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Murphy is your typical adventurer. After finding a magical artifact, he ventured to the lands of Equestria where he became friends with some local heroes. But that was fifteen years ago. Since then, he has returned to the human world, started a family, and is enjoying his normal life. Now he has reconnected with his Equestrian life to find a birthday present for his daughter. Shortly after, they find a mysterious box on the side of the road with a surprise inside.

Written for The More Most Dangerous Game Writing Contest on EQD.

Rated Teen for some adult language.

Chapters (3)
Comments ( 11 )

Seems like an interesting start to a sequel. I've never actually read the original before, but I'm intrigued to look into the matter now. Your writing is pretty solid and you can definitely go places with it. Looking forward for more.

EDIT: Now I'm curious. Is there an original, or is this actually the first?

Noticed some minor grammatical errors, but not enough to throw me from the story. I look forward to the next chapter.

5533018 Nope. Completely made up Murphy. I have no idea what exactly he did in Equestria, either. I just assume he did what all self-insert humans do and saved the world multiple times or something.

5533081 Can you PM me these errors. I'm a little nitpicky about them.

“Is she a cucumber that sings a silly song?” Zelda asked.

Murphy paused for a moment. “Aren’t you a little young to know what that is?”

“We have Netflix, daddy.”

“I swear, if it’s a rip-off of”-

“Hey look!” Zelda interrupted. “It’s a box!”

Yes, it's a rip-off.

Also, how does one find aliens and another magical world, and then forget about it?

Still, great story. It earns a thumbs-up from me.


How does one find aliens and another magical world, and then forget about it?


Main character comes back to Equestria to drop the slavery bomb. I lol'd. Daughter purposes slavery a second time and dad can't find a reason to argue with that. Child acknowledges that there is the possibility that she is enslaving the pony without batting an eye.

Sorry, I write Dark and Tragedies so I can't help but notice these kinds of things.

Consider me intrigued, good job!

Wait how did Zelda know she was an unicorn :trixieshiftright:

5535162 She knew Twilight (real Twilight from the show) used to be an unicorn then turned alicorn becasue of the show. This Twilight, eh, might have worded it wrong there. I see how it was implied.

5534328 My first-world mind did not catch that.

Well, that's different!

land of land and tolerance

I think you mean "love and tolerance" maybe you should do a quick read through before you hit the post button next time, maybe get someone to read what you have ready to go before hitting the button.

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