacly. One of them whispered “Looks like its another blank flank loser.” The other filly giggled.

When Button mash seated him self and Ms.Cheerlie began her class, the pretty white filly leaned over and said. “Hi, im Sweetie belle, she said sweetly. She smiled, her emerald eyes glimmering in the light. “Uh hi, im Button mash.” He felt instantly stupid in saying that because he had jut literally said that in front of the whole class. The white filly just smiled and resumed back to her work. A strange feeling in his gut was forming and Button knew he dident like it. Why did he care if he said something stupid in front of a pretty filly anyway. Wait did he just say pretty, he never though of any filly to be pretty.What was wrong with him.

Button mash shook off his thoughts and tried to concentrate on what Ms.Cheerlie was saying, only he found it quite difficult because the white filly with the cotton candy colored mane kept distracting him. Sooner than Button expected the lunch bell rung and all the foals burst out of the classroom. He awkwardly got up from his chair with his saddle bad and looked for a free spot to sit. At last he found a spot under a tree away from all the yelling and shouting of school ponies.

Just when he thought he could relax and eat his lunch, three fillies popped out of no where infront of him.

“Aagh!” he shouted. His apple slipping out from his hooves.

“Hey new kid”, a brightly coloured pegasis with fushia hair and a orange coat,smiled.

“Uh, hey” he said not sure what to say.

“My names Scootaloo”, the orange pegasis exclaimed. “And this is, Apple bloom and Sweetie belle.” She said as she gestured to the two other fillies, one earth pony with a yellow coat and red mane with a big pink bow on her head, and the other he reconized from earlier, the white unicorn with a pink and purple mane.

“Howdy, nice to meet y’ah” the yellow pony said as se offered a free hoof. The other held an apple she took a bite of. She distinctatly had a southern accent. Button had never heard a southern accent before and was sure of it that the ponies he was in school before would have made fun of it.

Button shook her hoof, and his eyes drifted to the last filly.

“Um, hi, its nice to see you again” she added quickly, blushing slightly, her eyes jerking away from his.

“Soooo”, the one named Scootaloo said. “I see you have no cutie mark” she commented.

“Ya, I don’t really care much about that, it will come when it comes.” He explained, lying his back down on the tree trunk.

“WHAT?” How can you NOT care about your cutiemark its one of the most important things in life!” The yellow one butted in.

“Maybe so, but there’s other things too ya know.”

“B-But, don’t you care when ponies tease you about it, don’t you want to know what your special talent is?” She screamed, possibly a bit to loud.

Button simply shrugged”Not really you get used to it.” “Speaking of bullying, you may want to watch out for those two, Scootaloo said abruptly, she gerked her head to the side, where the two fillies he had saw eariler. They where staring at them, with narrowed eyes, smirking.

“Ya, you better not get on their bad side.” Sweetie belle said finally saying something. “You wont know whats coming your way if you get them angry, especially Dimond Tiara.”

The three all nodded in agreement to Sweetie belles words. Just then the two fillies advanced on the group. “Hey blank flanks, whatcha doing , trying to recuit another loser to your lame club?”The grey filly beside her smirked and just stood there supporting the pink one.

Apple bloom rolled her eyes, and Scootaloo and Sweetie belle narrowed their eyes.

“What is it Dimond?” Apple bloom asked, annoyed.

“Oh, nothing, just wanted to meet the new blanky here.” She stared at Button mash. “I bet you think your soooo cool coming from Manehatten, but really its no big deal, me and Silver have been there loads of time, so no one will really want to talk to you.” She said eyeing Button mash.

“Ya, w’eve gone there loads of times” the grey one mimicked.

Button full of rage , not just because they had insulted him talked back.

“And I bet you think your so cool, just because you have some lame cutiemarks that represent your name on your flanks.”the three fillies strared at him, surprised. “I mean who ever heard of a talent with spoons and tiaras. At least we might actually get a cutiemark that’s actually talent!” he spat.

Dimond Tiara’s mouth was slightly open, but she closed it quickly and added “Yeah, whatever, come on Silver”, and she walked away. Silver spoon right at her heels.

“Woah, no one’s ever talked back to Dimond tiara like THAT before.” Scootaloo said amazed.

“Thanks”, Button said, wondering what the big deal was.

“Hey, how about you come hang out with us after school?” Scootaloo asked.

“Uh, sure I’ll have to ask my mom first though.”

“No problem, well see you after school then.”

“Bye” Apple bloom chimed. She and Scootaloo started to trot away to the school.

Sweetie belle lingered a few secounds more and manadged the words; “Uh, see you later”, blushed and quickly galloped away.

Perplexed, Button began to pick up his food and place it back in his bag. He sighed as he relized that he never got to eat his lunch. When he finsihed packing it away, he headed toward’s the school house, one of the last pony’s back in.

The rest of the school day whizzed by and soon the bell ringed dismissing the fillies and colts. The students rushed out of school, some retriving their parents others talking with their friends.

“Have a great evening class!” he heard Ms. Cheerlie call from the school steps. Button spotted his mother and trotted up to her.

“Hey mom. Is it okay if I go hang out with some ponies in my class?”

“Making, friends already?” She giggled.

“Not friends yet.” He reminded his mom.

“Well, okay, that’s fine by me, as long as you come back home by five, you know the way don’t you?. I have to go talk to your new teacher anyway. Have fun” she said as she kissed him on the top of the head.

“Thanks mom! And yes I can find my way back home” he added rolling his eyes. Button trotted over to the three fillies he had met earlier near a picnic table.

“Hey, so can you come?” Scootaloo asked.

“Yep, as long as im home by five.”

“Sounds good, now come on.” Scootaloo yelled excitedly as she galloped away in a different direction.

The other two followed and so did Button mash. They ran for a long time an when they reached their destination in a orchade of apples Button was panting heavily and collapsed to the ground. The other three looked down on him, with slightly dissapointed and concerned looks.

“Wow, you really need to get into shape buddy.” Scootaloo hinted, turning away from him.

“Anyway” Apple bloom said “Welcome to Sweet Apple Acres!” she announced, waving her hooves in the air. “Its where I live with my family.” She grinned. “We’ll give you a tour of the clubhouse.”Applebloom lead them up to a crookedy looking treehouse with faded paint.

“Its not much, could use some more paint but its our meeting spot.”

Inside there wasent much, there was lantern on the the celeing, a small table with a flower vase full of wilting flowers and a map of ponyville on the wall.

“This is our thinking spot” Apple bloom pointed out to the lantern. “Its where we think up ideas for crusading. That over there is a map of ponyville and this….” She opened up a secret door button hadent noticed. “Is where we keep all our stuff for crusading.” She smiled, expecting Button to be impressed from their collection of things.

Before anything could fall out Apple Bloom quickly slammed the door shut and sat on the floor.

“So, what should we do first?” she asked.

“Hmmmm.” thought Sweetie belle, tapping her hoof on her chin. “Well, we could always ask AppleJack if she needs any help on the farm?” she suggested.

“Oh, shoot, I completely forgot , I was supposed to help do some extra chores today, sorry gotta go we can on Friday, okay?” and then Apple bloom dashed out the club house door. She shrank as she ran farther and farther away to the big barn on top of a slopped hill.

“Well we lost one crusader, so what’s the point in continuing todays meeting.” Said Scootaloo.”Im gonna go home if that’s okay with you guys. We can officaly enter you into the club next meeting you do want to join don’t you?”

Button nodded.

“Well see ya!”and she ran out the door as well. An awkward silence filled the room. It was just Sweetie belle and Button left. They stared uncomfterbly at their hooves. Sweetie belle eventually broke the silence.

“So, uh, should we head home now?” She asks uncertainly.

“Uh, ya sure.” Replied Button. The two foals exited the club house and began to walk to the town the eyes never meeting.

Not wanting it to be a very long awkward walk home Botton spoke.

“So, what excatcly do you do as a crusader?” he asked, glancing at Sweetie belle.

“Oh, well we just try to earn our cutiemarks by doing a bunch of crazy things.” She said looking at Button. “Its fun though!” she added quickly, and looked back down to the ground.

“Oh, cool.” Mumbled Button mash. He pondered for a moment. Why was this filly so nervous around him, was she just shy, or was there another reason? Maybe she felt the same way when Button had first seen her in class? Buttons head automatically turned to Sweetie belle. He stared at her pink and purple curly mane and emerald eyes. It made him want to melt into a puddle. Sweetie belle caught him staring at her, and he retreated to the ground quickly blushing furiously.By now they had almost reached the village.

“So, where do you live?” she asked innocently, knocking Button out of his trance.

“Um, im not really sure but I think its close by town square.”

“That’s good, then it will be easy to find and I live close by with my sister at a bouti-.” Sweetie belle immediately caught herself , blushing for what seemed like the millionth time that day.

“Oh, that’s cool.” He said. He wondered why she had cut off her sentence, it was a bit odd, but he decided to shrug it off.

Not wanting the conversation to be even more awkward Button immedietly said something that came to mind before he could stop himself.

“Hey, maybe we can hang out sometime at my house, I can show you my house.”Why did he just invite a filly to his house? He never did anything like that so soon.

“Like the whole club?” she asked.

“I don’t think my mom would like it very much if I invited three fillies to my house all at once.” He chuckled nervously.

“So, like just you and me?” she added hopefully.

“Um, yeah something like that.” Button said. “Oh look I think this is my house!” he said galloping away. “See you tomorrow!” he left Sweetie belle, slightly confused outside his house. He slammed the door shut.

What had he gotten himself into?

When I first met Button mash, it was probably one of the best things to happen in my life.

He wasent like any colt, he was different in a bit of a strange way but that dident really seem to matter much. As soon as I met him I knew something was going on between us. It was like love at first sight.

“Sweetie belle, time for school!” Yelled Rarity from downstairs.

“Just a minute!” she called back, stuffing the last of her things into her saddle bag. She ran downstairs into the kitchen and grabbed a piece of toast Rarity has prepared for her.

“Bye, Rarity!” she called, slamming the door shut.

“Goodbye Sweetums, have a good day at school.”

When Sweetie belle opened the door, Apple bloom and Scootaloo were already waiting for her.

“Hi, Sweetie belle, ready to go?” asked her friend Apple bloom.

“Yep!” she replied and they all started walking towards the Ponyville school. Their walk to school never took long, but usally on the way they had a good conversation.

“Rumor has it, there’s going to be a new colt coming to school.” Scootaloo remarked.

“Really, where do you think he’s from?” Sweetie belle asked, curiously.

“How should I know, I only know as much as you do.”

Their conversation lasted a few more minutes intill they reached their school. Foals were playing on the equitment and some where talking in groups. They all decided to go inside early so they wouldent have to be in the crowd. A minute later the school bell rung just as Sweetie belle sat herself down in her desk. Everypony rushed in, chattering excitedly and sat down in their desk placements. As soon as the room was quiet Ms. Cheerlie started to speak.

“Welcome back my little fillies and colts from you weekend, I would like to introuduce you to a new student”.

She revealed a young colt with a dark brown coat, light brown main and brown eyes, and on top of his head was a beanie hat with a small propeller.

“Hi, my name is Button mash,and im eight years old. I just moved to ponyville because my dad moves a lot cause of his work. I came from Manehatten, oh and I love video games,” he added.

A few foals whsipered, ooouuu, Manehatten.”

Ms.Cheerlie placed Button right next to Sweetie belle. She looked at him and noticed that he dident have a cutie mark! How great, they could have another pony from their class added to the club, she would have to tell her friends. Sweetie belle decided to do the nice thing and introduced herself.

“Hi, im Sweetie belle.” She said to him.

“Uh, hi im Button mash.” He answered nervously.

She knew he was obviously nervous, which made him kind of cute, adding to his brown coat and mane, and those dazzeling brown eyes. She caught herself thinking of this and blushed slightly. She had never thought about that with any other pony before.

Soon the lunch bell sounded and the class rushed outside, as well as herself. She noticed that the new colt was making his way slowly outside and felt kind of sorry for him. She knew that must be hard to come to a different school.

She met her two friends outside at their usual meeting spot and told them about Button and how he dident have a cutie mark yet.

“Ya, I noticed that too.” Said Apple bloom. “He must be awful lonley, maybe we can become friends or something.”

“Well lets go ask if he wants to be in our club!” exclaimed Scootaloo.

They soon found him sitting under a tree alone.

“Hey new kid!” yelled Scootaloo. Scootaloo introuduced all three of them, and sweetie belle found herself blushing when she introudced herself to Button mash. Not long before they had asked him about their club, Dimond tiara and Silver spoon appeared and started insulting them, like they always did.

To all of the CMC’s surprise, Button had back talked Dimond tiara, and she had left with Silver spoon.

“Woah, no one’s ever talked to Dimond that way!’ she exclaimed, beaming at Button.

Button just shrugged as though he had done this sort of thing all the time. He was cute AND brave, thought Sweetie belle. The bell eventually rung and all the fillies and colts headed back inside.After Scootaloo and Apple bloom had said goodbye and arranged to meet up after school, she stayed a few seconds longer and quickly said to Button nervously.

“Bye, see you later!” and skipped off. She hoped she dident look to stupid blushing all the time, maybe he dident notice...

The rest of the school day came and went and the school bell rung to dismiss the students. She started looking for her two best friends and easily spotted them at their usual meeting spot.

“So, are we gonna go?” Sweetie belle asked.

“Where waiting for that Button guy to see if he comes.” Replied Scootaloo.


“What’s your deal with him anyway?”

“What do you mean, whats my deal with him? She squeaked.

“I don’t know, you just like never talk when he’s around, like your scared of him or something.”

“Well, It’s just….”She dident get to complete her sentence because Button had appeared saying that he could come.

The four foals galloped towards the apple orchade. She noticed that Button looked really exausted and agreed with Scootaloo when she said that “He needed to get into shape.” After all, if your were going to be part of the club you would have to be able to run long distances. They did run quite a bit without noticing it.

They made their way into the clubhouse as Apple bloom was showing Button around the clubhouse. Sweetie belle thought that they probably needed more things in the clubhouse, it was a bit bare.

Before they could even start their meeting Apple bloom dashed off to help with chores and Scootaloo had went home leaving Sweetie belle with Button mash.

Oh why, oh why did this have to happen? She thought to herself. There was an awkward silence in the room as the two ponies sat.

“So, uh should we go home then?” Sweetie belle said.

Button agreed and they started walking across the apple orchade. It was an awkward walk home, neither of them were saying much. At one point Sweetie belle caught Button staring at her and saw him blush beet red. He was super cute when he blushed, and smiled to herself, thinking that he had looked at her.

“So, where do you live?” Sweetie belle asked.

“I think near the town square.” He replied staring straight ahead. Sweetie belle began to ramble on how good it was to live near town square because she lived close by and immediately caught herself. Oh my gosh, I must sound like a stalker. Why would he care if I live close by anyway.

When they where nearing Buttons house he asked a question she was not expecting.

“So do you want to hang out sometime, I could show you my house?”

“Like the whole club?”

“I don’t think my mom would appreciate me inviting over three fillies.” He chuckled nervously.

“So like just you and me?” she asked her hopes rising, hiding her smile from him.

“Yeah, something like that.”

As soon as they had reached his house he bolted up the door and said goodbye quickly leaving Sweetie belle on her own. She sighed. She was looking forward to hanging out with him though, but what would her friends think about it. She dident want them to think she had a crush on him or anything. But did she like him in that way? She wasent sure, and she defiantly dident want her friends teasing her about it.

She walked home by herself pondering these things in her mind and finally reached her home. She opened the door, the tiny bell ringing.

“Hello, welcome to carosel boutique!” her big sister Rarity announced.

“Oh, hello Sweetie belle, I was just finishing up some dresses for a new order. How was school?”

“Fine.” She answered.

“Would you mind taking these materials upstairs Sweetums, im awfully busy.”

“Sure!”, she said in the most normal sounding way she could uster.

“Anything wrong?” her sister asked, concerned.

“No, its just there’s a new colt at school.”

“Is he being mean to you?”

“No, me and Apple bloom and Scootaloo are actually recuting him for our club, he’s a blank flank too.”

“Then what’s ever the matter?”

Sweetie belle paused at this question trying the find the right words.

“Rarity, have you ever felt sort of weird around somepony? Like you feel sort of fluttery and your not sure what to think of them?” she asks, with a worried expression on her face.

Rarity smiled faintly, giggling a bit. “Well it sounds awfully like a crush to me dear.”

“A crush?!” she exclaimed “Why would I have a crush on somepony I barley know?!”

“Well sometimes it works like that, you just sort of feel a connection or think their cute or handsome.” She giggled. “I remember my first crush, what drama!”

Sweetie belle though about it for a moment, what Rarity was saying did make an awful lot of sense and she did think he was kind of cute.

“Well, what did you do?” She asked.

“Oh, I was so oblivious! I kept sending secret messages to him and made my friends ask if he liked me and that sort of thing. Not the smartest thing to do, he got scared away.” She sighed.

“Well okay, thank’s Rarity.” She said ending the discussion. She treaded up stairs with the fabric on her back and flopped down on her bed. Did she really have a crush on Button mash?