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I owe these Ponies more than I can say. I write to tell their stories and to spend time with them. I wonder if the people who produce the show appreciate what they've done?


So what is the truth about MLP:FiM? Several years ago, the Equestrian Historical Society, having decided that the adventures of the Mane 6 must be preserved on film for the sake of posterity commissioned a creative team to have the girls re-enact all their most important adventures in friendship. Those adventures would be broken down into half hour episodes and shown in theaters throughout Equestria. In the summers, when not shooting the show they do command performances, do summer stock, etc. Throughout all this, they still have to deal with real life, which will later be filmed and added for the next season. This takes place just prior to their filming the movie. As with most things, all is not what it seems-it will seem very confusing at first - but keep reading - it will all become clear...
Oh, and yes they have their fans...

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You son-of-a-bitch. You brilliant, brilliant bastard.
You got me. You completely got me. I would never have seen that coming in a million years.
Now I really want to know where you'll take this.

That was surprisingly good. I'm still reading.

I've been trying to come up with a way to say thanks, but then I realized the best way is just to keep writing.
Yours has to be on of the nicest compliments I have ever received. Now I just have to prove I'm worthy of it.
Thanks!! :twilightblush:

Thanks. i"m really glad you liked it, I hope the quality of the writing wasn't too surprising :pinkiehappy:

Oh no, I could tell from the first chapter that the quality of your writing was going to be fine. I just didn't believe you could come up with a twist that would make it make sense. It's still on the silly side, but for a comedy it works. :ajsmug:

slow clap Well played. Not only does it explain the previous chapter, it does so in a mostly believable light too. All in all I have to say I am rather impressed. I nearly stopped with just the first chapter, but your hinting that there was a reason for them acting like that got me interested enough that I gave it a second shot. I look forward to how this plays out.

No this is the MLP:FiM movie that Habro has scheduled to release in 2017 :duck:

Thanks! I think you'll like it. There is a way to go... :rainbowderp:

These are some pretty harsh words here. Did you read the second chapter? If you did, then you're missing something... If you didn't, then please do.

5722697 If I do - and I might - I'll be doing it out of obligation rather than a desire to read a fun story.
Eve if, hypothetically, the second chapter is redeeming, everything I've said thus far, I feel, is valid. Just keep that in mind - an amazing second chapter that makes characters people (not that I've read it yet) won't make up for the fact that I, and likely others, weren't drawn in by the story in the first place.

This fails to make sense.
On one hand, you made their apparent emotions make relative sense.
On the other hand, their actual actions, what they do and why they do it, is still completely batshit insane and I just can't bring myself to care anymore.

Yes, EVERYTHING you said in your first comment is 100% valid!! It is EXACTLY the impression I was going for.
With respect to your subsequent comments, it's pretty clear what happened there.
You know it,
I know it,
the American people know it...

I'll leave it at that... :ajbemused:

5725415 I'm not american, so if you're implying that I know it because I'm american, you're mistaken.

It's nothing, - you know, just one of those silly sayings you pick up. It actually goes back to Bob Dole when he was running for President. This comedian, Norm MacDonald, did an impression of him on Saturday Night Live. It's about 3:30 into the clip. Norm used it as one of the gag lines. I don't know why it stuck, but I always thought it was kind of funny.

I'm sure you'll hate it and rip me a new one for liking it, but here goes anyway...

Bob Dole and Norm MacDonald

She re-enacted the pantomime. “Cursing is “OW!! What the FUCK was THAT? Oh, it was one of those fucking little Breezy bastards looking for a handout, not to mention free fucking room and board!! Little shits! Now get the FUCK back to breezy town or what ever little shit hole you crawled out of and stop bumping into fucking PONIES!!” she screamed frantically. .

Guess Twilight didn't much care for transforming herself into one of those things huh?

Actually "Halter" (John Goodman pony from "The Cutie Pox") wasn't their biggest fan. He taught Twilight that script as a method for learning proper application of the various forms of those wonderfully versatile curse words. I thought about going into that explanation, but I didn't want to slow down the momentum of the moment. It's sort of a denouement for the whole "Ponywood" act thing. It's pretty much run it's course and now we're getting down to the real plot... :trixieshiftright:

Pffffft. :rainbowlaugh: Rarity dun goofed.

She surely did. But all's forgiven when it leads to hilarity... :pinkiehappy:

I have the next two chapters which I'm polishing now.

next two chapters as in redone chapters 2 and 3 or you have chapters 4 and 5 done?

AJ is definitely more like herself now

This doth amuse me. I think I understand what's going on

7064359 Thankee! They are going to start to behave a great deal more like the ponies we know and love. I've got the next chap 1/3 done.

I had an idea of where I thought this was going to go. That went out the window with the rewrite, but it's not really a bad thing in my opinion.

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