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From 1005 until 1008, more than 2,000 griffons were imprisoned in Equestria due to rumors of conspiracy against Princess Celestia. Most "disappeared" during their imprisonment, and only 4 were released in 1008. Their leader, a griffon named Glyder, was the only one to be executed. Shortly before death, he made a prophesy. Referred to as "Glyder's Prophesy," many stallions and mares have puzzled over it for centuries.

What is it referring to? And will they be able to heed Glyder's warning before it is too late?

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I don't understand why they'd make fun of an alicorn, since practically everypony would know about Celestia.

Do like, but as Soul said, why would they insult him for being a Unisis (Or Alicorn, which ever you use.)
Celestia is one.
Therefor, they just called her a freak.


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Sorry I didn't reply to your comments earlier. Yes I do realize that it is a weak thing to be laughed at, especially considering that the Princesses are Alicorns themselves... but the not quite developed mind of any child doesn't quite make the full connection. Needless to say, it does not show up as a reason to be teased/ treated badly again.

I'm confused. Where did Applejack learn about the gentlecolt? As far as I can tell, she hasn't even met him yet. Or am I missing something?


He's staying at Sweet Apple Acres at the moment, and he was there before, starting in Apple Encounter, and parts of other summers between it and LCfP. She was also the mysterious voice with the southern accent in LCfP.

But Frank and AJ's rocky past is covered more in future chapters.

Thanks for reading and commenting! :pinkiehappy:

Not to be rude, just to clearify a mistake you've been making, a pony/horse with wings and a horn is called a alicorn-- not a pegasi unicorn.

Thanks. Happy Thanksgiving to you too!:pinkiehappy:

ooooh! he did a rainboom! intersting chapter ending. Hope the next one comes soon!

Happy Thanksgiving. Nice chapter, and good story overall. I can see why you want more response-- there's an abundance of lack thereof.

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