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Well, that was certainly an interesting lesson. :trollestia:

This really did clean up well. Very good job.

“Well...” Twilight smiled mischievously and bit her lip lightly. “I can think of a couple ideas we can try.”
really just a nitpick, but this feels a bit odd, for Celestia to use her hoof, which it quite large, to slip under the tight waistband. This is sometimes hard to do with fingers.
Magic would be the better way, imo. But that's just me.

Um, I think you left something in there by accident. Is that a comment from the editor?

That little error at the end aside, this was great. I liked how Twilight went with it only to find out that Celestia wasn't expecting that at all.

Wait, why is this seperated from the collab and posted seperately? http://www.fimfiction.net/story/241744/hot-for-teacher-a-twilestia-clop-collab

Cuz it's long enough, and has had additional content added to it. Besides, it's good and deserves the attention it gets.

Fuzzy hit the nail on the head. There's about 750 new words of content and it's been edited to polish it up. The entire breakfast scene itself is brand new and parts of the other prompts have had new content added, namely Relevance and Seduction have better sex.

Once again, Fimfic's import from Google Docs screws me. Thanks for pointing that out, I got it removed.

One worth continuing, perhaps? :raritywink:

Well, that was enjoyable. More romantic Twilestia is great, especially with, you know, consensual lovens'. I hope you write more good, non-collab Twilestia in the future, not because of anything wrong with collabs, I just don't often read them because I prefer longer, more narrative stories. But I do enjoy your writing and I hope to see more. Good show!

A little disappointing in how quickly this progresses, and then how quickly it ends once things get started, but what's there is still very enjoyable and well written. Good stuff.

'Twas too fast at times and my hand had to molest my face a few times, but hey! I enjoyed it!

Here, have a typo! 5!

“FIve, six! We say thank you, headmistress! Thank you for the favor!” Twilight cried,

The thing seemed a little rushed. Also just 6 spanks? I really wish the punishment had been longer.
Also I would think having Celestia do that to her would release a lot of emotion in Twilight. After all Celestia at one point actually was her teacher and has punished her. Twilight used to be completely terrified of Celestia. Having Celestia scold her like that would bring a lot of memories back up.

You're not wrong. If I had kept going, I would've explored how this changes things for Twilight and Celestia. But this is a short work, and I focused on the sex, short as that was, too.

I thought the timing was perfect, don't know what everybody else is talking about.

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