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When Applejack's son surprises her by asking if he was a mistake, it's up to Applejack to console him and find out how he got the horrible thought into his head. The situation becomes more complex the deeper into it she delves.

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Words cut deeper than any knife.

How difficult was this to write? You have a thumbs up from me. This touched upon a similar, personal experience.

5594272 We are glad you liked it, and hope your experience ended well. We are a writing group, but even with several people, this took three days to write, as a short story can sometimes be harder to write than a novel. Needing to cram as much information into a few thousand words while not getting in the way of the story, in fact we completely rewrote it a couple times because they didn't have the impact we were looking for. This final product we were really happy with.
We wrote this because statistically, male children tend to feel unloved more often than female children at such a young age. We wanted to bring awareness to this fact with a story both young and old could relate to.


I would have liked to say that it was wrapped up nicely with a conversation like this, but it's still an issue that is difficult to even consider bringing up with all the more immediate concerns of life. Even more so when early in the struggle I learned that things quickly went south two years after my adoption.

This hit me in the feels big time :fluttercry: It was sad yet touching at the same time. Beautiful and emotional story. :twilightsmile:

6147531 A compliment from the feel's master himself, wow. :pinkiegasp:
We're glad you enjoyed our story. :twilightsmile:

A wonderful story, and certainly tells some truths that need to be said.

The beginning felt too melodramatic for my tastes, but the rest flows very well and the whole story is well written.

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