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So, LOHAV/LOHAH. A huge burst of potential for fans of anything. You know, most stories involve some creepy Merchant? No, I can thank my Friggin Uncle. Thanks, Dude. Now I'm in a world full of... Ponies? Yay! and Yet, NO! (Side note, in this story sinanju is more robot than suit, and is around Iron Will's height.)

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Be careful about your capitalization, it's everywhere. Only capitalize the first word of a sentence, when using I, names and titles. Eg, My Little Pony, Celestia. Everything else should stay under case unless someone shouts or something.

Good luck.

I'm liking the story so far but the capitalization overkill isn't pleasing to the eyes

5497697 Sorry, I can go a bit overkill on the capitalization. I am glad to have the constructive criticism, so thank you both. And anyone else who liked the story. I forgot to include this in the authors note, but I will update this around once or twice a week. Again, thank you all.

As much as anything Gundam related as a crossover gets me excited, it seems like this is baby's first fanfic for you.

I would suggest reading up on basic grammar in relation to your punctuation and capitalization. Also, consider slowing down the pace of your writing too. Right now, it makes absolutely no sense that something as powerful and technological as the Sinanju could show up/be created by ponies and be considered normal in any way what so ever.

Good luck in the future, if you decide to continue.

5498723 Well, I have a weak spot with grammar, this is my first story, so sorry. Also the "technology" being this advanced will be explained later, Don't you worry. :twilightsmile: I am trying to keep this where the reader knows as much as Sinanju. And good luck to you, too.

I considered a similar spin on a pony gundam story a while back I existed to see how yours dose.

5500838 Yeah, this has been floating around in my head for a while, but last time I tried, FIMfic didn't accept my type of email, so I just now got to upload it. :twilightblush:
EDIT Go on with that idea, maybe we could crossover at some point! :pinkiehappy:

I like this. So imma follow. Just need to make a few grammatical edits. There's also a rapid sense of pacing, no time for us to really get integrated into the scene, but that can be worked out later.

5502033 Well, as
5498723 Said, this IS my first story, So I'll no doubt get better. And like I replied, I have a weakness with grammar. Hopefully, I'll be able to Exterminate That. :twilightblush:

5502725 Well, I'm going to be somewhere tomorrow with only my Laptop and my phone, So "Signs point to yes", In the words of the great and powerful eight ball. :pinkiehappy:

It feels half written, like half the content it was supposed to have was never added.

5502805 Yeah, Probably going to edit it to be more descriptive, before or after the next chapter. It WILL happen at some point tomorrow (Where I live, anyway), So It will feel more "Full", so to speak.
Probably before.:twilightsmile: I'd like to avoid mentioning something and then ignoring it next chapter.

Why didn't I think of this?. XD

Still cool. :twilightsmile:

Interesting so far. Looking forward to more.
Keep up the good work. Deus tecum.

i'd like to see him be a good guy:pinkiehappy:

... That is interesting and I demand more.

5504610 Well, If the God of Physics demands it, It must be so! Then again, I could never physics. :pinkiecrazy:

5504610 by the power of the void gods!!!!!!!! I want it as well

5504610 Well then, Should he be good or bad? I will count the votes on Monday.

It could be dragged out a bit more. Maybe include a tad more detail. But otherwise? I kinda like this. I never got into Gundam (I know, I know, burn the heretic), but I cannot say no to giant fighting robot Displaced.

5504682 Good
5504665 Also more

I can help if need be.

5504671 I think good will be a better way to go.

5504737 Honestly, I only ever watched Gundam Unicorn and Played dynasty warriors Gundam 2. :twilightblush: So Flame shields up, I suppose. I tend to upload the base first, then expand the next day or two.

I always liked the displaced when they were good-guys, even those like Gilgamesh who were seen as not so good earlier on. Looking forward to more.
Keep up the good work. Deus tecum.

5504875 yeah, My Biggest goal is to at some point crossover with the Gilgamesh story. :raritywink: Some day...

5504903 Where hasn't Gilgamesh been, honestly? The guy seems to pop up more often then Deadpool, and that's saying something.

with a conspiracy make him good but being good at the last second

5504875 I agree I prefer a guy that isn't so black and white in whether he is good or evil.

5504906 I think It's because he is such an interesting character.

5504908 I might just look into that... :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

5504957 Works for me. I'm always looking forward to what he does next.

5504913 Well, I wasn't planning on being SUPERMAN or anything... :trollestia:

5505317 Like I said, I plan on extending before continuing, So hopefully that helps. :twilightsmile:

5505459 Xzsamzilla.Exe has failed due to adorable overload. :rainbowwild:

good guy on the run, what with the chip that was put into him. He actively tries to resist the chip but it overrides his primary control as if the chip is controlling him. Near death scenario with Princess Luna, then somehow loses/severs connection to the chip allowing him free control of his body once more. How he ends up on the run is up to you.

5505632 That allows me two birds with one stone, because I was thinking about writing a story on Venom, so if there isn't a random landslide of votes for evil, I might do that. :raritywink:

Before I vote on good or evil I have to ask. Since the character is a person's soul housed in a machine how much does the chip effect him? By that I mean is it a little voice in his head telling him to kill the sisters, is it just like he was told from one person to another to kill them, or is it like hypnosis were he can't control his body after the order is given. After the last two chapters I am inclined to believe the second of the three, but I just wanted to be sure. Plus I am guessing that because Discord had a hand in the creation of the mech then he threw the main character into it so that they can go agianst orders.

5507012 First off, Clever Girl/Boy. The idea I have is it would be similar to venom, where the chip is a voice in his head and can sometimes get control. But like you said, Discord had a claw and/or paw in this, so... Spoilers! :trollestia: The vote is on whether the human mind would be good or not. :pinkiecrazy:


OK then well considering all that I am going to be the optimist and say good, and FYI I am a guy. :moustache:

5511380 I have gotten 1 request for bad from a friend, but he said he will read it nonetheless. :yay:

Now, I have 2 for bad, and a LOT for good, so...

I suppose.

Kill one from both sides, then run.:pinkiecrazy:

5515873 Dark. Possible, but DARK.

5516044 True, but I always wanted to see that tactic happen again.

I... am not sure what to say to this. Looking forward to more.
Keep up the good work. Deus tecum.

This seemed a little rushed

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