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Long before the Battle for Canterlot, the Changeling race operated very differently than what was seen at the Royal Wedding of Princess Cadance and Shining Armor. The Changeling Queen Chrysalis changed her people from what they were, into something more powerful. This is her story.

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Was this rewritten or republished or something?

Comment posted by nioniosbbbb deleted Feb 3rd, 2015

5582878 Kinda. I added the new (revised) chapter and deleted the old. Why I didn't just replace the text I don't know, but apparently what I did reset the stats. Weird.

5583409 In any case if you'd like to talk in general about changelings and stuff I got a skype dionysiosbbbb or you could pm me.

5583413 I'll be getting more into changelings in a few more chapters. If I need help/advice I'll definitely hit you up. Thanks!

5583425 It's not just about advice/help... I mean I would really love to see your opinion on my ideas as well. I think I'm going to inspire myself for Chrysalis's characterization out of Crime and Punishment.

5583409 I think the total views of a story are calculated by the views on the first chapter. So that's probably why.

5583884 You would be correct. Whoops

This is a great start!

Welp. Is it still being remade, or...? It's kinda sitting in my Read Later at this point.

Is this story dead? It's been almost 6 months after you said you'd continue it.

I hope not, because I was pretty stoked to keep reading it.

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