• Published 31st Jan 2015
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Please don't forget me - Solstice87

Sonata and Aria cope with Adagio's receding memory after the battle with the Rainbooms.

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Isn't it funny..., Aria thought, that one can die inside so quickly?as she looked down at Adagio struggling to remember what had happened the day before.

It was a full week after Adagio had had her first incident with forgetting things. Since then, she had forgotten Sonata and Aria's names(multiple times), had walked into work on the wrong day and took up the wrong position, and even had forgotten the battle with the Rainbooms; she then had proceeded into Canterlot high and was rejected for the evil things she had done. Adagio couldn't remember any of this- therefore, Aria had let Sonata in on her suspicions about what was happening to Adagio.

"So you think the curse had latched onto her!?" Sonata proclaimed.

"Quiet!" Aria hissed as she covered Sonata's mouth with her hand. "We don't want to let Adagio find out."

"Well.... umm... why not?" Sonata quipped, quieter this time. "Wouldn't she just forget it all over again?"

"I guess so.." Aria grudgingly admitted. "But if we tell her, she'll freak out, and might destroy a few things before she forgets."

"hmm... so what are we going to do?" Sonata asked.

Aria growled. Sonata was under the impression that things would get better if they just said a few magic words, and POOF, everything would be better. As she thought this, Aria sighed. There was no getting around the fact that Sonata would help Adagio. They were sisters, after all.

"Okay.. Okay.... we need someone who has dealt with us before, AND who can keep Adagio entertained for a whole day. That's what mom told us."
"Well, why don't we try first?" Sonata said with innocent eyes.

"I suppose we could, but I'll go first. I don't want anything unnecessary happening."

"So did it work?" Sonata asked as soon as Aria walked into the house.
"I hope so. I dropped her off at work after we went to the aquarium, so now it's up to her boss to keep her busy." Aria sighed. "I guess we'll just have to wait and see."

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