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Eternal - Path_of_cloud

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Spike felt something warm snuggling against him, and the smell of vanilla began pleasing his nose. He was comfortable, more then he’d been in his entire life, yet he knew it couldn’t last. He’d been in so much pain before but now it felt as if the warmth spread across his chest had carried it all away. The same warmth had left nothing but the softest touch and the unbelievable comfort he was now feeling. Regrettably, he opened his eyes and let the light of the day fill his vision.

It took a minute for his eyes to adjust. The first thing he did once they had was to look down on to his chest for the source of his comfort. There, snuggled against him, slept the mare of his dream. She was so peaceful, so beautiful, and so perfect in every way. She didn’t have any makeup on, and still she made the most beautiful models look ugly. She was also very obviously exhausted, and the small bags under her eyes shined truth on the matter, she hadn’t slept in days most likely. Spike couldn’t bring himself to wake her up, and so he slowly, gently ran his clawed fingers through her flattened mane, fixing stray strands as he went, and across her beautiful white body.

Time lost all meaning as Spike laid there next to his love. The door creaked opened and in walked Twilight. She nearly shouted out to him, but he had quickly put his free claw up to his mouth and silenced his sister. He pointed to the sleeping mare on his chest, and gestured for Twilight to come sit next to him.

“Hey Twi, how’s life?” whispered Spike.

“Better now,” replied Twilight.

“I always had that effect the moment I walked into the room,” he quietly chuckled.

Twilight punched his shoulder gently. “Dummy, what were you thinking getting yourself hurt like that?”

“Oh you know the usual, save Rarity, become a hero, and win her heart for my bravery…… seems to be working so far.” He pointed once again to the sleeping beauty on his chest. “Still I could have done without the pain. Note to self: next time save the day without getting a floor dropped on top of you or another similar painful experience.” A wide toothy smile spreading across his face

“Your such a ham, you know that,” Twilight joked, still being careful to remain quiet.

“Maybe, but you have to admit its part of my charm,” he joked.

“Perhaps,” she replied.

“So in all seriousness, how long was I out?” he asked.

“It’s been five days since the accident.”

“Wow that long huh. Speaking of, what caused the shaking that made the floor collapse?” he asked solemnly; remembering the accident.

“Ponyville experienced a rather large earthquake.”

“An earthquake in Ponyville, how could that happen?” he said cutting her off.

“I was getting there before someone so rudely interrupted. The Diamond Dogs had one of their main tunnels collapse.”

“None of them were hurt, I hope. What about the rest of Ponyille, was anyone else seriously injured?” a pleading look in his eyes praying no one else had been hurt. In the last three years him and Rarity had made a deal with the Diamond Dogs. Whenever Rarity needed gems, she would use her locator spell to find them, and they would use their manpower to quickly dig them up. The gems got split fifty, fifty and was vastly more productive then either one group could manage alone.

“There were a few minor injuries on both ends but just scratches, scrapes, and bruises. No, only you, in all your amazingness, actually managed to get seriously hurt.” She arched her hooves in the air to emphasize her point.

“I am pretty amazing.”

Rarity snuggled further into Spike’s chest, as if agreeing with him, letting out the most adorable little moan.

“She’s been by your side since the accident. The only time she left was to tell me about what happened; then she ran right back. I teleported around and told the rest of the gang, and then came to check on you myself.” Twilight looked at her friend, a smile softly coming across her lips.

“She probably blames herself. It wasn’t her fault; I did it because I wanted to,” a touch of pain invading his voice.

“I’m sure she knows that Spike. She’s been so afraid that something would happen to you though. Me, Fluttershy, Dash, Pinkie, and A.J. have been checking in on the two of you every few hours. We’ve been bringing her meals and taking care of Opal for her. She had contractors in here a few days ago; apparently she’s not only having the floor fixed but having the whole boutique earthquake proofed. You know you really scared her,” compassion dripping from her words.

“I know. The guilt from it might haunt me my whole life. I can’t believe I put her through this,” his distress riddled his face.

“Spike you saved her life; at the risk of your own I might add. I couldn't be prouder of you,” a sad but comforting smile attempted to free him of his guilt.

“I know but I should have done more.”

“You did everything you could. Now I won’t hear any more of this, and I know she won’t have any of it either. Once a day, when one of us was here with you and her, she would take a shower in the little bathroom over there. She left the door open so she’d know if you woke up or something changed. She said that she had to look her best for you, when you woke up. Her hero, she claimed, and she was right Spike,” Twilight hesitated.

“Twilight?” a concerned Spike asked.

“She became really defensive and a bit possessive of you as well. She refused to leave when they came to do any tests, and she wouldn't let the nurses give you a sponge bath, she insisted on doing it herself,” a very embarrassed Twilight finished.

Spikes face turned the darkest shade of red Twilight had ever seen as he stuttered to find something to say. He gave up and instead he just lovingly stared down at Rarity. For the first time since he woke up he had stopped stroking her coat; in response she arched her back into his claw. He continued his hand on its slow path along her body.

“I’m sure she just thought I’d prefer if a friend did something so……. personal, instead of a stranger. She felt indebted to me for saving her, and I don’t want that. I don’t want her to pretend to love me more then she really does, merely because I saved her life. I want her to be happy. It’s all I’ve ever wanted for her; even if it doesn’t involve me,” his face was strong, a soldier accepting his fate, but his voice betrayed him

“Spike this is the first time she’s slept in days; can’t you see that she-”

“Enough Twilight.” He sighed, “Could you give us a few minutes alone? I need to wake her, and I’d like to talk to her alone. Also, if you could soundproof the room. You know how dramatic she can be.”

“Of course Spike, but don’t count yourself out yet.” Before Spike could argue Twilight walked out of the room and shut the door behind her. A light lilac aura shrouded the room and disappeared.

Spike took one last look at Rarity, and with a sigh of regret, slowly started shaking her awake. “Come on sleeping beauty, it’s time to wake up”

“Well hello, my prince charming,” she yawned still obviously wrestling with consciousness.

“Afternoon Rarity.” Spike had failed to notice the sun going down while he talked to Twilight, but the glow it cast on the room and its inhabitants had made him realize how much time had passed since he woke up.

Rarity seemed to snap back to reality in a second. “SPIKE!” She threw her forehooves around his neck and buried her head in the nape of his neck.

Spike went to talk but noticed the cold wet drops hitting his neck. He drew her in tighter with his arms, as he strongly held her against him. “Please don’t cry Rarity. I’ve already made you cry enough in one week for a lifetime.”

“Spike I’m not crying. I’m just so happy that you’re okay, that the tears won’t stop.” She lifted her head up, and put her face directly in front of his. “I was so afraid that you’d never get the gift I had for you.”

Spike was stupefied. A gift, she had been worried about him not getting a gift! Here he was in a hospital, blaming himself-

Spike would never finish that thought. Instead his mind melted away to nothing as a pair of beautiful furry lips pressed against his tough scaly ones, sending wave after wave of electricity down his spine. Time seemed to stop as he pushed his lips back into hers returning the kiss, sending the electricity down her spine this time. Eventually, regrettably they both had to breathe and ended the kiss.

“Best gift ever!” Claimed Spike as a dreamy grin spread across his face.

Rarity giggled like a school filly. “That was only part of the gift; I had an entire date planned for the two of us. Then that floor fell on top of you, when you tried to save me, and- Spike I need you to promise me you won’t do something like that ever again, please?”

Spike looked into her eyes, they were pleading, and he almost told her exactly what she wanted to hear. It would have been so easy too. “I’m sorry Rarity, but I can’t do that. I can’t promise to never protect you no matter what the cost. Nothing could ever change my mind; I’d throw myself under that floor again, no matter how many times you gave me the opportunity not to. I can’t imagine living in a world without you. After all what good would the world be, without the pony I love being in it?”

“What good would the world be, without the dragon I love being in it?” She exclaimed.

“I know, and that’s why instead of the promise you want me to make, I’ll make you a different one. I promise to become stronger, I promise to become faster, and I promise to become better than I’ve ever imagined so that I can protect both of us, but I also promise to always put your safety ahead of my own.”

“You’re so difficult, you know that.”

“I know, but that’s one of the things you love about me.”

“Yes it is. That and so much more.” She snuggled into his chest.

“Want to take a little nap? I’m feeling a bit tired myself.”

“Aren’t you feeling a bit confident?”

“I….I just meant-“

“I know and it sounds heavenly. Sleeping on the warmest and most comfortable pillow in the whole world.” She nuzzled further into him.

“You should try having you as a blanket. I doubt there's anything in the universe that can compare.” He glided his hand over her coat once again. “Just let me send Twi a letter so she knows what’s going on in here and so she can cancel her soundproofing spell.”

“Make it quick,” sleep invading her words.

Spike grabbed the notepad and pen on the table next to the bed and ripped a piece off. He quickly scribbled some words on it, than with a small gentle breath lit it on fire and sent it on its way to Twilight.

He then wrapped his arms around the barely conscious mare and kissed her cheek. “Goodnight Rarity, I love you.”

“Goodnight darling, I love you too.”

Outside the door, immersed in one of her books, sat Twilight as a note materialized in front of her. She quickly caught it with her magic and started reading it.

Dear Twilight,

Rarity and I had a little heart to heart talk. As usual you and your big beautiful brain were right. Thanks for catching me up and trying to talk some sense into my thick skull. Rarity and I are going to take a little nap so feel free to end the soundproofing spell. I must be the luckiest guy in the world, not only do I have the mare of my dreams but also the greatest sister anyone could ever ask for. Thanks Twi, I really appreciate everything, and I know I don’t say it enough but I really do love you.

Love your not so little anymore brother,


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