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This is a 100 word prompt collection of prose, poems, and such about Twilestia, Lunestia (Princest) and Twilunestia.

Very much a side project for my own creative expansion. Not all chapters may be human, and marked Teen to be safe.

Chapters (8)
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Comments ( 26 )

These don't get the attention they deserve. This was adorable

So much D'aww!

Thanks so much! With this project I'm not looking for much to come out of these besides improving on my writing with a little consistant practice. If more people read it, yay, but if not, I'm content. Although a comment from time to time doesn't either lol.


Thanks. Is it possible for a story with filly twilight to not be adorable? (barring shoddy writing) I think not.

This is surprisingly pants tightening.

#30 is so frikkin' adorable.

Comment posted by YouKnowMe deleted Feb 22nd, 2015

Ah the actual language of love, meaning translated into acts of passion. Seldom used in this context, and rarely done well but I feel you succeeded very well, bravo.

5656703 oh wow very nicely said, thanks friend!

5655787 The undeniable truth is that everything filly twilight does is cute, whether it's reading to gain knowledge or to stain the very fibers of all that exists with the mark of her magic so that she may will reality to remain exclusively by her loved-one's sides... all with a scrunched nose and a few hundred books.

5655346 then I have succeeded *isn't sure whether to laugh maniacally or blush from praise* *does both with vigor*

That's the way to do it!

These are absolutely beautiful. It takes talent to put emotion into such small stories.

I still don't get what happened.

Sorry, but... uh... I don't see the Twilunestia here.

6445325 That's because it's not there. I noted no pair for that reason.

6445228 mostly me just experimenting with the description of a character with severe depression. sorry for the lack of exposition.

6446177 Sorry, didn't notice that.

Nawwww if this is shipping it failed because this is more the bond of siblings.

Please define "shipping"

that was a true work of art, AMAZING work.

I could be overstepping my bounds here by butting into this conversation but I do believe that shipping is paring two characters in a more romantic, lustful, or unexpectedly casual circumstance that they normally wouldn't be in. the events of the story she(?) is referring to were more along the lines of very deep blood bonds seen between very close siblings.

I had no idea you could ship this. You've opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibility.

Uh....I do wonder why people ship Celestia and luna I mean their....siblings! P.S I'm not hating.

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