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This story is a sequel to Adagio and Aria's Little Sonata

Note: A non-canon sequel/spin-off to "Adagio and Aria's Little Sonata" by Tennis Match Fan.

Some time has passed since Sonata made that wish to become a small pony, but now she receives a visit from Princess Luna again offering her another one. She makes the same wish again, except this time she wishes it on her friend, Aria. Now the abrasive Dazzling has to put up with Sonata and Adagio's antics not for a single day, but for the whole weekend. Can Aria make it through the weekend as just a little pony?

Content: Humor, Drama, Rule 63, Otoko-no-ko.
(Note: Cover Image belongs to SamonFerrari, used with permission.)

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 109 )

This will be awesome! :pinkiehappy:

two-toned purple on top

You forgot "star" :twilightsmile:

Thanks for that notice. I just corrected it.:twilightblush:

5493874 Yay! :pinkiehappy: I can't wait for a weekend of Aria goodness!

Yeah, you might have noticed that in some of my comments back on ponibooru, as well as my first fanfic hear featuring Aria as a dude. Probably won't be my last though.

That was a pleasant enough beginning, setting up an expansion upon the original story. It revisits "Adagio and Aria's Little Sonata"'s key beginning moments and changes them appropriately without making it necessary to read that story. I was a bit surprised to see that Aria is still male in this one, connecting back to "I Rub Aria!". It should say that somewhere in the introduction, perhaps even granting prequel status. The text is better than in your earlier story, much more evocative. It's shaping up to be a cute bit of mayhem as Aria adjusts to being Sonata's playmate for the weekend.

Thanks a bunch, Rab! I'm glad you found my text and writing to be better than last time. Though I still feel like I should find a proofreader just in case. I probably consider this and "I Rub Aria!" to be separate continuities, though there may or may not be a shout out or two between them and other possible works. I think it may be because I enjoy making otoko-no-kos before in my older stories, and still do now, and coupled with me enjoying the Rule63 part of the fandom, this certainly won't be my last time writing them or using both ideas together in future stories. But to be fair, it won't exactly be in every story I make either. I also asked Tennis Match Fan for permission of taking certain liberties with my spin-off(Aria being male for example), and they certainly don't seem to mind in their response; but it is why I noted at the top of the cover that this spin-off is non-canon to TMF's original story, so I won't have to worry about contradicting too many things from "Adagio and Aria's Little Sonata". I definitely have something fun in mind for the next chapter, so I hope you're looking forward to it in the future. Thanks again, Rab, and I'll do my best to deliver on making this a cute, enjoyable story.

All right. I had forgotten the notice about it being non-canon to the original story. I had been wondering if Aria was going to be male in all your stories too.

Not all of them, though she definitely seems to be the easiest one out of the Dazzlings for me to do. I think my Content sections will be sure to let you know if any of my stories will feature that.

Nice story so far. Glad to see that your not going for the style that I went for with my rendition so our stories don't clash, the only similarity is it being multi-part.
Can't wait to see more :D

Thank you. I definitely would like to see what you have in store for your version. :twilightsmile:

Hmm I will be honest, I dont see why you decided to gender bend Aria, I just don't see the logic, Until mid way though the chapter I was able to pretend you hadn't done so, till she was flat out called male. I will probably keep reading the story none the less though (heh and continue to try and pretend the gender bend didn't happen) .

On a second note, I have nothing against gender bending characters. I happen to like Rule 63. I just personally think would have been cuter to been her a girl. Anyways hope you update soon! :twilightsmile:

Thank you for your comment. In hindsights, my reasons why for making Aria male in this one are more personal, a kind of author-appeal, if you wish. For as long as I've remembered in writing fiction, both original and fanfic, I've had a thing for writing feminine boys in my stories, and after getting into the Rule 63 part of the MLP fandom, I sometimes like to imagine certain genderswap characters still maintaining their original feminine appearances even though they're now male. There are other reasons as well, since I also like monster girls and monster boys, and have noticed that in some mythologies there are monsters have been known to be almost exclusively male or female, sirens being one of them. I've wanted to introduce and explore the idea of having a male siren while also maintaining that visual sense of femininity, which I've done in my first MLP fanfic "I Rub Aria!" which is also here on the site. But at the same time, I didn't want to follow the common path of just introducing an original character out of nowhere. Out of the Dazzlings, Aria just seemed to be the easiest one to do. It's certainly not something I'll be doing in all of my stories, but it is ultimately something I like to do, so it will be recurring element in some of them.

Again, thank you for commenting on my story, and I'm glad you found the first chapter interesting enough. I'll be sure to update as soon as possible. :twilightsmile:

5494975 On another random note, after reading your story, I suddenly imagined all three Dazzelings as Ponys and the Humane 6 having to look after them (hehehehehe). I also have the Image of Sonata trying to make Aria-Kun look pretty XD

Even though he kinda already is pretty? XD
But yeah, that does sound very funny and adorable. I can consider that an idea for a possible future story.

I think it would have made more sense if aria got gender bent instead of saying she was a guy the whole time. I mean BOOBS

5495752 If I recall correctly, Rahkshi's other fic "I rub Aria" explains she was using a push-up padded bra if I recall

She is genderswap. Like what Bluebolt said, Aria in my other fanfic was wearing a padded bra; the same could apply to this story as well.

Oh this is going to be interesting xD

at first I wondered why Aria was a guy, But then I began to think 'yeah, that can work.' :derpytongue2:

Heh, thanks! I hope you enjoy the future chapters when they come out.

This is an interesting story, but there are a few things you may want to edit.

“Let’s see,” Sonata though for a bit, but then beamed with a literal light-bulb floating above her head. “The one I wish to become a pony for the weekend is…”

That should be "thought".

Aria roared as he leap out of Adagio’s hands and towards Sonata.

That should be "leapt".

Fine then, but unlike you, Sonata, I’m not going to be a nuanced to everyone here,

And that should be "nuisance." I look forward to seeing what comes next.

Thank you for the feedback, and the edits have been made. I don't know how I left out the t at the end of "thought" there.

That pancake rant feels so familiar. Oh, this is going to drive me nuts until I can remember from where.

Good chapter. Have a moustachioed Spike.

Also, you are aware that sclera is the white area of the eye, yes?

I'm glad you like the new chapter.
As for the sclera, yeah, I know that when regarding the eyes. But I was referring more to the kind of make up that is worn around the eyelids. I could be wrong, but I thought it was called sclera too.

5518823 I believe what you were thinking of might've been "mascara", or something to that effect.

5518840 Either that or it's "eyeliner" that I was looking for. Thanks for clearing that up.

5518841 Or...
You could up the creepy factor of what you already had:
Sonata's sclera seeming to melt from her sockets, leaving her irises and pupils floating in a pitch-black void. Zalgo, anyone?

5518861 Never heard of Zalgo before, but that does sound pretty creepy. What was I was doing was more meant to be a reference/shout-out to the fan-comic sketch series "A Dazzling Winter" by GreatCat14 (I suggest checking it out if you haven't seen it yet. It's pretty funny), where Sonata in that story is shown to have a darker, creepy side that manifests by having black ink trickle down from around her eyes.

Sure enough, Aria ended up on someone's stomach. Was the pancake rant from Rick and Morty? Sonata really started becoming like the A Dazzling Winter version of her. Quite cute over all.

Fwahahahaa... I can't stop laughing...
Dang, Sonata's scary as hell when she rants...
Can't wait for the next update!

You guess correctly, from episode 10, I believe. And don't worry, the scene you wanna see will appear soon.

Hilarity and creepiness and d'awws all in one package. Fun!

5519003 I believe you're correct on both :rainbowlaugh:

This chapter was funny and adorable.

This was a really cute chapter. That being said, there are some things you may want to edit.

“I wonder why something like this never cross Sonata’s mind when she was a pony.”

That should be "crossed".

“Maybe because she was having too much being a pony,”

I think a word should be between these two, possibly "fun".

“Whatever,” he grumbled before he felt Sonata trying to wipe the syrup off his snout with a winced towel she just got a second ago; girl can sure move fast.

And I'm pretty sure that "winced" isn't the word that should be there. I think that should be "rinsed", but I could be wrong. I look forward to the next chapter.

I can just imagine the look on Aria and Adagio's faces from seeing Dark Sonata

5533719 Seems more like the look Aria had when Sonata showed him the bib. :rainbowlaugh:

5533719 people who've read A Dazzling Winter on Deviantart refer to her as Psychonata...

5541889 I'm waiting for a vengeful Aria to show up to fight back. She can't just take that lying down!

Gentry?? Did someone steal my Waifu?:pinkiegasp:

Haha, Sonata! :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh: This is just too funny!

5547772 She causes problems no matter what she does. :trollestia:

Wow, that really did take up the whole chapter. One suggestion making up nearly the entire thing. Amazing. It was very well done too. My favorite part of the story so far. The writing was exceptional. And the ending! I didn't expect that at all...

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