• Published 6th May 2012
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Static World - Kendandra

Discord haunts Twilight's dreams as she and Luna share romance. Celestia frets over Discord's seal. There is more to the the story of these three ancient beings than meets the eye, and Twilight Sparkle is about to get a crash course.

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9: Cloaks

Celestia leaned back against her throne. Good posture, which normally was as natural as breathing to her, was lost. Her mind was racing. What had Discord meant by telling her to watch her sister? Where did Twilight Sparkle and her dreams fit into all of this? She had so many questions and not enough answers. At least one thing was clear, whatever was going to happen would at least not involve the draconequus as he was still very much sealed in stone. Discord may have the power to reach is essence out from the statue and observe the areas nearby, but he could not affect anything. She imagined for him is must have been like being a ghost, bound by a chain to the statue. Still, he could have sensed her worries and simply said things to make her paranoid. However, in as long as she had known him, he never did lie much. Still, that was no reason for him not to start now. Celestia took a deep breath and sighed loudly. There was no way he could circumvent the seal was there? No, if that had been the case he would have broken free much earlier. Seeming to read her mind, Shining Armor coughed loudly. “Seven bits for your thoughts, my Princess?”

“You need not concern yourself with my well being, Shining Armor. However I do thank you for your concern.”

“You were quiet distraught, for you, last night.”

“Just a few bad dreams, my Captain.”

“First Twily, now you. My whole family seems to be getting plagued by nightmares!” Shining Armor laughed.

Celestia raised an eyebrow for a moment, family? Oh yes right, married the adopted niece, the Pegasus Unicorn one. The princess of the sun glanced to one of the grand windows lining the throne room. At the very least it was going to be another beautiful day in utopia. “What is on the agenda for today? Any security inspections?”

“The castle is as secure as ever, my Princess. And our new anti-Changeling measures are keeping it that way. Princess… forgive me for speaking so candidly, but are we expecting a threat to safety?”

Celestia scowled slightly. It was not good for the Captain of the Guard to make such accusations, it would frighten the populace. “No. Why would you suspect that?”

“Your visit with Discord. You also sent Applejack and Rainbow Dash to check the seal. Are you worried he will break out?”

Celestia sighed, “No. The seal is stronger than ever. With Discord now locked beneath the castle and with the enchantments I have placed upon the chamber it would take a monumental amount of chaos to release him now. Nothing short of the total destruction of the city would suffice. And I swear as on my claim to the throne, nothing that dangerous will have an ounce of a chance against me, my sister, and the Elements of Harmony.”

“And the guards as well!”

“Well, at least the captain of them.” Celestia’s eyes suddenly sprang wide open as she noticed Shining Armor’s reaction. Had she said that last part out loud? “Please excuse my rudeness, I have not been feeling well. The royal guard is more than adequately equipped and skilled to take on any such challenge without my help.” Celestia shook her head. What was happening to her? First she was trounced by the Changeling Queen, now she was losing her poise and grace. Discord's words haunted her mind. Regardless of the truth in them, Celestia could not simply sit and wait. She had to do something, “Shining Armor. I want you to review my sister’s recent correspondences.” Celestia looked up towards the western tower. With a small flexing of her magic she grasped hold of a stone door. “I have opened the entrance to my sister’s room. I give you permission to enter her royal bedchambers and investigate.”

“Princess Luna? You don’t suspect…. Is this about Storm Dancer? You know he’s just a bit over protective of you.” Celestia looked grim. “I see… then I assume I should keep this under wraps until it is resolved?” Celestia nodded.

“Just you. No pony else. Especially not Princess Cadence.”

“What am I looking for?”

“Anything out of place. Anything odd. Anything that doesn’t seem like Lulu. Just filter out the suspicious from the mundane. I will personally review the letters before anything will come of this.” With that statement Celestia dismissed the Captain and returned to slouching on the throne.

Shining Armor rushed up the stairs of the western tower towards the bedchamber of the princess of the night. When he approached the extravagantly large door he paused. This was one of the chambers of the castle that no pony was allowed to enter. Both Celestia’s and Luna’s bedchambers were forbidden by any but the Alicorns. This was not an official rule, but it was so heavily implied that if one had asked anypony at the castle they would have assumed it was on a placard somewhere in the north wing. The chambers themselves were sealed with very powerful magic. Even the Changelings, during their siege, had tried to breach the chambers but found that they could not get past the doors. Only an Alicorn, a true Alicorn (as he had asked Cadence if she could open them), could open either door and neither sister ever invited anypony inside. Shining Armor had assumed that there would be only one circumstance that any normal pony could enter and he had always assumed that would be for a lover. To the best of his knowledge and to the knowledge of history books as well, the immortal sisters never took lovers. Yet here he was, probably the only Unicorn in the history of all of Canterlot to enter one of the goddesses’ rooms. He could only imagine what he could find inside. Cadence’s room was elegantly furnished, but she was not one of the ruling princesses and comparatively had a much smaller sleeping place. He frowned for a moment, Cadence probably would have loved to see what he was about to see. Then he scowled as he realized that the only reason he was even entering here is that Princess Luna was being suspected of treason. That sobered his mood just a bit.

The inside certainly lived up to expectations. The glass ceiling, the telescope, and the star charts all added to the room’s mysteriousness. He checked around the room and looked for the princess’s letters. He found a locked box he was unable to open even with his magic. He set it down and continued his search. Just as he walked by, one of the star charts caught his eye bearing the label Twilight Sparkle (Unicornus Lux Crepusculum). “There’s a constellation of my sister?” He stood in disbelief. Well sure she was a national hero and all around one of his favorite ponies, but still a constellation this big? He walked over to one of the easels in the room and flipped through the painting. He felt a bit ashamed. He had always liked Luna. She was always nice to him, though he knew that he was one of the few ponies she was not mean to all the time. But he was sure she had a good reason for it, after all she had been through a lot. One of the pictures caught his eye. It was a detailed painting of Twilight Sparkle. His sister again? A few more paintings were covered up by the last one. Each were other drawings of Twilight and Luna star gazing, sitting next to each other far too innocently and even one that appeared to still have fresh paint where they were playing a game a chess. “Does the princess have… an obsession with my sister?” He shook his head. Perhaps they were just commissioned by Celestia. After all it was no secret that Luna was a skilled and quick painter. Still that did not explain why so many of them involved the two ponies sitting together.

Shining Armor shook his head again trying to get rid of the unpleasant image that had just popped into his mind. Maybe Luna was as creepy as they said she was, after all it was quiet clear that she had been fantasizing about his sister. Shining Armor had one more place to check, a vanity where Luna kept her sundries. He glanced at the desk beneath the mirror where a few sheets of paper resided. He leafed through them, a few on the pasty tariffs with Griffica. Odd that she did not take them with her. Then his eye caught a elegant silver handled brush. The kind of brush used on one’s mane and tail. There were a few stands of blue hair sticking out of it. Shining Armor glanced around. He had always been curious about Celestia and Luna’s mane. What was it made of? Cadence had a normal mane for a pony, nothing like the ruling sisters. He leaned closer and examined it. It appeared to be a shimming strand that light danced off of with its own will. Then something else caught his eye. A few strands of dark purple caught in the brush. It was a shade he would recognize anywhere. It was his sister’s unique hair color. “But that could only mean Twily was in this room…” It hit him like a flying dragon doing a cannon ball into a pool of pudding. The paintings, the constellation, and the brush, they all pointed to the same thing. “Princess Luna… and my sister….”

Shining Armor bolted down the stairs and back into the throne room. He marched up to Celestia and demanded her be granted travel time for his investigation. Celestia nodded with an unsure look about her. When she questioned him as to where he needed to go or as to why he only responded with a curt line. “Following a lead. I’ll be back soon.” And with that, he made his way off to the train station. Celestia raised an eye brow as she closed the door to Luna’s bedchamber. Well, Shining Armor has always been passionate about his work.

Twilight smiled, “It’s going to be a beautiful day to day, no storms or even cloudy skies are scheduled. It would be a shame to waste such a day indoors here in the library.” Luna frowned slightly. She had always hated that phrase. Ponies were certainly capable of wasting a day, but not a night apparently. Honestly, Luna would have preferred to just spend the day inside with Twilight reading, talking about magic. Sitting side by side, just the two of them, alone…. Luna shook her head to clear her mind. If they were to go out, Luna would have wished it to be a moonlit stroll. She could make a very lovely moonlit stroll. Still, Twilight was used to being up in her sister’s sun. She could not keep asking Twilight to conform to her waking hours, and the rejuvenation spell would be too hard for her body to keep up. Unlike Luna who had been abusing it extensively. Being immortal certainly helps reduce the side effects.

“That sounds great. But I told you I want to keep a low profile while here. Going out and about around town would be hard….” Luna smiled sheepishly at Twilight.

“Oh, well… I suppose we could just stay here. I had kind of promised Applejack I would help her with something, but I’m sure she’ll understand…” Luna felt her heart break at the sight of Twilight’s disappointed face. With a noticeable huff, Luna rolled her eyes, completely disgusted at herself for giving in so easily from one simple look.

“Hang on,” she said as she focused magic in her horn. In a puff of smoke, Twilight saw Luna disappear. In her place was a small dark blue Pegasus with a dark colored mane. The Pegasus looked very similar to Luna herself, but obviously lacking the horn and unique mane.

Twilight circled around Luna, “That’s an amazing spell! What is it? Is it transfiguration? Illusion? Alteration? Is there anything Alicorns can’t do? Can Celestia do this one or is it one of those that only you can do? Can you teach me this one?!”

“Illusion… there’s a lot we can’t do… Only I can do this one, Celestia can’t do Illusion spells like this and invisibility. Are you sure you don’t just want to stay inside so we can practice magic?”

“No! Now we can go out and you can remain incognito! But um… should I still call you Luna out in public?”

Luna smiled, “Call me Nightsky.” Twilight choked on a giggle. “What’s so funny?” Twilight rolled on her back and laughed.
“I thought Pony Joe had a weird name. What pony is named Nightsky?” Twilight said, covering her mouth with a hoof to hide a chuckle.

Luna scowled, “I think it’s a great name. There used to be several ponies named Nightsky back in the time before… um…. Well you know.” Twilight pushed the door open and gestured for Luna to walk out. Twilight called back to Spike to let him know they were leaving for the day. As they left the library Luna’s ears perked up, “Where are we headed, you have something planned?”

“I promised Applejack I would help her with inventory today. You know counting the apples, keeping records on how the crop yield was this harvest. Big Macintosh used to do all the books by himself, but last year he was just swamped with numbers and I offered to help. The Apples were so impressed with my number skills they offered to pay me for my help, but I just do it for free. After all we’d still be in a storm of chaos if not for Applejack and the rest of my friends. Luna? Or... uh... heh… Nightsky? Are you listening?”

Luna blinked a couple times before trotting up next to Twilight’s side, “Oh… Um, no…. sorry I was just admiring how you looked….” Luna reflexively bit her tongue, “No! I meant, you know, you look different?”

“I look different?” Twilight gave Luna, or rather, Nightsky, a once over. “I’m not the one who lost a horn and changed height.”

“No, I meant I’m much shorter in this disguise. It’s odd seeing you from this height. It’s a different angle and all that.” Luna was telling the truth, but not all of it. It was true that Twilight looked very different from this angle, but she left out the part where she was hypnotized by Twilight’s tail swishing back and forth.

“Yeah, I’m kind of short, comparatively. Welcome to my level.” Twilight smiled.

“You’re not short. You’re perfectly average height for a pony. It’s my sister and I who are gargantuan.” Luna sighed.
“I like how tall you are. It makes you look elegant.”

“Thank you,” Luna blushed. It was not very unique complement. She had heard it endlessly from pretty much every pony she ever had met, but coming from Twilight, it meant a lot more. They walked in silence for a bit. Luna would continually glance over at Twilight, wondering if she should be saying something. Every now and then Twilight would wave to a passing pony and say hello. Luna wondered how many ponies Twilight could possibly know. They all seemed so friendly to her, Luna’s mind immediately compared her to Celestia. Everypony just seemed to inherently like Twilight. It really was not fair when she thought about it, but it was Twilight, so Luna would refrain from an outburst. As they walked, the two friends went oblivious to a single cloud in the sky that was seemingly following them.

Sweet Apple Acers was one of Ponyville’s finest attractions, and as Luna approached the endless fields of apple trees it was not hard to see why. Row after row of perfectly spaced fruit trees had a mesmerizingly calming effect on the mind. A few buckets were scattered around the bases of the trees. Several filled with apples but many still empty. In the distance, a young filly with a red mane was pulling apple baskets back to the barn. Luna racked her brain for the filly’s name. She knew she had seen her before. It was a family farm so she must be one of the Apples. “Applejack’s daughter?” She asked.

“Younger sister, Applebloom.” Twilight corrected. The young filly finished tugging the baskets back and proceeded to sprint to the next one.

“She certainly has enthusiasm for her work.” Luna said with a slight chuckle. “Where are her parents?”

“Applejack has never brought them up. I don’t ask. I’m not sure if they had a falling out or if… well... I just don’t ask. She’ll tell me about if she feels she needs to.” Twilight said in a somber tone.

Luna bit her lip, “Does it bother you that your close friend keeps secrets from you?” It was a leading question and Twilight saw that Luna was clearly talking about something else besides Applejack.

“I wish she would have the strength to share that part of her life with me, but if she can’t that’s alright too.” Twilight looked over at Luna, “Everypony is entitled to a secret or two, as long as it doesn’t hurt anypony.”

Luna nodded with a small smile, “Twilight…. Um…. So remember when you asked about Nightmare Moon?”

Twilight’s ears perked up, “Yes?”

“This…. Ugh, where do I begin? Oh! You see Nightmare M….”

“Twilight! Ya runin’ late, sugarcube!” Applejack tipped her hat, “Oh, well howdy hay, who’s ya friend? Don’t think we’ve been properly introduced. Name’s Applejack.” Applejack stuck a hoof and grinned widely. Luna stuck out her hoof as well while stifling a giggle. She had of course met Applejack before, and this was a great opportunity for fun.

Twilight grinned mischievously, “This is my friend from Canterlot, Nightsky!”

Applejack covered her face with her hat and laughed “Oh, ya poor thing. What did your ma and pappy have against ya to go on an’ name you something like that?”

Luna shot Twilight a scowl. “It was in honor of Princess Luna, actually. I’m quite proud of it.”

“Then why not name ya something pretty like, Moonbeam or Starlight? Instead, it sounds like your parents just stuck two random words together!” Applejack and Twilight broke out laughing. Luna stamped her hoof. “Aw, I’m real sorry, sugarcube. It’s not polite to make fun of ponies’ names.”

Luna frowned, “It’s alright. I have been told it’s a silly name.”

“Well alright then. Anyway, we’re wasting time. We got a lotta apples to count! You’re free to help too, Nightsky.” Twilight nodded as Applejack led them into the barn. The barn was filled to the brim with baskets of apples. Luna had never seen anything in such disarray as the Apple family barn after a harvest. Luna almost wandered if there were more apples in this barn than stars in her night sky. That was impossible, of course, but it was still a thought that lingered. Applejack quickly began explaining all the groups of baskets, which Luna could not distinguish from the others. Twilight levitated a clipboard and a quill. She walked by each basket and began rattling off number and figures. Luna chuckled; Twilight gave her all to everything she did. It was endearing in many respects.

“Ok, it might be too early to tell. But by my estimates, which are never wrong, you have a fifteen percent increase from last harvest.”

“Wee doggie! That’s what hard work will get ya!”

“Don’t get too excited yet, we still haven’t accounted for apples that fail quality yet. According to the clipboard last year you lost seven hundred and fifty seven apples. If that number this year is not less than or equal to that number then your wee doggies may be in vain.”

“You saying my apples aren’t up to stuff?” Applejack locked eyes with Twilight.

“I’m saying we got a lot of counting and sorting to do!”

“Darn tootin’!” Applejack and Twilight shook hooves and got to work at sorting. They started passing apples from one basket into another while shouting out numbers. Twilight would magically check off the list every time they finished a basket. Discarded apples were thrown out the window where Applebloom would take them off to make other apple products. Luna watched in awe. Her mind quickly planed out a way she would do the task of sorting with magic. Actually she was pretty sure Twilight would know a simple object sorting spell. Luna could only guess she did not use such a spell because the activity was less bout work and more about having fun times with friends. Twilight gestured for Luna to help but the princess had very little idea what she needed to be doing with the baskets. So Luna just stood staring at the two ponies work. Twilight paused for a moment to walk over to Luna. She quickly put the princess to work on counting the defects. It was the easiest job there was, but Twilight did not tell Luna.

A couple hours had passed and they had moved out of the barn and onto the baskets that were stacked on against the back of the barn. Luna was behind on counting the defects. Applejack and Twilight had stopped for a moment from lifting, hulling, sorting, and counting apples so that they could cool off with a drink. “So, Nightsky, huh?” Applejack said after gulping down a swig of her cider.

“Yeah, she’s from Canterlot. Say uh, nice weather we’re having right?” Twilight’s intentional diversion was completely noticed by Applejack.

“Just like they scheduled it!”

“Still that one cloud in the sky up there though. Guess somepony got lazy.”

“Could be Rainbow up there spying on me.” Applejack sighed. Twilight gave her a confused look. “RD’s still upset about what happened at the party, I reckon. She was mopin’ around here all yesterday like a love sick squirrel. Like I couldn't see her up there....”

“What’s the deal between you two anyway? I mean… you… like mares, right?”

Applejack sighed, “Just cuz that’s true, doesn’t mean I have to start smooching with RD.”

“She really likes you though. And you seem to like her a lot as well.”

“RD and I just ain't a good match. We’re as alike as two apples from the same branch.”

“That’s good right?” Twilight said with another confused look.

Applejack shook her head, “Not when those apples are as completive as we are.”

“Still you could try right?”

“I don’t think it’s worth risking our friendship, sugarcube. What we got right now is darn good. I wouldn’t want to ruin that for some what if-ery. Rainbow will get over it; she has afore.” Twilight nodded and both ponies watched as Nightsky tried to stack the baskets of defects while Applebloom shouted directions.

Applejack scratched her chin with her hoof for a moment. “Something wrong, AJ?” Twilight said.

“Naw, sugarcube. Just trying to figure out why Princess Luna’s walking around as a Pegasus.”

Twilight’s face flushed with surprise, “How did you know?”

“No pony’s name is Nightsky, sugarcube.” Applejack and Twilight laughed as they finished their drinks.

High above in the lone cloud in the sky, Storm Dancer rubbed his hooves together. Princess Luna had been foolish to use the same disguise that she had used when she ran away to Manehatten. He was still a bit confused as to why Luna was in Ponyville, and why she was stacking apple baskets. Perhaps the apple baskets stacking pattern contained a secret code that signaled her underlings to attack at dawn. No, that was silly. Luna would attack at midnight, not dawn. Perhaps if he held off his inferences he could get a better understanding, he was confident that all his questions would be answered soon if he just kept his watch diligent.

It was becoming late evening and Twilight and Luna bid farewell to Sweet Apple Acers. They started their journey back into town. Twilight chattering away at how angry she was that the Apple family had managed to increase production by twenty three percent, a whole eight percent higher than her prediction. Of course she was happy at the surplus, but it spoke badly to her estimation skills and Twilight was listing off several excuses why her estimation was doomed to be inaccurate from the start. How she had over compensated for the cider incident, how she did not take into account the extra rain that Rainbow Dash stole for the fields a few times. Luna could not help but chuckle as she noticed how Twilight’s nose would wrinkle when she was upset.

They continued down the road with Luna listening while Twilight ranted until Luna stopped in her tracks. Twilight walked on for a few feet before noticing that the princess had not been at her side. Twilight walked back over to Luna and took a look at what she was staring at. Twilight chuckled, “Oh, that’s Horseshoe pond. We take picnics there every now and again. You can see the sunset from there really well.”

“Or the moon rise.” Luna said softly.

Twilight’s ears snapped to attention when she realized something, “I’ve never seen you raise the moon. It’s pretty close to time for that now. Do you think I could maybe…?”

Luna’s face lit up with a large smile, “It will be the greatest moonrise ever! Come on let’s find a spot where you’ll have the best view.” Luna’s disguise blew away in a puff of smoke and using her magic, Luna levitated Twilight down to the bank of the pond. Twilight hit the ground with a thud. She rubbed her sore side and watched as Luna excitedly ran along the bank, looking for the perfect angle. Twilight could not help but smile. She had wished she had brought a picnic blanket, it had not been on her checklist for apple-inventory-day, and she mentally scolded herself for not taking into account Luna’s presence.

The Alicorn finally seemed to find the spot that best fit her vision of the event. She early waved Twilight over and tapped her hoof on the ground signaling her to sit. Twilight smiled and obeyed, it would be rude to deny the princess of the night her fun now. Luna sat down next to Twilight and returned her smile. “Once Sister’s sun is down, you’ll see the moonrise right over there.”

Twilight giggled, “Right underneath the constellation Twilight Sparkle?”

“Exactly,” Luna blushed. “I didn’t plan that! That’s just where it’s scheduled to be this time of year.” The two ponies watched as the sun began to sink below the horizon. Luna had scooted herself against Twilight’s side and was presently surprised when Twilight seemed not to notice. They were silent as the sun passed below the tree line, each retreating to their own thoughts. While Twilight was focused on the sunset, Luna was focused on how the light was dancing in Twilight’s eyes. The subtle twinkle they gave off, the halo of light that surrounded her at the right angle. She mentally captured the image so she could picture it later. When she returned to the castle, this would be the first thing she would paint: Twilight in the twilight. Luna beamed the biggest smile she had ever smiled. She could not remember a time when she was this happy. Her eyes drooped for a moment, which was a sign that the rejuvenation spell was wearing off. She let out a loud yawn that Twilight glanced back and chuckled at. She made a joke about the moon falling asleep. Luna prepared to cast the rejuvenation spell again, stretching her wings first.

It was then Twilight jumped slightly in surprise. After stretching, Luna’s wing had come down to rest on Twilight’s back. It wrapped around her slightly hugging to her side and pulling her closer to Luna’s body. Now Twilight did not know much about romantic relationships outside of what she had read in books. Even then, what was happening here was something she had not found in a book. However she had participated in a conversation with Rainbow Dash on this exact subject when she had noticed the phenomenon in the park one day. According to Rainbow Dash, when a Pegasus places its wing around another pony, it was signifying that the two were romantically involved and that this pony was hers and for other mates to stay away. Twilight glanced up to Luna to see if she was expecting a reaction. Luna seemed not to notice what she had done, so perhaps the gesture did not extend to Alicorns. Luna caught Twilight staring at her with a peculiar look on her face, including the biggest blush she had ever seen on the Unicorn. Luna glanced down to notice where her wing was located and then back to Twilight.

“I’m sorry!” Luna jumped up and took to the air in one swift motion.

“Wait, Luna!” Twilight called out, but it was too late. Luna had already flown into the woods, her face riddled with embarrassment.

Princess Luna landed in a clearing of the Everfree Forest near the Castle of Two Sisters. The sun had already set, but she had still not bothered to raise the moon. The Alicorn paced back and forth gritting her teeth. Her insides were shaking. She had never been so embarrassed in her incredibly long life. “You’re screwing everything up!” She shouted. Her coat blackened and her eyes changed color.

“It is not our fault that the Unicorn is the object of our desires.” Nightmare Moon scoffed.

Luna used her magic to uproot a tree in frustration, “We agreed that we would not pursue her! This isn’t going to end well. I don’t want rejection. I can’t take any more rejection.” Luna lowered her head to the ground.

Nightmare Moon jerked her head up, “So let her love the façade. What difference does it make if we get what we want?”

Luna pulled her head back down to the ground, “It makes all the difference, and you know that!”

Nightmare Moon threw herself at a tree forcefully, “We are so conflicted. Our desires are not achievable at the same time! We want Twilight, but cannot take her by force. We want her to know the real us, but cannot tell her because we will lose her! This is your fault! You and your paintings and constellations. You make her consume all our thoughts. Our life was simpler when we just thirsted for revenge! Our life was simpler when we only wanted our night to be appreciated by all. Appreciated by just this one is too challenging.”

“We were doing fine until you stepped in and messed up! Wrapping my wing around her! She’s going to think we are in love with her!”

“But we are in love with her!”

Luna pounded her hooves on the ground in a tantrum, “That’s not the point! I hate you! You make everything complicated! I wish Twilight could have gotten rid of you with the Elements! I wished they worked that way!”

Nightmare Moon stood up from the ground and was pensively silent for a moment, “We cannot be separated. We are forever bound, Selena.”

Luna sat on the ground quietly. It was a very rare occurrence for either of them to call each other by name, let alone for Nightmare Moon to use Luna’s ancient name. Luna sighed, “I’m sorry. You are right. There’s no sense in fighting. Just as Helia cannot exist without Celestia, Luna cannot exist without Nightmare Moon.”

“For what it’s worth, I apologize too.”

“It’s not your fault. We do desire Twilight, and our desires are conflicted. There was no reason I could have expected you to act differently. But what do we do now?”

Nightmare Moon stood up and looked at the sky, with just a flexing of her power; she raised the moon to its proper spot, “I do not know. We are conflicted.”

Luna chuckled as she wiped a tear from her eye, “Sometimes you sound like a broken record.”

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