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Is Rainbow Dash's loyalty a blessing or a curse?

A short story I felt like writing one day. Humanized.

Beautiful cover art by CuttlefishDreamer

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I have a feeling that everything put here is what you feel inside.

Need a hug? I have lots to give!
Beautifully written.


If you ever need a firend to talk to just add me on skype

Hm. I understood the emotions here way more than I probably should. I'll definitely be watching this story!

EDIT- Whoops, apparently it's complete after all. ^-^;

Hey there! Just wanted to let you know that I drew some artwork inspired by this writing!

5780138 Wow, that is amazing! I'm very glad that this story inspired you to draw that, it really is a lovely piece of art. Would you mind if I included it in a blog post? :raritystarry:

I'm glad you like it! And go right on ahead. c:

It's pretty universal how we all agree that RD wears a mask, huh? This combined with her element of Loyalty make her my favorite character. Because like in this story, I believe that RD has an unlimited capacity to love others to the point she would fight to the death for them(obviously there is no such conflict here, but she has the potential, no?). This story has that same mindset. And the conflict of fearing loneliness is something that I see RD having a problem with. The sooner RD realizes there is happiness in making others happy and living in dignity will she get out of this lonely induced depression.

Great story! Hurray for quick analysis!:rainbowwild:

Oh man, this is too sad. I want to hug Rainbow.

I'm at a loss for words. This story is beautiful. You've also left me curious as to what would happen if the rest of her friends found out. I suppose there would be a big group hug, but I dunno.

Maybe I just haven’t felt enough sadness yet

As someone who has struggled with intense, severe bouts of depression, I empathized with Rainbow too deeply not to throw praise at you.
The focus shift from Dash's facade to her insecurity in her friends' loyalty was heartwrenching, and the evidence - though fleeting - was well-placed. It ended a little heavy on her 'element' for my tastes, but I may just feel too familiar with it. "^__^

I know that I'm late, and sorry about it, but I have something to say. This story has something that others haven't. You felt what you wrote. You made others feel what you did. You really are something special. Congratulations! You just became one of my favourite writers! :twilightsmile:

Oh God. Its my mother bucking life slapped onto a pony. My feels aren't sure how to respond. They want to cry...but...but..its clear out...

6303693 Can't believe I just saw this. Thank you so much, your words are so kind, I really am glad that this story has been able to connect with people. :heart:

6675461 I'm glad that this resonated with you! Thanks for the comment :)

Oh man, I really haven't kept up with replying to comments.... Thank you for all of your kind words, I really do appreciate it (sorry I'm so late :twilightsheepish: ). I'm so glad that this piece caught your interest. I sat down and wrote in about two hours, no planning or anything. I have to say that I'm quite pleased with the message it conveys, as it is something that I felt had to be said.

Sounds like me, thank you for writing this:twilightsmile: btw that smile was real

*Blows nose* This is perfect. *Goes to the corner and cries*

I did a reading of your story! :twilightsmile: Youtube Reading

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