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Always remember, Mother Nature is the type of Mother that shakes babies

Saw the picture and now I running the other way from nightmare fuel.

This is interesting. Did fluttershy do it? I mean it looks pretty obvious, twilight said the last she ate was at fluttershy's. Now either this was an accident, or its possible fluttershy did this on purpose feigning surprise when she saw twi like that, could be some sick experimentation. But this is just a thought, whatever you have in store for this fic should be good regardless on what you do with it.:pinkiecrazy:

WEll that was remarkably disturbing. Well done I suppose. I now feel sick to my stomach.

I feel obligated to inform you that this isn't exactly how this particular parasite works. Yes, it infects snails and you got the physical description right. but... it doesn't actually control them, per say. It more... makes the snails oblivious. It effects their ability to sense light, and thus they stay out in the light longer and don't fear higher elevations because they can't sense the increase in the light's intensity. The fact that it actually has any control over the snail is a common misconception.

Personally, I think it'd have been better to use Ophiocordyceps unilateralis (Also known as Zombie Fungus), which infects ants and actually does interfere with their brain and behavior, making them seek out a place optimal for fungal growth before a mushroom bursts out of its head to spread the spores. I wanna see mushroom zombie Twilight now...

That all being said, this was delightfully disturbing.

You can see mushroom zombie changelings ;p

Well Twilight, that's what you get for not visiting a doctor.


I know. Then again, this parasite normally cannot invade ponies at all. Perhaps since it evolved to infect Twilight, its method of manipulation (or outright control) had improved as well?

Also, as far as I could tell from the sources that I've read so far, we actually still don't exactly know how this parasite controls its victims. One thing that they did observe, however, is that sunlight makes them excited and increases their movements inside the host. I decided to take some liberties based on that knowledge.

But yes, the fungus might have worked better, except: 1) as far as I know, there was no cool cover art out there for it, 2) I didn't want any comparisons to "The Last of Us" or whatever, and 3) this is just way more fun... :pinkiecrazy:

Nice. At first I was just interested by coverart, but now I see that the story itself is great too. :heart: Snail parasite mind control- that's my fetish. Please make more chapters.

I've played enough Resident Evil 4 to know where this is going...

5571523 RE4 has enemies that are controlled by parasites. Some times, these enemies' heads explode and the parasite pops out.

Also, I think Leuco parasites were a major inspiration for the game.



So, was it a pleasant experience? :ajsmug:

Wow, was that ever creepy and disgusting. Still, for some strange reason I find myself wanting to read more.

Oh I do love body horror fics like this. By all means continue!

That picture is soo horrible! :twilightoops:
*putting on my reading list*

I can't lie and say I don't like fics like this. :pinkiecrazy:

Certainly an interesting take on this.

I think it deserves a spot in the Mind Control group, though I can't quite decide which subgroup. It might fit Grimdark best...

From the looks of things, the parasite appears to be doing what it usually does: Make its intermediate host place itself where it's easily eaten. And the best(?) spot for that would be the Everfree Forest.
We can only hope it's mutated enough to have found a different way to reproduce. Perhaps in STD form.

Joke's on you; I still got a boner reading this.

Some people live by R34, so they will get off on this.


No sexual stuff. That was a rule from the get go.

Instead, there's plenty more body horror ahead... :trollestia:



Is this a "crossover" with The Last Of Us?


No. I can't believe that's as far as you managed to go back... :ajsmug:

Why not "The Puppet Masters" at least?

I didn't find this arousing in any way, and yet somehow... somehow... I ended up with a boner while reading this.

Well damn what a way to start a story! I like it, and hope that you do indeed continue with this. I really like the dark and creepy concept that you have come up with and I'm hooked as to see what happens to poor Twilight.

I do hope you do update this story!


I would like to see where this goes. I think I know about a similar parasite, controlling snails to make them climb high into trees to be eaten, then getting pooped out by birds and the cycle continuing. Nature sure is wonderful, isn't it? (Sorry if anyone else has said something like this, haven't read other comments :twilightsheepish:)

Nice story, it's an interesting (and original) twist on the whole 'Mind Control'-thing.
And it's refreshingly bucked up :pinkiecrazy:
I would also really like to see where this is going, so I hope you continue it.

dont you mother fucking DARE turn this into a fucking shit clopfic! Have you seen the "Whats Hot" section for the past MONTHS?! Its fucking 80% leabian horse cum inflation and ill do my damn best to make sure more of those neckbeard virgins dont multiply.

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just dont go down that path, even if it might get you 10 million likes and favorites by those abominations. DONT GIVE IN!!!1

Also weird story




Read my previous comments. No sexual stuff. Ever. If anything, just more and more body horror.

Too many fics out there try to force in that kind of content and end up screwing up the really juicy bits, all because they want to be "fapworthy." This story is only "clop" in the sense that, if you can get off on this kind of stuff, you'll have a blast. :rainbowdetermined2:

I... I think I worded that a bit awkwardly...

So... is she gonna die? This was gleefully disturbing, and I am eager for more, but... ugh, I can't just ask you to spoil the ending in public, now can I?

ANywho, please continue!

Wow, that is one of the most disturbing things i have ever read, Heack i even have a tingle in my forehead.
This story is awesome, i hope it has a good end (if you wish to contnue :twilightsmile:), or at least a not so grimm ending :pinkiesick:.

As a bio major, I can safely say that yes, nature is quite fascinating. Even stuff like this. Just morbidly so.
Also relevant XKCD. imgs.xkcd.com/comics/beauty.png

this may just end up as my very first shot at an honest to God "clopfic"

For God's sake, why? :raritydespair:

...Well then. If nothing else, Twilight's still capable of contributing to science. Just... y'know, as a case study instead of a researcher.

If you find a way to make porn out of that I will invent a way to punch people over the internet. Fair warning.


Read my previous comments. No porn, unless "even more body horror" happens to be your kink.


Read my previous comments.

Not if it gets in the way of a half-decent joke. :derpytongue2:

Well I have no one to blame but myself. When I saw this my reaction was. "What's wrong with you people?" But curiosity got the better of me and I looked at the story. Most of this I skimmed over, basically the 'thing' taking over.

Honestly I just don't get it. I don't get why anyone would find this entertaining, however obviously there are those who do. I have my things I like that I'm sure gets the same reaction from others so I'm not going to do something stupid like downvote this. Though at the same time I can't give it an upvote either.

I can say it's very well written, and you did a good job adapting the idea into a 'disturbing' story. Being I doubt more of this would have a happy ending, I don't think I'll be reading anymore.

"It infects snails."

... it'd probably starve to death.

life always finds a way...


Thank you for your comment and for the praise. To be honest, I'm a little confused why you left the comment beyond that. No, I'm not about to pull the "if you don't like it, don't come here" bullshit, just curious. After all, my story must have had some effect to compel you to leave a comment.

Care to elaborate? :duck:

Also, I wouldn't be so hasty in thinking about how the story might end, although, happy ending or not, the road that leads there definitely won't be pleasant.


:rainbowlaugh: :pinkiehappy: :trollestia:




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