• Published 30th Jan 2015
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Crusader's End - CalebH

Luna finally visits Applebloom in a dream. Unfortunately, it's not under the best of circumstances.

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Charon watched the pair disappear with a smile. With a slight use of his power he kept the door in place. It was a creation of the filly’s mind, for some it was a boat, others a bridge, but he maintained it. It was as much in homage to Applebloom, brave enough to give living another chance as it was in invitation. These were the places where life and death met and he wanted nothing less than to see his opposite.

“You always give me such nice things.”

Charon’s smile widened on hearing her voice. It was a voice that sang of spring, of blooming flowers, soft skies, and rolling hills. It was the voice of Life herself.

“She was always yours, I just let her be reminded of that,” Charon responded.

He felt her head nuzzle beneath his jaw as she began working the hood off of his head. “You could have taken her, she asked you to take her. Why didn’t you?”

Charon glanced down at the mare beside him. Her soft pink eyes looked into his, piercing the shadows of his hood. Her fur was a creamy tan and her long mane was the soft green of lamb’s ear with flowers matching her eyes weaved into it. “I hate that couch,” he reluctantly mumbled as he removed his hood.

She scoffed. “You seem just fine with it when we sit together.”

Charon leaned down and gently kissed her. “I hate being on the couch without you,” he said as he pulled away.

As she reached up and caught his lips with her own he could not help but applaud Applebloom’s decision. Life is beautiful and bright with Lips that taste of flowers and honey.

Author's Note:

A big thanks to Jeray2000 for prereading.

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Comments ( 6 )

Whoa! Epic ending to a beautiful and touching fic. :twilightsmile:
I guess you could say this epilogue was the life and death of shipping :trollestia:

Story Scout Foals Errand here to award you this for writing a difficult subject matter that allows you to feel what the character feels not just the author's opinion.

Just my type of Dark. Plus, it touches perfectly on a harsh subject. Well done indeed.

very well done on a subject that is difficult to speak of.


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