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While searching for the fabled tiara of the kelpie queen, Daring Do makes a discovery that could change the face of archeology as Equestria knows it. What will she do with that knowledge?

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Dangit, Doo! That tablet belonged in a museum!

Out of curiosity, what was the purpose of the Tiara of the Kelpie Queen? Did it grant dominion over the rivers or something?

5512392 It was made for a queen - it mostly had a power to command. (who makes all those cursed items anyway?)

If D&D lore is to be believed, incompetent craftsmen with bad dice. :trollestia:

...this feels like a tiny hint of so much more. I want to know the full story!

5514255 Hinting of so much more is what I do nowadays. What exactly do you mean?

5515009 Well, it would've been nice to know exactly why the crown was so dangerous and how she got it out of Ahuizotl's clutches. Don't get me wrong, hinting at it is awesome and all, but some kinds of stories call for the 'Nothing is Scarier' trope more than others. Just my opinion.

5515572 A funny thing. When I first started writing this, Daring Do was supposed to be looking for the spear of windigos. Then I realized that it had already been written and had to come up with another magical trinket on the spot. Barely anything changed.

Of course, I could write the confrontation in the temple in great detail, as many before me undoubtedly had when writing Daring Do adventures. But that would shift the dynamic of the story dramatically. The focus would be moved elsewhere. In effect it would be a completely different piece.

In short, I skipped that part entirely on purpose, because that's not what this story is really about.

5515693 Eh, true enough.

Daring Do and the Wrecking Ball of History :pinkiehappy:

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