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To be honest I'm not really a Brony in the sense that I don't watch the show avidly, I do however see potential for interesting stories in this fandom, and will strive to keep my work cannon.


I'm going to preface this whole piece with this: This work is not meant to make fun of the blind, it was made purely on a whim, and I hope that it will accepted for what it is, a work of fiction made purely for fun.

Now that the nitty gritty is done...

AND NOW A CONVOLUTED STORY: A tale brought forth by three men, alone in a room, with only chips soda and candy.

Snowdrop, a filly from the distant past, appears in Ponyville, with no rhyme or reason behind it. Strangely the residents don't kick up much of a fuss. She is quickly accepted and given a place to stay in the library, taking up the empty position of librarian. She takes to the job with gusto wanting to earn her keep, and the continued sanctity of the library. There are only two problems; she's still in school, and more importantly she's blind.

Meanwhile the Looper, a pony who has spent ages dying and reincarnating into other realities versions of him/herself, awakens to the realization that she is Snowdrop, which means accepting everything that makes her, Snowdrop, including her memories, mannerisms, and sense of self. Having seen many paths for reality to take in it's time the Looper is apathetic, wanting only to continue Snowdrop's life. Of course knowing the future, or at least a version of it always leads to trouble.

This is a joint project by Myself (Szulu), gameboy17, and SumVerendus, I say joint but really I that they were consulted closely on all the steps of the work. Anyway, a big thanks to them, hopefully the project will continue for a long time yet.

Image Created by gameboy17 Thanks for spending 5 minutes man, it means a lot.

DISCLAIMER: Snowdrop does not belong to me, rather she is a creation of Silly Filly Studios, and was first seen in the youtube video, Snowdrop. You can find it here

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I say, there's way too much braille in this library.

5543179 I actually have a fully written braille version of chapter 1. I just haven't posted it yet because braille words don't add to the word count and as such are unable to reach the 1000 word minimum for posting. I might post it in a linked Google doc or something.

You keep saying blind over and over again. It gets repetitive and annoying. We don't need to be continually reminded of it, and if we did then some synonyms would be nice. Sightless for example. "She would have seen, if aut she saw wasn't darkness" for example.

Please stop saying blind over and over. It's stopped being a word to me I saw it so often, and it's part of my online name >.<

No offence intended.

Also there are different types of blindness. Some people can see light. Some people can even manage colors of light. Some blind people have the ability to know roughly where everything is because there's nothing wrong with their eyes, just with the brain connected to them. So long as they don't think about it too much, they can find, say, the coffee mug.

Total Darkness, no light, no anything, is the most extreme version of blindness.

I know it's a lot, but I would recommend reading the wikipedia article, especially the mobility section, so that you can see the real ways that blind people cope with their disability, and you can try to adapt it to ponies.

Wow I like this start and hope up add more soon! :twilightsmile:

5544280 I'd like to see that.

Nice story hope to see more of it! :pinkiehappy:

I am going to assume this is dead sadly. :raritycry::fluttercry::pinkiesad2:

I really want to see this continue but I beileve this is dead

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