• Published 25th Jan 2015
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A Pony Displaced - NoLongerSober

A Royal guard, banished alongside Nightmare Moon, returns with her. This is his life after being thrust a millennium into the future.

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To a brighter future! *Hic*

So is this fic officially done or will there be more add-on chapters?

7168812 Technically, it's been done for a year. From time to time there may be another chapter similar to the bonus chapters or even the anniversary chapter if we feel it appropriate but for all intents and purposes the story has been done for awhile. The bonus chapters were never originally intended and with the exception of the anniversary chapter were all entirely spur-of-the-moment or to help draw attention to the sister-fic to this one. :3

The fuck is a hatty

7170506 It's a reference to Hat Trick, a cadet they knew who often got latrine duty. He's brought up more in A Pony Displaced: Another Path.

“Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, out!”

So, Garnet Amethyst and Pearl made a guest appearance...

7187743 Figuratively and perhaps literally.

Please, please, PLEASE make a direct sequel to this. I don't want to stop reading about magic barrier. I've already read this and another path and I don't want the adventures to stop here. For christ sake please make a sequel. THIS IS TOO AMAZING TO JUST LEAVE!

7192059 The sequel to this story was pretty much scrapped some time ago. While what was written on it still exists, it's in an indefinite hiatus, sadly. APDAP will be updating every Monday for awhile yet, but this story, specifically the sequel...I really can't promise anything. I hit some serious problems when writing it, first and foremost being this story really wasn't written with a sequel in mind and a lot of it doesn't allow for easy continuation.

7192234 http://goinswriter.com/how-to-overcome-writers-block/ should help you with your writers block do not give up there is help if you look for it

7192616 Heh. I went through a lot of sources trying to get over the block, but the problems turned out to be more with the story details than anything. Basically the only way it would've worked was to rebuild it from the ground up {and scrap 30k+ words in the process} and start from scratch. It's still on the to-do list {start it over that is} but it'll be a long time til then.

7193173 I wish you luck may the cutie mark be with you lol:scootangel:

This is a really enjoyable story mate!

7205630 Thanks for the catch. :3 Normally i'd blame it on the gdocs to fimfic transition but the chapter itself is missing that bit as well; I went ahead and wrote in what should've been there. :3

ok I am now up to date with this story and I must say exultant righting Sober.
I will most defiantly be moving to the sequel in a day or two.
agene this story is vary worthy reading.

Velvet turned and smiled slyly at her daughter. “Oh-ho! I didn’t think you were already doing that! I’m glad to know you’re getting some action that’s not from your forelegs.”

“Mom!” Twilight’s cheeks lit up. “It’s not like that! I’d just like to have my boyfriend inside me!” Realization waited several long seconds to smack Twilight in the face.

“Uh, Twilight…” Verdant chuckled nervously, glancing at both Night Light and Shining Armor’s raised eyebrows.

“Beside! I meant to say beside me!”

:rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh:

Poor Twilight. She's never going to live this one down, is she?

7223470 Octavia wore 2 buildings to the wedding. ;)

Thanks for the catch; fixed. :3

7303620 I'm pretty sure Fifty Shades of Hay was the name of a book mentioned in the comics.

Binge read this story and loved it. I started with the alternate version of this story with Daring Doo so it was of a better quality detail wise but this story was awesome for a first story.

7174270 pretty sure amethyst could handle those peppers, she drinks engine oil in the show.

I was kinda expecting a big bad to suddenly appeared and rewind time considering the redo of this one. Kinda disappointed it didn't happen. Overall a really good story

Absolutely not. NMM is best as a part of Lunaotherwise Luna can push the blame away from herself

Actually in the comics she never did. She actually felt guilty over the fact she Gave Into NMM. And then there's Nightmare Rarity...

“Well, Aunt Celestia has a sore throat and Aunt Luna threw her voice out while singing in the Royal Canterlot voice. I think the song was…Master Exploder, maybe.”

Funnily enough I can actually see Luna singing Master Exploder by Tenacious D. Please have Jack Black and Gable make an appearance in a sequel!!! And Luna just goes Fangirl over them!!

and I gernally don't use the comics. they are NOT canon

Real quick, I just gotta ask. If i wanna read this story in order, I read this one, "No Longer Displaced" and then "No Longer Alone"? The other other two are alternative time lines right?

A Pony Displaced is a separate universe from the other stories. No Longer Displaced is followed by No Longer along, while A Pony Displaced: Another Path is followed by A Pony Displaced: Homeward.

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