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We grow 'em big!

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can you give a link to the art?

5496762 Good to see you again, sir!

5496783 I know the artist is kevinsano.

5497119 who's kevinsano?

Not bad for a clopfic, but...

her shaved cooter

*facehoof* Ugh. I hate it when people use that term in porn. It's no better than "wiener" or "cootchie." Just... takes me right out of the story.

Totally not porn #1

Totally not porn #2

Totally not porn #3

(the uncoloured one is the kevinsano one, the other ones are kevinsano edits)

I really, truly hope there's a sequel I can edit where Big Mac's the "star" for LUNA'S party...

Your fanfics are fucking glorious! Please keep writing!


And to see you is good, sir!

Luna, however, didn’t need to worry since Big Mac was looking stiff as a lamppost on a rainy day.

Er... are lampposts stiffer on rainy days?

“WE HAVE CLIMAXED!” Luna yelled in her Canterlot voice.


Man, the Canterlot treasury must be in bad shape if Luna has to do birthday parties for extra cash.

Aw, I think I enjoyed myself a little to much with this one.

We see thou are enjoying thyselves, perhaps we ought to double the fun?


Seriously, though, wow. It must've been hard to try and work sexy talk to Luna's medieval tones, but you got it to work. This was more laugh than clop for me, although Johnson is at attention.

5506665 hue, you should read Erotic Rhymes, try to imagine sounding sexy whilst rhyming, now THAT was a challenge!

5502354 As proofreader, I ended up removing some of the "Royal Canterlot Voice"-use that I found excessive...

With that in mind, I'd NEVER... EVER remove a use of "WE HAVE CLIMAXED!!!" It's just... something you don't remove!

Amazing fanfic! I love the part where Big Mac fights off temptation and respects da rules. He was a gentleman even when he gets to fuck Luna. His actions here almost made me forget about Sweet Apple Massacre...*shivers* The memories.


You know it'd be real nice if you mentioned all the characters in this fic were anthro beforehand.

*points to story tags*

5568868 Uh can you point them out to me? I just see Luna and Big Mac as tags.

5569645 FUCK. D:
If you would allow me to change my previous asanine comment, I'll do just that. Sorry for what I said.

5569653 Heh, don't sweat it dude. I appreciate the feedback.

5569679 I want that cover art. I can't find it myself.

A very enjoyable story, despite the poorly written Olde English and occasional repeated grammar errors. It could use an editing run to polish it up.

5676695 Often Luna's speaking parts are a pain in the ass to work with. I dunno why she couldn't just talk like a normal pony. *shrugs*

Actually, she speaks less and less in Olde style as the series has progressed, although she still speaks quite formally.

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