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Star Phantom

I'm a guy who loves Video Games and is a Brony. I get different ideas for the mane six and mostly into game crossovers.


Spike was just a dragon. A dragon raise by Twilight Sparkle. He soon learns that his friends all become super heroes! Twilight Sparkle (Green Lantern), Applejack (Super Mare) Rainbow Dash (Batmare), Fluttershy (Aquamare), Pinkie Pie (The Flash) and Rarity (Wonder Mare) are the Justice League of Equsetria, the protectors of good. However, Spike couldn't help, but feel left out. When doing his normal thing for Twilight (watching the Library) Spike is suddenly brought to a place he never seen before. He learns that he was call by an old pony, who wishes for Spike to protect the thrive of magic. Spike agrees and to use that power he has to say one word and that word is....


Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 12 )

Filly is a female pony and Spike would be a Colt not a filly.

5491016 I'm going to change the whole first chapter. But some things will be left the same.

5492020 Another thing I need is an cover, I need one with Spike looking like an Alicorn. I check Google, but it doesn't have the one I want.

So you did it I see. :trixieshiftright:

Now show me how you do Shazam justice. :ajsmug:

5493677 I had to use some of your story, but it fell too close like yours, so I'm redoing the first chapter.

First off the story NEEDS an editor. Badly.
Second. LOVE the idea of Spike being chosen to be Shazam. It just fits his character perfectly to be the wizards champion.

6954520 No one has offer so far. And thanks. I was thinking about quitting with Spike after the first chapter because I couldn't think on what to do next and give the role of Shazam to someone else, but I decide to trying and see where I go from there. Now all I need is what the letters for S.H.A.Z.A.M. stands for with Spike.

6954735 KO nice story hope the next chapter comes soon. :pinkiehappy:

7036016 No, I just have trouble on what to do next for Spike.

nicely done; also:

Also if you guys want, you can send your own version of what the letters S.H.A.Z.A.M stands for.

how about this (a series of acronyms of the Elements of Harmony, which we see Spike exemplifying WITHOUT the aid of jewelry):
Sincerity (and the stamina to carry out the pure honesty you will carry)
Hospitality (and the strength to supplant the generosity you will promote)
Awareness (and the wisdom that comes with your new gained knowledge of magic)
Zeal (and the power that comes from being able to spread laughter in even the darkest times)
Adherence (and the speed to carry out your true loyalty)
Mercy (and the courage to carry out the kindness you will share with others)
oh, and in case you're wondering why I'm putting extra emphasis on certain words, well I think this will explain things easy enough:

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