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I love video games and i also love mlp so why not put them together into a laughable advanture.


Sauron, the dark lord of Mordor has returned once again as he begins his conquest over Middle earth. But his gaze will soon shift onto a far away land called Equestria as his servant Tirek failed him to destroy Equestria. Now he will come to Equestria himself to get the job done as he will bring darkness down onto Equestria.

All that stands between the dark lord and Equestria is the bearers of the elements of Harmony, fighting along side them is a cursed lone ranger with nothing else to loose.

But they will soon learn that the age of Mordor has come and none can stand against the darkness itself.

Co-author and friend: Ryuku the Creative

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Comment posted by King Leoric deleted Jun 16th, 2016

You have my attention

Please get some pre-readers and editors to help you get all these pesky grammatical errors out of the way. Other than that il be watching this one closely. With great anticipation :twilightsmile:

I'm coming for Talion. That is it.

please add a new chapter soon

I just beat this yesterday so im really wanting to see how this plays out

More please!

and you have my shadow's as well

An editor would be necessary,

Otherwise I will be watching this closely...

Whare is next chap!?:rainbowhuh:

6311351 I know this story had a LONG overdue update. I might have to but one of my stories on hold so I have time with this one

6311780 ok. Just needed to know that it was not dead.

6312058 Its okay. no its far form that, I still have plans for this fic. Its just hard with the other stories I have

Can you do more please and I didn't know that he work with mordor

It's dead is it the only shadow of Mordor fic and it's dead and or dying

Why did this story die? Whyyyyyyyy

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