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When a spell goes "wrong" by Zecora, Zombies start invading ponyville. during all of this Vinyl and Octavia develop a loving relationship between each other.

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You accidently put "Chapter - 1" in the title! :derpytongue2:

Awesome story, keep it up.
and you might want to change it from "Crescendo of the Undead Ch. 1" as the title to just " Crescendo of the Undead" and name the chapters

i will not be finishing this story. i will be moving on to other, and better things.


APPLEBLOOOMM NOOOOOOOOOOO :applecry::applecry::applecry:

No finish.......:fluttershbad:

Comment posted by Blackdust deleted Mar 27th, 2016

27002 Well then. Do you mind if I were to steal it from you as a bit of a side project to help me stay busy in my down time? Please respond within the next 48 hours, or I'll assume you don't care and just make a revamp.

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