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Eternal - Path_of_cloud

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Spike stood at the reception desk, signing papers. He’d been kept in the hospital for a week after waking up, and was happy to finally be leaving. As he signed the last release form, the door to the hospital opened and in walked Rarity, wearing a white and blue striped scarf.

“Spike, are you ready to go?”

“Sure am, just finished up. So what’s the plan for my first day out of this white prison?”

“I have a few errands to run, and I was hoping you would join me.”

“I’d love to.”

They walked out the door and started through town. It was lightly snowing; winter had arrived while Spike was in the hospital. He found it funny how the world had kept going even with his absence. He glanced over at Rarity, she looked beautiful her white coat complimented by the slow falling snow. Spike felt the world knew how beautiful she was and was working to try and keep up. Ironic how it only made her shine brighter.

Rarity suddenly looked over at Spike, realizing he’d been staring he spoke up, “Where to first?”

“Sweet Apple Acres, I need to pick up a few things from Applejack. Enough about that though, how are you feeling?”

“I’m great, out of the hospital, walking around town with the mare I love; what could be better?”

“You know what I meant” Rarity blushed, she still couldn’t believe how well things were going. “How are you wings and your eye?”

"My eye feels fine. According to the doctors, the magic managed to reconnect all the synapses. As for my wings”, Spike opened his wings all the way for Rarity to look over, “the film has completely healed, and I’m good to fly.”

“I’m glad. When the doctor’s explained your injuries, they were so unsure about your dragon anatomy and biology that they didn’t know if your wings would ever heal. I still can’t believe those beams ripped through them like that.” Rarity’s concern over Spike injuries remained evident on her face.

“I shouldn't have scared you like that.”

“Spike stop blaming yourself, you saved my life, and I won’t have you kicking yourself because I’m worried about you.”


“Don’t be.” She snuggled up against him, enjoying his inner warmth and touch, as they walked on in silence.

His mind wandered as they enjoyed each other company in quiet; she’d been so supportive through the whole thing. When they had woken up after their talk the doctors had been in a fit about not being informed of his change in condition. One had even blamed Rarity; needless to say the young fool now had a fear of a certain purple dragon. However even with all the insanity of the doctors rushing in and all the testing and prodding, Rarity had never left his side; she had even spent the night with Spike again. She’d gone back to the boutique in the morning but would return to spend the evening with Spike. She visited every day. The last two days were physical therapy, testing how he’d healed and strengthening his muscles and wings from their week long reprieve. Rarity was next to him for every second of it. Secretly he had pushed himself further to impress her, but the pain and screams from his body in protest meant nothing to him, compared to her smile and the love in her eyes.

“Spike, Spike, we’re here” an angel’s voice cut into his thoughts.

“What? Oh right, sorry Rarity, guess I started day dreaming.” Spike noted they were at the entrance to the barn.

“What about?”

“How lucky I am to have you,” he admitted, nuzzling her cheek. “Now let’s get in there, don’t want to keep Pinkie and the rest waiting.

“WHAT, how did you know?”

“A reason to celebrate is just an excuse for Pinkie to throw a party.”

“I suppose it is pretty obvious, huh?”

Spike swung the door open.

“SURPRISE!” shouted a barn full of Spike’s closest family and friends.

A pink ball of fluff appeared in front of him from nowhere, “Spike you look great. How do you like your party? I call it the super bestest dragon hero in all of Equestria gets out of the hospital surprise party! Cool name huh,” an endless chain of words flying out of her mouth.


“Yes Spike?

Spike grabbed the party pony and hugged her close. “It’s fantastic. Thank you.”

“No problem, Spike.” She slid out of his grip, “Time to PARRRRRTY!”

“I swear that pony runs on pure sugar coated energy” stated an orange mare in a Stetson, coming over to welcome the guest of honor. “Look at ya, can hardly tell you were even hurt.”

A cyan Pegasus with a rainbow colored mane joined them, “Sure AJ, if you ignore that awesome looking scar over his eye. Always knew Rarity had a thing for bad boys, even if she claimed to be looking for a gentlestallion.”

“Don’t be rude Dash. You know Spike’s a gentledrake.” Applejack shoot Rainbow dash a look.

“He sure is, but I must admit his new scar does add character,” Rarity cooed.

“The fangs and claws weren’t enough character?” Twilight added in her two bits, as she came over and stand next to her little brother.

“I said it added character; he’s always had character though,” Rarity replied, defending her point.

“Yea I’m amazing and awesome be it past, present, or future,” Spike stated, head up full of pride. Four hooves nailed his shoulder.

“Why are you guys beating up poor Spike,” a small voice came from a pink maned yellow Pegasus, who had been quietly sitting at a nearby table until now.

“We’re just playing, darling.”

“Spike just got out of the hospital, you should all be nice to him and help him out.”

“Yea,” Spike said, rubbing his shoulder.

A yellow hoof smacked the dragons shoulder, “not”.

They all laughed, including a certain pink party pony that had suddenly appeared on top of Spike. “Not that this isn’t fun, but come on it’s a party! Stop sitting around and talking, and get your flanks on the dance floor!”

The seven friends spent the party dancing, talking, and laughing just enjoying one another’s company and good health. Near the end of the party Spike had even convinced the self-proclaimed “D.J. Pink3” to play a slow romantic song.

Spike walked up to Rarity, bowed, and asked, “may I have this dance, milady?”

“I’d be honored,” she stuck out her hoof ,and Spike took it gently in his claw. He led her on the dance floor. Spike rose to his hind legs and started waltzing with Rarity, they held each other close as they glided around the dance floor.

“Spike, when did you learn to dance?”

“Years ago, I was hoping it would impress you, I knew you loved ballroom dancing after all.”

“Well you didn’t need to do that to win me over. I am impressed though, this is very romantic.”

Spike spun her, “I think so to.” He dipped her down and kissed her, in front of all their friends. Their lips parted, and the music ended.

The party came to an end, just as the sun had set and night had blanketed the sky. It was still snowing as the guest began to leave.

“Rarity, I’ll take you home,” Spike said more then asked.

“Sure it’ll be nice to walk back with you.”

“It would be, but I have something better in mind,” Spike smiled devilishly.

“Oh and what’s that?”

“Climb on to my back, and I’ll fly you to the boutique. I know how much you enjoyed flying during the best young flyers competition, you told me about a few dozen times. You also told me how your wings had been too weak to hold up against the sun. So let me be your wings, let me take you into the night sky, so that you can feel the wind through your mane and feel the pleasure of flight again.” Spike lowered himself down to let her onto his back.

“I don’t know, Spike. It seems a bit dangerous.” Rarity still harbored fear from her last plummet to a near death.

“I promised I’d always protect you. Trust me.”

“Always.” She climbed on to his back getting comfortable between his spikes. It never failed to amaze her, how warm he made her every time she came into contact with him.

Once Rarity was in place Spike spread his wings and took flight into the snowy sky. He broke through the clouds and into the night sky. Luna had painted the sky full of stars, each stroke of her brush holding immeasurable beauty and light.

Rarity was holding tightly around Spike as she talked gently into his ear, “It’s beautiful. I never flew during the night, it’s so much more breathtaking then it is on the ground. And the cool night air through my mane feels simply divine.”

“I know. I love flying during the night it’s so serene and magical. It reminds me of every moment I spend you.”

“Spike”, she felt touched as she held him closer. They shared the sky and the night between them as they flew to the boutique.

Spike touched down and walked Rarity to the door, before stopping and letting her off.

“That was wonderful, Spike.” She had never done anything like that, but she hoped she would again soon.

“Let’s get inside its getting cold out here.” He smiled warmly at her.

“Well it’s not very gentledrakely of you to invite yourself into a ladies house, but I’ll forgive you this time.” She opened the door and reached for the light switch; however, Spike put his claw down over her hoof.

“Allow me Rarity”. Spike blew a thing wide stream of emerald green fire into the darkness. Candles throughout the room lit up into small green flames as his fire glided over them. Before Rarity was everything she had planned for their first date; two salads one with gem shavings and one without as well as the sweet dry white wine from the personal cellars of the Alicorn Princesses.

“Your outfit for the evening is upstairs in your room. I still haven’t seen it by the way; I’m very excited to see what you choose for our first date,” Spike spoke in refined matter, but still managed to give of a hint of mischievous intent.

“How did you do all this? I never even told you what I had planned or what I was going to wear,” Rarity had recovered from her shock, but remained amazed at the scene before her.

“You told Twilight though. She wouldn’t tell me, but she hadn’t been able to control herself from a little teasing about how dumbstruck I would have been. I realized that tonight would be perfect to make your dream date a reality. I gathered all of our friends together and we planned everything. The snow that created the romantic mood as we walked to the party was courtesy of Dash, the party Pinkie threw was to get you out of the house, and she was going to do it anyways, Applejack lent us the barn for the party, as well as making us a few appetizers for the date, Fluttershy made all the candles from wax given to her by her bees, and Twilight set everything up, since she was the only one who know all the specifics. She set up everything when you left your house this morning to get me and teleported back once the party ended to chill the wine and prepare the food.”

“Spike, this is, this the single nicest thing anyone has ever done for me” tears of joy flowed down her cheeks. Spike raised his claw and wiped them away for her.

“No time for crying. Go get ready for our date; I’ll be right here waiting for you.” He gently pushed her towards the stairs. Spike sat down on the floor and waited for his goddess.

A few minutes later Rarity came down the stairs, ready for their dinner. Spike’s jaw almost hit the floor; she looked stunning in her new dress. It was black with onyxes embedded into it, causing it to glitter in the light. It fell down her side and back, and was cut at the sides so that her cutie mark and hind legs were framed by the dress, very tasteful but very sexy. And to top it all off, she wore the fire ruby necklace Spike had given her before his birthday so long ago.

Rarity giggled at the look on Spike’s face as she spun around in her dress, “so how do I look?”

“There isn’t a word or sentence that describes how beautiful, stunning, and amazing you look. The dress is beautiful to.” Spike’s tone held confidence and resolve, as he stated this truth, his truth, to her.

Rarity blushed at the compliment and kissed his cheek. “Quite the charmer aren’t you,” Spike pulled out her chair and offered her the seat, “and a gentledrake.” Spike pushed the chair in gently and took the seat across from her.

“You have a way of bringing out the best in me," he confided to her.

Spike opened the wine with his claw, and poured them both a glass. They ate their meal and talked about the lives what was new, what had changed, and what had remained the same. Spike complimented Rarity occasionally and she in turn complimented him. None of it had seemed forced, and everything had gone perfectly. They finished their meals and drinks, and Spike volunteered to clean up the table. When Spike returned to the living room a few seconds later, he found that the candles had been moved to surround Rarity’s new couch; however, Rarity was nowhere in sight. He laid on the oversized couch taking the candles as a invitation. Rarity stepped out of the darkness and into the candle light; she climbed on to the couch and laid next to Spike, levitating two glasses and the bottle of wine over to them. They laid there cuddling, drinking their wine, and talking as the night continued on.

“Spike, it’s pretty late.”

“Sorry Rarity, I was enjoying your company so much that I must have lost track of time. I should get going, I’m sure you’d like to get some sleep,” Spike was saddened at the realization.

“Or you could spend the night here, with me,” Rarity blushed, as she gave Spike a kiss on the lips, pulling away playfully so that his lips chased after hers.

“Are you sure?” Spike asked suddenly feeling like the nervous young whelp from years ago.

“Well it’s up to you, darling.” Rarity wrapped her tail around his snout, letting him breath in her scent, before ascending her stairs, swaying her hips as she went.

Spike, mesmerized, followed after her, up the stairs, and into the darkness.

Eternal: Sex Scene <- mature audiences only.

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