• Published 23rd Jan 2015
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What Happens in Las Pegasus - Inkquill

We've all heard that famous saying, "What happens in Las Vegas..." Well what happens when our group of friends learns the same lesson?

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The Date Take Two

Fluttershy sighed in bliss as she ran her hoof over the soft blanket wrapped around her body. She slowly opened her eyes and looked around the hotel room. She frowned, feeling like something was missing.

She sat up and looked around, then she realized what was missing.

"Discord…" She whispered and felt a blush seep into her cheeks as she remembered their date last night. She had almost…had almost…

"OH!" She shouted and buried herself under the covers in embarrassment. She sighed as she realized just how close she had come to telling Discord she was in love with him.

Her face flamed up more and she forced herself to get out of bed. She looked over to her nightstand and smiled.

Resting in its new home was the flower she had taken. It was beautiful and the colors would always remind her of Discord.

"Oh Discord! Our date tonight!" She realized. She turned and trotted into the bathroom to wash up. As she soaked up the hot water, she hummed to herself in thought.

"What should we do? Discord told me to pick. Last night was so sweet of him that I want to do the same…" She thought out loud to help her sort through things.

She frowned as she stepped out of the water. She had no idea what to do tonight. She wanted to do something for Discord, something that he would enjoy.

He had proven last night that he knew her as well as anypony. A candlelit dinner in a beautiful garden was what she would describe as the perfect date.

So with a new determination, she quickly brushed out her hair and started thinking of what they could do.

But after about an hour of nothing she flopped to the floor. She had come up with some okay ideas, but she didn't tonight to be okay…she wanted it to be perfect!

She was gently banging her head on the soft carpet, trying to force ideas into it; when there was a soft knock on the door.

Her head shot up and she blushed thinking it would be Discord. She got up and trotted over to it. She suppressed the sigh of relief when she opened the door to reveal an orange mare.

"Mornin' Fluttershy!" Applejack greeted as she walked into the room.

"Morning Applejack. You're up early." Fluttershy responded as she smiled at her friend.

"Yeah all the others are still asleep. Can't help it though. Bein' raised on a farm with do that to a pony." The country mare grinned, making Fluttershy giggle.

"I know what you mean AJ. I usually have to get up early to take care of the animals."

"So, since you and I are the only ones up. Do you want to go down and get breakfast?" AJ asked and Fluttershy nodded. She also got the idea to prod AJ for some ideas. The mare was more adventurous than she, so maybe Fluttershy could get some better ideas for a date.

The two were seated at a little restaurant located at the back of the hotel. They ate their breakfast as they chatted about what they had done yesterday. After AJ finished telling her about all the outfits Rarity had tried to force them into, she asked Fluttershy about last night and what she did.

Fluttershy decided now was the time to start prodding her friend for answers.

"Um…well…Discord and I…we went out to dinner." She said quietly, waiting to gage her friend's reaction. Applejack smiled, but didn't show much other reaction.

"That's nice. Were'd y'all go to eat?" She asked as she took another bite of her waffle.

"Oh well…Discord…he found this nice garden inside a dome and we ate in there." Fluttershy whispered, feeling her cheeks burn. Seeing the blush Applejack stopped from taking the bite and looked at her friend closely.

"Fluttershy…Was this a normal dinner? Or was this a….a date?" She asked and at Fluttershy's flaming cheeks and silent nod, she set down her fork.

"You two went on a date!?" AJ asked, more surprised than anything else, but Fluttershy thought her friend was upset.

"Oh." She hid her face in her hooves.

"Hey, hey now sugar cube. There's no need to be hiding like that. I was just surprised, but I'm really happy for ya." Applejack whispered as she pulled Fluttershy's hooves away from her face.

"Y-You're not upset? About…about D-Discord and…and me?" Fluttershy whispered and AJ smiled encouragingly.

"Nah. I have to admit that he's not exactly who I would have picked out for you myself, but if he makes you happy and you like him…then I can't stop you."

Fluttershy's eyes widened in shock and her mouth fell open. Applejack laughed at put a piece of melon in it, forcing Fluttershy to close her mouth and chew.

"You do like him. Don't ya Fluttershy." Applejack whispered with a gentle smile. Fluttershy hesitated to respond. She was always afraid of what her friend's reactions would be.

"Look darlin', I know that the others may not approve of this match and that can be intimidatin' and all. But if you need to unload on somepony, I volunteer." Applejack said, as if reading Fluttershy's doubts.

"Promise that you won't say anything to the others yet?" Fluttershy whispered and AJ made the Pinkie Promise that she wouldn't.

So Fluttershy took a deep breath and let out everything that had been building up inside her over the last few years. Once she got to the present she felt tears sting her eyes.

"I-I-I love him AJ…"

Applejack's eyes widened, but mostly because her suspicions had just been proven true. But she forced herself to focus on Fluttershy who was still talking.

"I love him so much and…and I'm so happy that we…that we are actually married. I don't want to end it."

"Then why are you going along with it hon?" AJ interrupted and Fluttershy sniffled.

"Because I think that's what he wants…"

"I wouldn't be so sure." AJ mumbled. She placed her hoof under Fluttershy's chin, forcing her to look up.

"Fluttershy. If you love him, then why don't you tell him? Aren't I always saying that the truth is better than secrets?"

Fluttershy giggled and wiped her eyes. She took a deep breath and AJ noticed a new determination in her friend's eyes.

"The truth is that I am going to tell him. I plan on telling him the night of the show. That way, if he doesn't feel the same I can go straight home. But, before that night…well I wanted to spend more time with him to try and guess how he feels."

Applejack nodded at everything her friend said with a wide smile. Then she pulled Fluttershy into a hug and said,

"Oh Fluttershy. I'm so happy for you. I know it may not seem like it, but all any of us want is your happiness. I know the others will come around when they see what I do."

Fluttershy returned the hug, feeling lighter now that she had confessed her feelings to somepony.

"Thank you AJ. You don't know what this means to me."

The two friends pulled apart and continued their breakfast. Applejack grinned and asked,

"So. Do you two plan on having another date anytime soon?"

Fluttershy blushed and giggled,

"Actually yes. We're going out again tonight."

"That's wonderful darlin'. Wonder what that chaotic sack will come up with this time."

Fluttershy's blush deepened and she leaned closer to her friend in a pleading manner.

"Actually, he told me I could pick tonight. But I need your help AJ!"

Applejack nearly choked on her food.

"Uh, Fluttershy. I appreciate the thought and all, but I am not the one to ask about planning a date."

"Oh…" Fluttershy pulled back and deflated a little. So Applejack sighed and said,

"Let's go walk off our breakfast and I'll…I'll see what I can help with."

Fluttershy smiled again and the two walked out of the hotel and down the street. They were just gazing at all the buildings when Applejack asked,

"So why exactly do you need my help anyways Fluttershy?"

"Well, last night was so sweet. Discord had planned it all out for us and I want to do something equally special. He chose a quiet garden, something he knows I enjoy. I want to do something that he likes." Her cheeks pinked slightly and it made Applejack chuckle.

"Ah sugar, no one know that beast like you…" Normally Fluttershy would take offense to somepony calling Discord that, but she knew that with AJ it was only teasing. She had heard the mare call him it several times and he always responded with an equal teasing remark.

"So why don't you stop second guessing yourself?" AJ finished. Fluttershy sighed and figured the mare was right. It didn't help that much, because now she was back where she started. With no plan.

Something out of the corner of her eye made her stop and stare. Her eyes widened and the flashing lights and a wide smile crossed her face. AJ realized that she had stopped and turned to glance back at the pegasus.

"Uh Fluttershy?"

"I know what I'm going to do!" Fluttershy shouted as she ran for the building that had caught her eye. Applejack looked up and groaned. She pulled her hat over her face and sighed.

"This will either be really good, or really bad."

Discord checked his reflection one more time. It was almost time to meet Fluttershy.

She had sent him a note saying to meet her outside the hotel at five. It also said not to dress up, which was weird to Discord.

"What does she have in mind exactly?" He mused to himself as he tried to slick back his hair, but to no success. He sighed and then that turned into a chuckle.

"Not knowing what she's thinking might be a challenge, but it's one you can't resist pal." He spoke to his reflection as he leaned against the mirror.

His reflection grinned back and shook his head, but it also pointed its finger at him in warning.

"Don't screw this up again. This is your second chance. Tonight you have to be the most charming stallion on the planet."

Discord huffed and crossed his arms, turning his back on his other self.

"I am the most charming stallion on the planet. Why do you think I got Fluttershy to marry me in the first place?"

When no answer came he looked over his shoulder and growled. A row of desks were behind him, each one with a Discord dressed in a uniform had their claws up. As he turned completely they started shouting answers,





"Purple spotted carrots!" The others looked at that one in confusion and he shrugged,

"What they're delicious."

Discord growled again and stomped to his door,

"Oh who asked you anyways!?"

"You did professor!" They shouted in unison as he slammed out the door.

Fluttershy paced slightly, she was nervous about this. She hoped that Discord liked what she had found. She was also nervous to try it herself, this was not something she would normally do.

"But it's not for me. It's for Discord." She whispered and then jumped as a long grey snout leaned over her shoulder, showing off its toothy grin.

"What's for me?"

She jumped to the side with a squeak, which only made Discord laugh.

"Sorry to keep you waiting little one, class ran long today." He smiled at her confused look, but she didn't comment. Instead her heart-stopping smile graced her face once more.

Discord swallowed as he cool exterior took a hit.

"Ready to go then?" She asked and he could only nod as he followed alongside her. She took a couple breaths to steady herself. They weren't far from their destination and she prayed that he wasn't too surprised.

When she saw the flashing lights she took a deep breath and stopped. Discord hadn't noticed until he took a few more steps. He stopped and turned to look back at her.

"Fluttershy?" He asked and she looked down nervously.

"W-We're here…" She whispered and he moved back to stand in front of her.

"Here? Where-" His question was cut short as he looked up at the building she had stopped at. His eyes widened and he felt a sudden thrill run through him, before he scolded himself.

He calmed down and looked down at the mare before him.

"Fluttershy, who would have thought you could pull a fast one on me!" He chuckled and patted her head.

"So, where are we really going?"

She blushed as she looked up at him.

"Um…Discord…T-This is where we're g-going…" She stammered and his eyes widened again as he looked up at the building.

He looked back down at her in confusion.

"Here. Really?" He asked and could see her nerves starting to come through.

"Well, um…that is…i-if you want…to…"

"Oh I do Fluttershy, believe me! But…are you comfortable with this? This isn't something you would normally go for. And as much as I appreciate the thought…I don't want to do anything that makes you uncomfortable." He whispered the last as he ran his fingers gently through her hair.

She blushed and silently told herself to stop being so meek. She raised her eyes to meet his and with complete confidence said,

"Yes. I want to do this too. I knew you would like it and besides…it's not so scary…it will be fun…as long as…as I'm with you."

This time it was Discord's turn to blush as he straightened himself up again.

"Okay, if you're absolutely sure." He questioned, trying not to let his excitement show.

"Yes I'm sure…Eek!" She shrieked as he scooped her up and laughed.

"Then let's go!" He shouted as he raced to the front to get them suited up.

Fluttershy quivered slightly as she once more asked herself,

Why, oh why did I ever suggest this!?

She ducked as streaks of color flew over her head. She shoot slightly and looked around the 'battleground'. She had brought Discord to a paintball arena.

The minute they suited up in the white coats they gave everypony, she started having second thoughts.

What had she been thinking in coming here? She was not the type of pony to find something like this fun. Why hadn't she just changed her mind?

But she knew the answer to that one. The sparkle in Discord's eyes as he got ready. She could feel the excitement radiating off of him as he suited up and he kept chattering at her about all the fun they would have.

She sighed as she scooted along the ground in order to avoid getting pelted.

As a pegasus she knew she had a disadvantage to unicorns who could use their magic to hurl the paintballs at her.

She looked inside her sack of 'ammo' (which was really just balloons full of different colored paints.) and realized that it was practically full. She looked around for Discord again. The two had gotten separated when she had hidden behind a shield and he went after the 'enemy'.

Now she was trying to search him out, quite surprised at the sheer size of the arena they were in.

"Fluttershy look out!" She turned just as Discord's arms wrapped around her and the two went tumbling over each other. She landed on something soft, which she quickly realized was hay.

"Ow…" She mumbled and opened her eyes slowly.

Discord looked down at her,

"Oh sorry, I didn't mean to tackle you so hard. I was protecting my partner from an assault. And I-" He stopped as he got a real look at her. Fluttershy felt herself blush, wondering what was wrong.

In truth, Discord was just stunned at how radiant she looked. Her goggled had been pulled off in their tumble, so her sparkling turquoise eyes stared up at him.

She was lying under him, his arms on either side of hers, so he was positioned right above her.

And the way she had landed on the hay pile, her mane was haloed around her. He stopped breathing as he took in her immense beauty. He slowly pulled off his own goggles, so he could see her clearly, his heart pounding now.

"Fluttershy…you're…so…" He whispered and felt himself leaning closer to her.

Fluttershy's eyes widened as she saw him inching closer to her, she held her breath as she realized that he was going to kiss her!

"Fluttershy…you're…you're beautiful…" He whispered as his lips were an inch from hers. Fluttershy felt her heart implode at his words and her eyes slowly fluttered close in anticipation.

"Discord…" She whispered and waited for the sweet sensation of his lips against hers.

"GAH!" Her eyes snapped open at his shout and she quickly had to close them as paint splattered her.

Discord was knocked over from the impact and landed on his back. Fluttershy gasped and stood up to look down at him.

"Discord are you okay!?" She shouted and he grinned, the right side of his face streaked with green.

He raised a shaking claw up to her face and rasped,

"I'm afraid I'm hit my dear. I'm not going to make it through this war. Get yourself to safety, forget about me."

She frowned down at him, feeling herself growing frustrated that the spell was breaking. He had returned to his usual, playful self.

"Discord. It's just paint." She deadpanned and he shook his head, even taking in a gasping breath. Her face flamed up in embarrassment and anger at having been interrupted. Again!

"No. I'm afraid the wound is fatal my dear. My only regret is that we didn't have more time…"

"Haha! One more and we win!" Her ear flicked at the sound behind her and she gritted her teeth. She turned, eyes blazing at the seven ponies standing on a small hill behind her.

"Victory is ours!" They shouted as they all held up balloons, three of them levitating in magic auras.

Fluttershy's eye twitched and what happened next could never be explained. She shouted and took to the sky, with a speed that would make Rainbow Dash proud.

"Where did she go?" One unicorn stallion asked as they all looked around for the pegasus that had zoomed off.

"I don't-ah!" A green mare shouted as a paintball came flying out of nowhere and struck her in the back of the head. Followed by a yellow blur zooming by.

"Scatter! There's six of us! You two take to the sky!" The same unicorn shouted and two pegasus nodded and took off to catch the crazy mare.

The split up each trying to find the mare, but after several minute the stallion met up with his teammates. Noticing that the two pegasus were missing.

"Geez did she get them too?" He asked and looked around.

"What do we do now? This mare is crazy! I say we forfeit." One mare, an earth pony with a red coat whispered. The stallion shook his head,

"Don't be ridiculous. There are more of us then her."

"Uh-huh, then why are we suddenly down three ponies?" The only other stallion, also a unicorn muttered.

As they were arguing they failed to notice a shadow slithering on the ground, close to their proximity.

Fluttershy jumped out of her hiding place, a balloon in each hoof and shouted as she took out two more ponies, leaving just the two unicorns.

She ran off in another direction and they gave chase. The brown one shouting at the other,

"We've got her now! I bet she's all out of balloons! Come on!" He levitated his last three and sent them flying towards them mare. His mouth dropped when she spread her wings and jumped into the air, effortlessly dodging the projectiles. He was so stunned that he barely stopped and began to search the skies.

"Where is she?" He growled, secretly enjoying this match. He was a regular at this arena and no pony had ever given him this much of a challenge.

His partner held up two balloons at the ready, but was looking worried.

"It's just a game. Why'd she go all psycho like that?"

"I don't know, but I haven't had this much fun in forever!" The brown stallion laughed and took the offered balloon from his partner. They had to make these count.

"Oh boys!"

They turned at the call, but were too late as balloons smacked them both straight in the face and they fell to the ground defeated.

Fluttershy landed on the ground and laughed, similar to how she was at the Gala. With her hooves in the air she shouted,

"Victory is mine! Mine! Mwahahahahaha!"

When her hooves touched the ground, her normal personality came back and she walked over to the two stallions lying on the ground.

"Oh my…I-I'm sorry. I didn't hurt you d-did I?" She asked and the stallion opened his eyes and grinned.

"Are you kidding? That was great!" He jumped to his hooves and shook her hoof in his.

"You are amazing, possibly the best player I've ever seen! You're even better than that partner of yours and he had quite an arm!"

She blushed at the praise before his words reminded her.

"Oh Discord!" She pulled her hoof free and raced back to where she had left Discord. She turned a corner and saw him still lying in the hay pile. She trotted over and looked down at him.

"Discord? Um…Discord? The game is over…I-I sort of won. We should probably go now so they can clean." She watched as he didn't answer and she tilted her head.


"Can't hear you. I'm dead remember?" He whispered out of the side of his mouth, before resuming his 'dead pose'.

She rolled her eyes but giggled and decided to play a small joke on him.

"Oh no, you're dead. Well then I guess you don't get a hero's reward."

His ear twitched and he opened his eye to a slit.

"Hero's reward?"

"Yup, after all…you did save me from those paintball attacks. Oh well, I guess I'll have to find some other stallion to award the kiss to." She turned and started to walk away when she was tackled again like before with Discord above her.

"Kiss? Wait a minute! No other stallion is going to get my hero's reward!" He growled and she couldn't suppress her laughter anymore as she burst.

"See…I…k-knew you w-weren't dead!" She laughed and he snorted. He leaned closer and raised his eyebrow at her.

"No I suppose the wound was not as fatal as I thought. Now about this hero's reward?" He grinned and she giggled as he let her up. She was still laughing when he wrapped himself around her.

"Come now Fluttershy. Don't leave your hero and rescuer waiting." He smirked and his lowered voice made her shiver. She blushed, realizing that he was turning her joke around on her. He wasn't going to be satisfied until he got what he wanted.

She blushed brightly but leaned forward and gave him a small kiss on his nose. Discord blushed slightly.

She turned away quickly so he wouldn't see her trembling.

"W-We should head out now." She whispered and felt him move next to her. He let out a small whine and it made her smile,

"Wait. Fluttershy…that's it?"

She tilted her head up to look at his pout and it made her smile wider as she teased him.

"Heroes don't whine Discord."

He let out a 'humph' but she could see him trying to hide his smile. They made it to the front and handed over their sacks and coats. Before they could clean up though the two were grabbed and dragged to the side.

"Here she is! The winner of today's match!"

Fluttershy and Discord were pushed in front of a camera and Fluttershy instantly shrunk down.

Seeing this the stallion behind the camera smiled reassuringly.

"Relax little one. Every winner gets their picture taken, see." He pointed behind them to a wall covered with photos. Some of groups and some of single ponies in victorious poses.

"And each winner gets a copy in a frame." The stallion finished, but Fluttershy was still shaking at the thought of others getting to stare at a picture of her.

She stilled as she felt a familiar arm wrap around her waist and hoist her up to his side. Discord wrapped one arm around her, holding her up effortlessly and held his claws out in a victory sign.

"Smile Flutterbuddy! Here's to another fun memory for the both of us!" He grinned and it made Fluttershy laugh. She turned and wrapped her hooves around the draconequus' neck and smiled at the camera, not seeing Discord's smile widen further.

The camera flashed and Discord set her down and patted her head.

"Good job going all Rambo back there partner!" He chuckled and she frowned.


"Never mind…this was a lot of fun Flutters. Thank you." He whispered, his red eyes shining and his joy was contagious as she grinned back. They got their picture and left to return to the hotel. Once more Discord walked her up to the room and grinned down at her.

"Not bad for a second date huh Flutters?" He asked and she nodded.

"I had a lot of fun too Discord." She whispered and the image of him leaning towards her suddenly flashed in her mind. Had he really been about to kiss her or had she imagined it? He had retracted to his normal personality so quickly she wasn't sure.

"So Fluttershy…About that hero's reward." He waggled his eyebrows at her and she giggled.

"I told you Discord…" She opened her door and smiled up at him. She was holding the door open slightly, which forced her to stand on her hind legs slightly.

"Heroes don't whine. You got your kiss." She laughed and turned to move inside her room. Her laugh turned to a gasp when his claws grabbed the door handle and stopped her from opening the door completely.

She turned to him in surprise and notice his red eyes darken slightly. He took a step closer, forcing her to lean back against the door and look up at him. He reached out and cupped her chin up with his paw.

"Discord?" She breathed as her heart rate increased at the intense look he was giving her. Gone was the jokester, replaced by the same creature who had stood above her earlier.

He smiled at her and his paw slid back from her chin to run lightly through her mane.

She knew her face was flaming up now as her heart nearly tripled in speed.

He growled, but it was a smooth growl that raced through her blood and heated her instantly.

"Well then…What about your reward my dear?"

"W-What?" She stammered, her mind fogging, barely able to focus as she realized that Discord was once more leaning closer to her.

He grinned and massaged the back of her neck making her legs shake.

"I said, what about your reward? After all, it was you that saved the day in the end and won the battle."

She swallowed, not being able to speak as she watched him move closer still. But inside she was screaming,


Discord grinned and using his paw tilted her head back further. Now Fluttershy had forgotten how to breathe. He leaned even closer, once more his lips only an inch from hers.

"I think it is my duty to give you that reward Fluttershy." He whispered, his warm breath sending shivers racing across her skin. Her eyes once more fluttered closed.

Then it happened! He kissed her! Gently brushing his lips against hers, the lightest of touches, but it was enough to turn her into a puddle.

He pulled back and her eyes snapped open. It had been the briefest kiss ever, he hadn't even applied any pressure! He had only lightly brushed his against hers!

"Wait! That's it?" She whispered, feeling out of breath and Discord's eyes sparkled with mirth.

"Heroes don't whine remember? Goodnight Fluttershy." He grinned and let her go before disappearing to his own room. Fluttershy stood there stunned, her cheeks bright pink and totally confused.

She backed into her room and slowly closed the door. As soon as it clicked the confusion melted away to stunned elation.

"Discord kissed me!" She shouted with a wide smile on her face. She laughed and leapt into her bed, bouncing like a school filly.

"He actually kissed me!" She shouted in joy, sure that she was causing her neighbors mild confusion.

While at the same time in another room down the hall, Discord had flopped onto his own bed. His hands clutching his chest as he took deep gasping breaths, much like when he was playing before. But this wasn't him acting, he was actually having trouble breathing.

"I did it…I actually did it! I…I just…." A wide smile spread across his face. True it had been brief because he had been afraid of her reaction and so had pulled away. But it had really happened! No matter how brief or light the touch. He had actually done what he had dreamed of for so long.

"I kissed Fluttershy…" He whispered in sudden wonder.

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