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It's fanfiction all the way down.


A collection of Skyrim/MLP crossover fics and short stories, showing three different takes on one of the Mane 6 as the Dragonborn.

Written as a Christmas gift for Cold in Gardez.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 67 )

I don't share your hate for Skyrim - I'm about to replay some Fallout 3, which (as its game-engine ancestor) had all Skyrim's faults much-magnified - but I have to say, rather than reading like a laundry list of Skyrim's plentiful faults, this chapter is a paean to what makes Skyrim and many titles like it work. It's player investment that counts, imagination and immersion and willing belief. I don't think I'll be able to romance Sylgja quite the same way again after reading this, and I can't wait to hear what fetch-quest crotchety old Idgrod sends me on next.

Also, this is totally what mods are made for. Try a quest-aware companion mod, one who'll remember what you've already accomplished and call you out on it: "Archmage and Thane? Over-reaching just a bit now, aren't we?"

5562198 Inigo for the goddamn win.

BTW, you're a bit late for christmas.

Awesome Skyrim crossover. I'm actually writing a crossover now with three dragonborns to (possibly 7 if I chose to). You've really helped me with detailing. :twilightsmile:'

I also have a short correction with your second chapter: Dovakiins aren't immortal. So you might want to change that.

55621Hey! At least its better than ESO.

This story is amazing. It's difficult to believe you really hate Skyrim based on the quality here. Or maybe not, almost every single story has the deep rooted 'there is something very wrong with the setting' vibe to it, even if it's intentional in Freedom (which was my favorite by the way. I love surreal stories that delve heavy into philosophy, even if it's an impossible one).

Shame really, you breath such life and have an interesting take on the races within, but on the other hoof it's Skyrim, which has more than its fair share of problems, the biggest one is that nothing you do feels like it matters, as you show in Rarity's story.


What in Equestria are you quoting? 164 weeks old comment?

Weeeeeell the first chapter I found pretty boring. The second chapter was a somewhat interesting concept, but it still didn't really grab me. I was thinking that my lack of interest in Skyrim was just overpowering my general interest in your writing (though I did rather like the fragment you posted in Princess Pile Drinking Games)... but then I read the third chapter. And laughed. A lot. :D
I still don't think I'll favourite this, but it gets an upvote.

Chapters 1 and 2 were alright, but chapter 3 is truly a thing of beauty from start to finish.

You claim to hate Skyrim, but what I see here is an unabashed confession of love.

[omg Rarity stahp]

Played straight, exploration on a metareferential level, and silliness worthy of Pinkie Pie. Marvelously done. Or horribly, if you're supposed to hate the game.

Besides the Conjure Bow spell, what let's you use ethereal arrows?


I couldn't find a way for a pony to load a bow while flying that didn't look really stupid.

I wrote a review of this story; it can be found here.

Three different takes on Skyrim, three excellent stories with great humor and great feeling.
...Three varying degrees of concern for the mares' states of mind while playing. :applejackunsure: (:rainbowlaugh:) You certainly did the game justice! (Or maybe alimony, judging by the title.)

carry this table that far”

Missing punctuation.

Yes. Definitly trying too hard.

(The first story where I could say truly, the meta allusions were magical.)

For a writer, I am surprisingly inarticulate outside of my work, and even there it could be considered questionable.

Regardless, I feel the need to shower you with praise for these stories. I apologize if said praise comes across as disjointed and

First off, the fight with the dragon was magnificent. I shall be eagerly combing your shelves for more adventure stories.

Twilight's jumping from scene to scene was jarring at first, but I liked the execution overall. The fourth-wall observations were treated rather seriously, which fit the overall tone and Twilight's freaking out nicely.

Motherfucking Rarity. I love her.

This deserves to be touted to the world. Or at least every single user on FimFiction. I'll get right on that.

Also, I'm going to some really weird places trying to puzzle out the title and the coverart in connection to the overall setting and purpose of this fic.

As of current, my theories are thus: Skyrim took over your life and you developed a resentment of the game for doing such but still cannot forget the fond memories. Hence, the superb quality of these stories are a sort of final homage to the game before you kiss it goodbye for good.

Alternatively, the girl in question is Cold in Gardez, with whom you've had a falling out but still feel obligated to fork over her Christmas present. Even if it is about four weeks late.

Lastly, Fluttershy is worst pony and you're sick of her hogging all Skyrim crossovers and so have made a point of excluding her from these stories and mock the FlutterBorns by using her for coverart.

*reads some blogs*

Then again, maybe you just don't like Skyrim.:twilightblush:

Is it me or did I hear a shout out to Meet the Scout?

I always knew that Twilight would be the Archmage of the College of Winterhold.

Rarity as a member of the Thieves Guild AND the Dark Brotherhood? Hmm...

I'm thinking about having Dashie take a thief/archer approach in a story, and I decided to give her a two-hook claw that clamps over her wrist and closes when she squeezes the pastern. She uses it for pinching arrows, bad guys, and valuables.

Basically this:

She has to load the arrow at the hip quiver to get the claw around the string, but it's still better than using her mouth.

So Dashie's chapter was a badass dragon fight.

Twilight's chapter is a surreal save abuse story.

And Rarity's chapter is a month's worth of Awkward Zombie comics. :duck:

Yeah, I could see Rainbow getting a little soul happy with her dragon hunting. Still, wow. I'm not sure if that's creepy, awesome, or both.

Mul Qua Diiv...

Strong something Wyrm...

Double checking my translator brings up nothing, what were you trying to say?


It's the shout from the game that causes you take on the aspect of the dragon. Improved strength, stronger shouts, etc. She's saying: "I am the Strength of the Dragon. Only not."

There really needs to be more Dovahkiin Dash. I have seen enough Dovahshy that I am now tired of seeing it.

5564397 I believe there is another ethereal bow besides the Conjure Bow spell. The Drainspell Bow, if I remember correctly. I am unsure if it comes with ethereal arrows, however.

The scene changes confuse me. And was not Rainbow Dash Thane of Whiterun in the previous chapter? Though I could see Rainbow Dash joining the Collage of Winterhold...specialising in shock spells from the Destruction school perhaps? And maybe Muffle and Invisibility from the Illusion school for when she wants to be sneaky.

That was a beautiful combination of crazy flight tricks and Skyrim abilities and combat. Of course Dash would use her dragonborn skills like that.

Ahh, Twilight the completionist. A mare after my own heart with the exception of the Dark Brotherhood (I always purge those bastards) and the emotional issues.

She quotes three shouts in this chapter:
Slow Time
Bend Will
Dragon Aspect

Ah, gotcha. Never got over to Solstiem, so haven't really heard it before.

After a quick search, it's "qah" meaning armor.


What in Equestria are you quoting? 164 weeks old comment?

My guess is that he meant to quote 5562198, based on the comment numbers.

For someone who hates Skyrim, you can sure write well about it.

:rainbowlaugh: I cannot handle how perfect this chapter is.

Wow, Rarity is even more of a crazy completionist than Twilight or myself, and she completely sidestepped the emotional issues Twilight had, too.

It's a hard toss up, I think all three chapters are the best chapter of the story in their own way.

Moment of epiphany time:

I did not realize on my first readthrough that this story is a single coherent narrative, and the order of its presentation was entirely deliberate.

It's not the story of dovaah-Dash, or of hero Twilight, or of "hero" Rarity, but the story of GaPJaxie's shifting engagement over time with the game. It should have been obvious from the title probably, but the brain is a funny thing.

Well done. I enjoyed it regardless (not having played Skyrim, but having been dragged by Prequel Adventure into the equally mad world of Oblivion), but that realization raised it another notch in my eyes.


Eee! I'm glad you got that. :twilightsmile:

5562198 5563302 5563349 5563402 5563722 5563750 5564928 5566743 5569597
When I wrote my comment above, I really should have tagged all y'all who referred to Love Letters as three separate stories. I figure it's worth blowing someone else's mind beyond my own.

Edit: Especially with 5671731 confirming it. :raritywink:

Huh. Using ponies as a symbol of one's own experience. All fiction reflects human nature in some way, but this was a spin on the theme that I hadn't expected or understood. Of course, I've never played an Elder Scrolls game.

I know, I know. It's one of those shameful blind spots in my fandom experience.

Hate Skyrim? You're a Dark Souls fan aren't you? Because there are two kinds of people: Skyrim fans and Dark Souls fans. Fans of one dislike the other. Although I'd probably be a rare middle ground of someone who likes them both. Although I love neither.

5671731 Well hot dog...kinda wondering if you ever went with Mods in Skyrim? I use them...depending on your tastes, in my case ideas that fit the lore and immersion, they tend to spice things up and makes you feel like you're really making a difference on your journey with each quest. Plus some of the Quest mods are just plain awesome!

That said, I did love this story, and by the end with Rarity...yeah, that was my on my X-Box 360 with my original copy of Skyrim after completing the game. ...though I never did abuse the food like that though...always felt weird.

And here we go full-out with the modding experience. Bad meshes on custom armors and clothes, marrying everyone, multiple adoptions, cheese-wheel memes...

Ah, ha ha, I see. I think we think alike, a little. I often liked to think of my Dragonborn's power as the "player character" being an expression of her dragon's nature. For instance, she dies, goes back to an earlier point, and her companion wonders... "How did she know to avoid that??" Because she's a child of Akatosh, and she sees around time. Meanwhile, I save the game again.

Brilliant. Just brilliant. That explains perfectly why the menu takes no time, why the plot waits until you do it. Headcanon accepted.

In the beginning, the run-on sentences and tell-y narration were rather discouraging, but as the story went on, the vivid imagery and brilliant plots made them easier to forget.

Also, I'm pretty sure "sound and fury" is a cliche simply by virtue of the novel.

5694672 Not just head canon. This is actually part of the lore. The actions of the player character fundamentally break time, and are one of the main causes of the Dragon Breaks.

I have a very easy time imagining this as the ponies' actual (likely) play-styles. :rainbowdetermined2::twilightoops::raritystarry:

Rarity'd totally use one of those mods that give you a dragon follower. :moustache:

The other chapters were good, but Rarity's is exceptional.

5691085 Both games have strong points. Skyrim is full of ridiculous things you can do due to generalized game code (the giants' space program, anyone?), and Dark Souls has that razor-edge precision actiony combat that proves so rewarding on victory.

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