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Discord's real past - FanMLP

One year after the Tirek incident, Discord has finally earned the trust of the Mane 6 and the princesses. All are living in harmony, but one day Twilight discovers that there's another creature that is causing chaos is Equestria but with a good reaso

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The gift of a friend

Discord stay there, just staring at Luna, blinking two times. Finally, after a few seconds, he opened his mouth to speak and said: "What...?"

Luna, with an eyebrow up, answered "Um... I thought you'll scream or something but, yes, it appears that there is another draconequus here in Equestria, a draconequus just like you. With chaotic powers, different parts of different animals but it haven't leave that part of Equestria. That's why I came to tell you this, because I thought that you would like to see this other draconequus for yourself."

Discord's mouth fell, literally,to the ground when Luna finished that sentence. He couldn't believe it! And just when he finally decided to look out for his kind, another draconequus came. But, why? The only way to figured it out was to go to find it.

Discord jumped of happiness so high that shocked Luna, even more when she saw Discord dancing a solo in the dark sky. When he landed, after five minutes, he hugged Luna so tight that she turned purple of lack of air.

"THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!" said Discord. "Luna, maybe you won't believe this but I already knew that there were more draconequus, but I DIDN'T KNOW THAT ONE WAS HERE!!!"

He let Luna go, who was breathing fast to get some lost air.

"How did... 'cough'... knew... 'cough'... that... you... already...'cough'... knew... about this?" asked Luna, still breathing hardly.

"Well, you see, it's a long story." After telling her the whole soup thing and the weird dream or vision, Luna understood and, after taking air again, said.

"Well, I'm glad to hear that. So, you're going to tell the girls tomorrow." she asked.

"Um... yes, sure. They're my friends, aren't they?" answered Discord, before yawn. "You know, it'a kind of late. I don't sleep during day like you, you know. Good night Lulu, and thanks for the information."

With that, he snap his fingers, before Luna could say something else. She rolled her eyes and said. "Good night Discord." She flied to the castle in Canterlot.


Discord thought he has heard his name, but he was too tired to open his eyes so he just ignore the sound.

"He doesn't wake up Rainbow."

"Well, plan B."

Before Discord could say something, a splash of water woke him up before an empty bucket landed in his head. Discord cried of pain screaming: "OWWW!"

When he got the bucket off his head, he could see Rainbow Dash, laughing, and Fluttershy, with her hooves in her mouth, flying next to him. Discord narrowed his eyes to the two pegasus.

"Hahaha, very funny Rainbow Dash. And you Fluttershy?"

"Sorry, I didn't know what Plan B meant"

Rainbow got a tear out of one of her eyes.

"But, you must admit IT WAS funny!"

Discord glared at the mare, but then he chuckled too.

"Yeah, it was funny. Anyway, thanks for waking me up but why did you do it so early?"

The two pegasus looked at each other with wide eyes, and the turned to Discord again.

"Uh, Discord, it's already noon. That's why we came, to see why were you still sleeping at this hour." said Rainbow Dash.

"Yes. Usually at this time, you visit me or take walks around Ponyville to see what we are doing. We didn't see you all day so Rainbow and I woke you up." said Fluttershy. "Is everything all right?"

"Do you still have those dreams?"

Then Discord remembered his talk with Luna last night. There was other draconequus and he has to find him, but he wasn't sure if he will need his new friend's help. This was his business, and he should find his family alone. But, how would he tell them?

"Um, no. But I've got something to tell you. Please, could we all go to Twilight's castle?"

Rainbow and Fluttershy have a bad feeling about this, but they still agree.

"Ooookay, so let us get this straight Discord." said Twilight. "Last night, you had a talk with Princess Luna..."

"...She told ya that there was another draconequus in Equestria..." said Applejack.

"...thing that by the way, IT'S AMAZING..." screamed Pinkie Pie

"...and now that you discovered that you actually want a family..." said Rarity

"...you are gonna to find this draconequus in the outlands of Equestria..." said Rainbow Dash

"...to ask him, or her, where are the rest of you now..." said Spike

"...AND ALL BY YOURSELF?!?!" asked finally Fluttershy.

After, Discord told what happened last night, and listening to his friends, each one sit on their own thrown, he just struggled.

"Uh, yeah. That's pretty much the idea." said Discord rubbing the back of his neck.

" Discord look, it's great that there's another one like you, but you said that Luna told you that him or her it's causing chaos in Equestria. What if it wants to take over the land just like you wanted once? Are you sure about this?" asked worried Twilight.

"Look, I know it's risky but I have to do this. Please, I promise nothing bad will happen. I thought that you finally trust me!" said Discord.

"We do trust ya sugarcube." said AppleJack.

"But we can't let you do this alone." said Fluttershy.

"If you go, then we're going too!" said Rainbow Dash.

"Yeah! I always wanted to see another draconequus!!!" said Pinkie. "Well, at least since I knew there was another one"

Everypony was exciting about this, until they heard a whistle.

"Ladies, ladies, listen. I appreciate your help, but I can handle this myself. Besides, it's a 'family' thing or something like that." said Discord leaving, near the door.

"Wait a minute!"

Before he knew it, Rainbow Dash was standing right in front of him.

"Why can't we help you?" she asked.

"Discord, just because we're friends, doesn't mean we can't help you with your ' family' or species problem." said Twilight.

"But I thought that friends and family are two different things." said Discord. "And besides, I'm the Master of Chaos. I can handle anything!"

"We know you can Discord, but your friends are always there for you, and especially in this situation." said Fluttershy.

"It's like when I went to see a hole family of dragons to find where I belong but then, when I discovered the truth, i needed help. Luckily, Twilight, Rainbow Dash and Rarity were right there for me, and just in time to be honest." said Spike.

"Discord, never doubt of the gift of friend" said Twilight.

With that sentence, Discord heard music and follow his friends to the door.

Sometimes you think you'll be fine be yourself
cause since you came here you have been all alone sing Twilight.

You have always thought that you don't need help
But it's harder to go by your own sing Rarity

You'll change inside
when you realize... sing Fluttershy

The darkness turn light
and everything's bright
From beginning to end
when you have a friend
by your side
that helps you to find
the magic of all
when you'll open your heart and believe in... sing the mane 6

The gift of a friend sing Spike.

The gift of a friend sing Twilight

Someone who knows when you're lost or scared
They help you to see what's right or wrong. sing Applejack

Someone you can count on
and no matter what
it's beside you wherever you go sing Rainbow Dash

You'll change inside
when you realize... sing Pinkie Pie

The darkness turn light
and everything's bright
From beginning to end
when you have a friend
by your side
that helps you to find
the magic of all
when you'll open your heart and believe in... sing the mane 6

The gift of a friend sing Twilight

Everyone make mistakes
you may fall, or may fail
if you, do it alone. sing Twilight

If you don't know
which way to go
we'll be there
to lead you in your way. sing Rainbow Dash

Because you've got friends. sing Fluttershy

Discord, now happy, know that his friends will help him, and no matter what, he will protect them too. He understand what you do for a friend.

The darkness turn light
and everything's bright
From beginning to end
when you have a friend... sing Discord.

WHEN YOU'll OPEN YOUR HEART AND BELIEVE IN... sing Discord, Spike and Mane 6

Discord approaches to Fluttershy, and both of them hug.

when you believe in...! sing Discord

You can believe in... sing Fluttershy

The gift of a friend! sing Discord and Fluttershy.

Author's Note:

I'm back!!! finally, SUMMER!!!! that means, more time to read and write fimfiction stories!!!
Song: The Gift of a Friend by Demi Lovato

Again, less than 2000 words. AHHHH, i have to write more!!!

Anyway, follow, like, comment, you know how it is.

FanMLP out, for at least three or two days. !!!!

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Comments ( 8 )

Just a question before I read: who are we shipping?

First place; it is NOT Lunacord or Dislestia!!!!

Second: I WAS going to ship Fluttershy and Discord but then I remembered the other up-coming character, so I'm not so sure.


I gotta still writting to clear my mind.

English is not my nation language, so any mistakes let me know!!!!

oh no plz no fluttercord i swear

Fluttercord no!!! Oh PLEASE!! Fluttercord no!! :raritycry: :applecry: :applecry:

Are you still writing this??

No... Sorry. I canceled it. I lost motivation in this story. Besides, it wasn't Fluttercord and now I'm a Fluttecord fan, so... It was gonna be contradicting.
But hope you'll like my new stories, which will be 100% Fluttercord!

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