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The Sirens. Beautiful but deceitful creatures from the sea who once sought to rule the land of Equestria. Beings whose enchanting voices could sow chaos and strife wherever they went. Thanks to the heroic intervention of the legendary Starswirl the Bearded, these foes of ponykind were cast out from the world, never to threaten them again.

Or so the story goes. For as we all know, truth is often far less clear-cut than fairytales, and even villains have their stories to tell.

This is the story of the three sisters from the sea. How they lost all they held dear, how they came to rise higher than they ever dreamed, and how they fell so much further

Cover art by harwicks-art

Chapters (13)
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Comments ( 99 )

Off to a good start so far. Where as most people often think about what would happen after Rainbow Rocks, you've made me wonder what they did before that.

Interesting, please continue. :twilightsmile:

I just love it when a story with the dark, sad and tragedy tags starts all happily. I just hope things don't go to hell too quickly.

I never seen raibow rock yet but did they give a description of what they did

I have a feeling this happy moment won't last long...

An interesting start and a sympathetic portrayal of the sirens.

I'm glad that writers are now looking at the pre-Starswirl sirens and their stories.

Okay. Pure what-the-hay speculation here:

The sirens are good and the ponies are the aggressors, polluting and exploiting the heretofore pristine ocean environment. The whole "sirens are evil" thing is corporate propaganda from ponydom and Starswirl was an evil despoiler of the world. But fortunately a hidden group of pony hippies lay hidden, waiting to spread the Truth and to greet the returning sirens when they finally return to their restored world.

That's probably what I'd do with what I've read so far, anyway.

5520581 Starswirl being a racist doesn't come as a surprise to me considering the time period he lived in.

5520581 So basically, it's just like Wicked and Maleficent.

...God, I HOPE not. Jboy's a better writer than that.


So basically, it's just like Wicked and Maleficent.

I know what those two are, but I'm not familiar with them.

As I said, it was pure speculation, offered tongue in cheek (that didn't come through?).

5522011 Personally, when it comes to portraying villains sympathetically, I prefer it when they portray them sympathetically, but still make it clear that they're bad people who must be stopped.

5522044 Same here. A future story I have in mind will give a similar treatment to the Dazzlings; sympathetic, but still undeniably evil.

5522253 So far in this story, they're not evil.

Besides...Sonata is too cute to be evil! ::Swoon!::

Hey, kids, who do you think is going to die?


5523388 I know. It's how the rest of the story goes that is yet to be determined.
And as for Sony, LIES! :flutterrage:
(I'm just messing around.)

They're totally going to regret this.

This is gonna end badly...

Famous last words there, Sonata.

And she went and said it.
Welp, this will be interesting.
Also, the story has been great so far, so you made it into the fav list.

Oh, crud, and it started out so well too! :raritydespair:

A deep sense of dream filled her stomach, and she was ready to just swim as fast as she could back into the deep waters.


The line where the ocean met the sky was rising higher and higher with every passing moment, as if the water's surface itself wax growing.


Adagio just kept watch, waiting for the waters to reach the save.


apart from that... was that feeling they got before the tsunami something like a disturbance in the force? the screams of countless sirens, and then silence?

*random tsunami activate*

Turns around. "Well... that was unexpected."

the poor things...
A part of me feels really sad, and another part of me can't wait to see how mourning and loss will drive them to do what they did.

but mostly sad. mostly.

And thus, in a single day and night of misfortune, the Kingdom of the Sirens had been claimed by the very ocean they called home.

Very clever, paraphrasing Plato's words about the Kingdom of Atlantis.

Sheer dumb unadulterated bad luck. Dang that's tragic.

sadness over their loss or sadistic glee in seeing how it will twist them?

I knew SOMETHING bad was gonna happen, but I never thought it'd be the near-EXTINCTION of the Sirens.:pinkiesick:

Well, there's a start of darkness for you.

But unlike the rest, this was adored with many images.


and woah. that's one way to go evil.

Dagi, you're going about it the wrong way...

Well, we all know what road good intentions pave...

My god, that coverart. Someone on the original explained it best:

"I will drink your blood!"

"I will eat your soul!"

"I left the oven on!"

Well, enough gushing over the art. Time to read!

D'aww, they were so cheerful back then. I wonder what happened to make them go all megalomania...

Oh no, I have a bad feeling about this...

Everypony loved us,

Everypony? Wouldn't it be everysiren?

showered by their adoration

We will be adored, tell us that you want us...

I'm guessing Pacifica wasn't happy about them vanishing? Or something worse.

Though they must be tough, if they can go from the pressure deep beneath the waves to the surface with no problems whatsoever.

Oh no. Earthquakes above land are bad enough. Beneath the waves... oh no, poor things.

Queen's crown now fell upon the ground, it's three red jewels glistening brightly

Are those...?

Yes, those gems are.

Poor things. In one fell stroke, they have become orphans, members of a somewhat endangered species...

It begins.

IT BEGINS!:pinkiecrazy:

What is Adagio planning? Mass resurrection of the Sirens...?

Yes, Sonata... What has Adagio done? :raritydespair:

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