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They say a picture can paint a thousand words. But I believe that a good story could paint a million pictures.

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Hey not bad for a first fic. :twilightsmile:

I would suggest leaving a line between paragraphs though it just looks neater.

I see you already have one down-vote but i wouldn't get discouraged. Fallout: Equestria fics seem to bare a certain stigma on this site.

I would suggest leaving a line between paragraphs though it just looks neater.

That. I would definitely recommend to do that. Otherwise readers may get the wall-of-text-to-the-face feeling and that makes many go away. Spacing is important.

5546242 There we go, I checked out other fics for reference and added spacing accordingly. Look better?

5547652 I'm not mistaken in that Junction R-7 is actually a town, right?

It looks much better now. Although some of the paragraphs are still a bit big. 5-6 lines are good for a paragraph and look professional. 8-9 still look a bit wall-of-text-like.

I don't know why you ask me, but I think so. If you've got anymore questions, check this out. The wiki often helps to clear things like this up.:twilightsmile:
Oh and since I'm already here, you should take a look at our FIMfiction Survival Guide for FoE writers.

5547952 Alright, I've just spent a good chunk of my day reading up on the dos and don'ts, and I have a general idea on how I should go about writing the rest of my story. Since you would know more about the cliches and things to avoid, please let me know if I'm straying to close to a very, very cliched story. I've had experience writing stories in the past, and I'd rather not screw Black Eye over in this one.

Well the writing still remains solid and the structuring of your lines look much better... I'm enjoying your story so far :twilightsmile:

5549324 Sorry to bother you with something that might be trivial, but is there any way I would be able to upload my hand drawn image of our protagonist? I know there's probably some easy way to do it, but I can't figure it out for the life of me.

only problem is, you get blown up by a land mine

you would be dead, if not for the fact your missing most body parts, the pain would overload your synapses pathway and give you a brain haemorrhage

still, E for Effort

5556231 To this I have a response. Magic!:derpytongue2: Good ol' Earth pony strength.

To any who may be wondering, this is a good idea of what what Alph looks like, as well as her general disposition.


if a randy grey pegasus with a blue mane drops onto her and trys to make out with her, then you'll probably have found Cipher

she just LOVES females, males not so much

You could use a scanner to... scan your pictures (or have another way of digitizing them), then upload it via a free DeviantArt account into your DA stash and from there you can give out links and upload pictures to other sites.

5563542 Right, I've got it! Here he is! I worked for about an hour and a half to make this, and I hope you like it.

Comment posted by BigBadWolf deleted Jan 31st, 2015

Would anyone believe me if I told them I wrote this whole chapter on a mobile device?


Mr. Guy, you will be missed.:fluttercry:

(btw, i know i wrote it, but i'm still sad about it)

Just made a new artwork! It's Black Eye re-imagined, and in color! Hope you like it:twilightsmile:

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