• Published 4th May 2012
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In One Month - Cadencebutterfly

Mass romance story focused on the mane six.

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Prologue : My Faithful Student...

My faithful student Twilight,

I very much enjoyed your lesson on friendship today. It was so nice hearing that you learned how to be delicate when it is so easy to hurt somepony's feelings. I'm also glad to hear that Fluttershy and you are on better terms from the lesson. It's a very precious lesson to learn with your friends. Funny story, actually, Fluttershy sent me a letter briefly before yours about her lesson in friendship. Apparently, you have taught her that being sensitive is important, but not to a point where you get offended by simple comments.

However, this is not the only reason I have decided to write a response today. You see, in a couple weeks, the Grand Galloping Gala is coming around again. I have inclosed seven tickets for you and your friends, like last time. I've been thinking, though, Twilight, that I feel it would be appropriate this time that you should all invite dates. Due to the recent royal wedding for your brother, I thought it would be only appropriate. For this reason, I have provided a spare six tickets.

Of course, you are not pressured to bring dates if you don't feel it necessary, but the option is always there and it would make the night much more gratifying.

Your teacher, Celestia.


It might be worth mentioning to your friend Rarity that Prince Blueblood has asked me to inform her that he is not going to be attending this year's gala and she should really consider another stallion.