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wow, and just after i created a Guardians of harmony clan for Destiny, i'm glad too see i wasn't the only pony to come up with this idea. n.n

Lol I'm in one called Guardians of Equestria and that's the title I wanted to use, but unfortunately another user has a different story with that exact title.

Interesting. My own guardian is purple. I run an Exo Warlock and I commonly use the scout rifle. What do you guys happen to go as?

I found this very interesting and worth attention. I'll be following this closely.


I main an exo Titan who wears the Frostfire shader. I also have an Awoken Hunter with green hair that has yellow highlights, but no shader yet.
I have a human Warlock, but I started the story before I made him.

Frankly, I'm partial to the max RoF autorifles because I like the way they sound.

I haven't played Destiny for months. Been too busy with Warframe (which I've been considering doing a crossover with). I haven't even downloaded the expansion, even though I bought both when the game first came out. I really need to play it again.

Anyway, I'm surprised this isn't more popular. I'll have to see about sending some of my readers here.

I have been trying to find MLP clans on Destiny. Glad to know they are out there.:twilightsmile:

And send them here you did! Or at least one, so far. I have destiny, but can't play it quite yet. I need an HDD for a 360, and a 360 itself :twilightblush:. I really do wanna play it, though.

Shiro was right. You are doing a brilliant job.

Needs more chapters

I have yet to read this but I expect great things.

Wow, was not expecting such a positive response by day two.:pinkiegasp:

Here's hoping I can hold momentum!:rainbowdetermined2:

:twilightsmile:Ok first off im loving this story so far. The character dialogue is very natural and i can feel the chemistry from the Guardians as a reader. I also love the characters' backgrounds. Also props for giving the ghosts names and personalities:scootangel:

Your also very capable of depicting action scenes. Describing both the Weapons and methods flawlessly.:rainbowdetermined2:

----Now if i may be so bold as to offer my criticism and opinions. Please don't think im trying to belittle your story because i actually rather adore it. The following are just some suggestions and criticisms from a fellow Destiny and MLP fan. So if your still reading let us begin :raritywink:

1) Having Equestria and Earth in the same Galaxy. I've always thought they existed in seperate realities, but this is only my opinion. If you can properly explain how and why these world collide.

2)Twilight is aware of the Destiny world but not the other way around. By having the Equestrian world able to "view" the Earth you have subsequently placed Equestria on a higher technological playing field than the Guardians. I do not mind this fact too much...okay it's kinda unsettling to think pre-industrial age ponies can view our most advanced societies whenever they feel like. Now im not saying the Equestrians can't be able to view Earth (and from what i've been leed to believe only the princesses, who have the magic and rescorces can accomplish such a feat which i like), but i don't think they should have such an intimate knowledge of what is happening in our world...at least not yet. As i stated doing so places Equestrians on a kind of technological/magical pedistal. Plus it's kinda heartless to imagine the Equestrians know all about are struggles and attempt to do nothing.

My honest remedy (if you decide to hear me out) is that Luna, being the patrion of the sky and subsequently space, is aware of Earth but keeps their whereabouts unknown. Maybe she can confide in Twilight that she holds the inhabitants of "Sol" in high-esteem but keeps the reason as too why a secret.

3)Explaining the Destiny lore via exposition from Twilight. If Nostalgia Critic, or the brony analysis on Youtube have taught me anything, it's that one should not simply spell-out a backstory. I know why you did. To inform readers about what their about to read and their backstory. But this can really break the flow in a story. Let the narrative revel the backstory. Or better yet do a prologue. Kinda like what you did with the Horses analogy in the beginning (genius by the way).

Or have a oment where the Guardians themselves explain the situation.

ps: I was also considering writing a Destiny/MLP crossover :pinkiegasp:
That's why im writing criticisms. I'm emotiaonally invested in the story, and might serve as inspiration for my own. :twilightsmile:

Here are two fourm posts i made about a possible crossover.

I also may be a little jelly that you wrote a crossover first, but if this all plays out right i'll have read an awesome story and gained ideas for my own. Already i see im outclassed in your characterization and attention to detail but i plan on getting better.

5512094 As Teej's uncredited editor and pre-reader (don't worry about it), I'd like to thank you for your lovely comment and criticism; we're already brainstorming ways to make improvements.

Also, the idea behind the Ghosts is that not all of them sound like Peter Dinklage, and that they have different personalities, and that not all of them may prefer to be called "Ghost".

You have a particular disadvantage due to Destiny's low quality storyline. So readers will need extra encouragement to get into it.

Regardless, it seems like you are setting this up to be an excellent story and I hope to see more.

5515413 Your so welcome! I hope you guys continue to write and improve. :raritywink:

and for the glory that is Peter Dinklage

5516269 I think the story was strong, but it lacked certain amounts of exposition for it to make a lot of sense. I also think some of the dialogue would make more sense if there had been better grammar usage.

I.e. Instead of "Hive Tombships! Cutting through." It should have been "Hive Tombships cutting through!"

5521123 Even better, you know where to improve.

Yes. Yes. Yes.
Yes. Yes. Yes.
Yes. Yes. Yes.

Read the story...

Liked the story...

Saw LoonyToons Quote...

Died laughing...

My ghost has written this for your information as I have just passed into the Travelers Embrace...

Great story my friend, keep up the good work and I will be a return reader!

So are we all in agreement that Cayde is Robo Mal?

5529762 That's a silly question.

Of course he is.:scootangel:

Well, he is voiced by Nathan Fillion so... yes.

oh my gawd a grimoire card! YAAAAAAASSSSSS

While I try to keep them flavorful, I am sorry to say that these cards will not be adding to your score.

5530498 O_O I just need a couple more xp Gawd Dammit! O^O wait they do give you xp right I've only watched gameplay. So I have no idea what I am talking about.

Well, the story is still good and the chapter came fairly quick. I can't wait for things to go down and to figure out what that new ruin it's all about.

5530718 Lol

The Grimoire cards don't provide experience; instead they expand upon the lore, providing extra details where you once might have thought there were none.

Edit: Apologies if this came off harsher than I meant it to.

Hmmm...Love It. I enjoyed it very much. And here I thought I was odd, naming my Ghost Echo. Very good.

I like the grimoire cards, that is a very neat feature.

Another great chapter. Honestly, I'm kinda upset this doesn't have more likes. Also, whoever down voted it and didn't even bother giving a reason why is a prick. He probably just doesn't like the game and didn't even give the story a chance.

I'd put this off for a while, but kept it book marked for later reading. I finally came around to it. I like the direction this is going. This'll be interesting to read. And I'll be interested to see if you stick to the games way of using supers, or if you do it the way I think it would actually happen. I've always figured from a story stand point they can use the super abilities at will and switch between them mid use if they needed. Either way This is looking to be interesting hehe.

I'm becoming more and more impressed. I did hold off on a like and favorite. So far you got the like, the favorite will come once a few more chapters come out and I get a bigger feel for the story, but so far you're up there and I like what i'm seeing so far.

Love the new chapter (some advice try to get to the plot a bit faster so you can get more views)

I must now know what the rifle was that Sam pulled off the wall.

It was an antique SUROS rifle. It was a reward for Crucible performance. It no longer works. He's attached.

5558218 Really? I actually almost feel like I'm going too fast, to be honest.

Comment posted by Undead_Pride deleted Jan 30th, 2015

5559722 I think you need to take a look at your comment.

5559722 I reviewed the next chapter. I hate to say it, but for the story to go any faster, then the next chapter would literally go as follows:

"We're in Equestria!"
"Look, it's the Mane Six!"
"Let's meet the Princesses!"
Chapter end.

We're not doing this as some banal attempt at popularity; we want to take all of you on an adventure and we want you to enjoy the ride. We'll try to streamline things as much as possible, but we won't sacrifice quality for speed.

And for those two who disliked the story, we're sorry the story wasn't to your liking but we thank you for at least giving it a few moments of your time. We wish you well and all the best.:twilightsmile:

5564006 I'm glad you are not one of those authors who will do anything for their fans. Do what makes YOU happy!

5566236 Amen.:twilightsmile:

(But that doesn't mean we don't love you!:raritywink:)

5564006 You're right, but in a way so is he. We're in a time skip atm, perhaps I can fill it with something useful plot wise.

I like it makes great suspense hey is it going to continue being mysterious? If so a mystery tag might help so people (like me) won't complain

So, we got the Fallen inbound and the Vex have already set up shop in Equestria. ....... The ponies are so frickin' bucked it is not even funny.

Vex, huh? But why would they want to steal other beings time? Or is it their lifetime they're going after?

It also sounds as if there's a missing piece of the Black Garden set-up in those mountains...

5612575 perhaps they aren't "stealing time". Remember, this was a half - mad pony who saw something he couldn't comprehend. Pahanin, a notable Hunter in Destiny lore, built a gun to constantly confirm his existence because the Vault of Glass scared the ever loving hell out of him.

5612819 So they're not stealing, but looking for something that deals with time. But why would they even bother with searching for an object, that can probably bend the very fabric and meaning of Time itself?

I doubt they're using it to go back in time, and try to shift things their way. Or to rewrite the wrong they have already done.

Unless.... That is just ONE of the pieces they are looking for.

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