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Sugarcube Corner has been getting less costumers because of traveling season. Thus, Mr and Mrs. Cake tell their only worker Pinkie Pie to look for a second job. Pinkie takes the advice, not knowing that she is going to become an entirely different pony.

(Does contain very, very light background shipping: Button Mash x Sweetie Belle)

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"I know, I know darling." Pinkie said, letting her Rarity go through.

Too bad saying "darling" is not part of Rarity's character. She says it way too often here

The starting concept was intriguing, however, the rest left something to be desired. Although there was a conflict with Pinkie's inner character, she didn't appear to learn anything from her dilemma.

Thank you for your comment! I'm planning on editing this soon! :pinkiehappy:

:twilightsmile: You're welcome! I'm glad to hear that because I really wanted to see more of where this story goes.

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