• Published 14th May 2017
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The Black Monsoon - The Pree Sphee

Much time has passed since Nightmare Moon had reigned supreme over the Elements of Harmony, plunging Equus into the dystopia of her dreams. A mangy group of outcasts travels the grisly world in search of the six powers that could bring back the sun.

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The Rest of the Story in a Nutshell and an Explanation

Hey, everyone. :twilightsmile:
It's obviously been a long time since the last chapter was released, and a bit shorter since I finally pulled the plug on this story and put it under the Cancelled tag. Years have passed, and it's possible no one will read this but me, but I figured I could at least bring closure for myself to something I've been so passionate about for so long.
Over these past few years, my thoughts constantly drifted back to this story and I've consequently never been fully "in the moment" again. It was always in the back of my mind, and I guess it makes sense, now that I think about it. After all, I had spent literal years planning, experimenting with, and writing the contents of what I hoped would have been the next Fallout: Equestria, only for it to fall on its face. It might have been a little vain, but I was just so passionate about the universe I had forged, the characters I had created and grown to love, and the dramatic moments I couldn't wait to share with all of you. It was an adventure just planning The Black Monsoon, and in a way this story was meant to be my gift to the Brony fandom for all the joy it had brought me and the people I had met from it.
Two years of my life were dedicated to this story, but there were a few inherit flaws that I ignorantly chose to overlook, which might have been the downfall of The Black Monsoon. One of them is that it was long. And I mean, really long. Hell, you can go back now and see that the first two chapters are both over 20k words individually. The story was going to be 50 or so chapters of that. I was under the impression that length = quality, but obviously that's not the case. I never padded for length or put unnecessary filler in; a lot of things just happened per chapter. The second flaw is that I had put too much passion into it. I know it sounds cheesy and pretentious, but it's true. In a way it consumed me and ruined my social life and everything that wasn't behind a screen. I was never fully in the moment when this story was in the works, always thinking about what the next big twist was going to be, or how to possibly make the universe deeper, or how to leave it open for fan-made spin-off stories. Anything that took me away from the real world and into this one. Although, to me, this story was real. The emotions and experiences I had just while planning The Black Monsoon were very real, and I came to relate real life-changing events to the progress I currently had on the story at the time. Still do. I could only imagine the sense of accomplishment and pure happiness I would have had the day that I had followed through to the end and finished it.
Obviously though, that day never came. The Black Monsoon was a) too long and b) consuming. And to top it off, when I finally posted the story after weeks of building up the courage and finalizing the last two chapters I had re-written multiple times, barely anyone read it. Twelve views was my absolute maximum that day, I believe. Even now it only has about 300 views, 100 of which I know is just me coming back to it before it was even published. Maybe more. The Black Monsoon, the story I had worked so hard and passionately on, the story that drove me to become an aspiring author, was at the amount of publicity where just one dislike could knock it down to the level of any poorly-written romance crossover. The standards for MLP fanfiction were so low that poorly written romance crossovers were not only getting exponentially more attention, but were being featured on the front page while something I truly loved collected dust.
I fell into a depression for a few months from the unfairness of it all, and have been gradually recovering ever since. Now of course you could look at it this way: that I was and still am being a pretentious cuck whose addiction to a fanfiction about technicolor horses cost him two years of his life and caused a fatuous depression, but it was never like that. It wasn't just a fanfiction, it was an emotional experience I wanted to share with the world. An emotional experience that was left with a painful, measly lack of closure. So I decided to post the overview of the story from my phone here to stay.
It obviously is not and could never be as impactful as if the fully-written story had been posted instead, but it is still a detailed list of how each chapter was supposed to go down. The writing and cover of events is inconsistent because I wanted to remember certain details and/or get to writing the next part, and there are a few holes here and there because this was an older draft of the story, but nothing much else changes in the final overview besides the supplies count and a few battles. Hopefully this will appease anyone who wanted to know what happens to Rain and his mangy group of pariahs.

2. Rain takes a shower and goes downstairs to eat. Pinshot has a conversation with Rain about her filly misbehaving. She beats her daughter. Rain takes Pinshot's daughter outside to talk with her. Redolent is a bat pony filly who lives next door and likes Rain, but he doesn't like her because of her race. She tells him she's working on a special gadgets for him. (Her RSB, radio signal booster) Going back to the subject at hand, Rain, out of sorrow that Pinshot's filly could be put under this much stress for a mother like this, gives her his flight suit as a present before leaving. It's raining. Rain meets Misty P and her mentally handicapped friend. He saves them from a group of Moon Worshipers off the coast of Location 9 (They're among the rubble of Canterlot. Rain isn't wearing his Light Bringer jacket. He steals vine clippers and a can of Unacting from the moon worshipers. Misty P sees that his auto-cart can only hold two. He considers leaving them behind, but feels bad for Misty's friend. Misty says that she can drive. Rain declines, and goes and gets his jacket and gives it to Misty. She gives it to her friend, and after reading the symbol on the jacket, she suggests that she rides. It ends up being: Rain drives, Misty's friend sits in the passenger seat, and Misty P hangs on the edge.) The two have a conversation about the Light Bringer ways (It is not military. No ACE [Ammo, Casualties, Equipment] reports, except for a few battles. Blue Light is a legendary cyborg soldier, but isn't part of the Light Bringers - she's part of the Sun-Sons, located in Hästverige.) and how Celestia's Rebels aren't even considered an organized threat - Misty P disagrees, saying they saved her life (mentions they're a world-wide militia). They arrive at base. His distaste for Kni. Hnr ph3, Gunner is capitalized. Gunner is a foil to Rain. Rain gets some LBars, and secretly steals twelve and puts them in his bag. It's for Pinshot's filly. Before he leaves, he goes into the Hollow Moon Room, the room where the moon drainers' targets are given a back story, and the reason they were killed. He reads them, and stops at Serene, whose space is mysteriously empty.

3. Rain is made a target after he is called into conversation with Ordermare Chillstep and Misty P. (Ordermare Chillstep orders Rain to kill Misty P and capture her friend, but he declines.) Rain's mind is racing as he drives away via auto-cart. He eventually comes to the "one thing at a time" conclusion, and stops the auto-cart, pulling an OEMP on Misty P. He tells her to explain. She procrastinates, and her friend tries to disarm him from behind, but he flails - not something that happens often, but he's so jarred it still happens - and shoots her right ear off. She screams, and Misty P tackles Rain from the auto-cart. He is about to kill her, but Misty P is desperate to protect herself, and tells Rain her friend is Equus' last chance. She's angry with herself at blurting it out, and is threatened into telling the truth. Her friend is Rainbow Dash. She doesn't look like Rainbow Dash because Zecora put a permanent potion on her some months ago to change her appearance; something different every day, which throws Rain for a loop. Misty P explains her plan to save the rest of the Elements of Harmony and bring light back to Equus. She says she knows where some of the others are, Rain asks how many, and she says two (at first, holds up two hooves. Rain says he knows she's already beaten, no need to surrender). She does not know how to use the Elements, but she hopes the others will. He is seriously unbelieving. ( "Many others have tried and failed." "Compare those times to now. Those times, the ponies were careless, and hired whoever wore a 'Say No to the Moon' sticker. Those times, the ponies came at the Night Guard in numbers, head-on, interrogating knowledge from them. Those times, they never even found close to a hint of where even one Element was." "I'm sure Nightmare Moon would notice that one of her personal enemies has escaped captivity." "There's a lot she never released to the public. In 7-iD, Fluttershy escaped by herself and roamed the Plussian snowland for eleven months before being captured again. And Rainbow Dash has been missing for more than one year now. If she was going to send a full-out search, it'd be heard of by now." "What makes you think that you, a single filly, can take down Nightmare Moon, the Night Guard, the Griffins, and the train tickets?" She goes silent for a while before saying something incredible. You'll think of something. Her emotion and heart wins Rain over.) Rainbow Dash whimpers, "I miss them." That softens his heart, and he realizes they have a common interest. Misty P says she has the general plan in her head, but she has trouble focusing on one thing at a time. His mind briefly skims over the Light Bringers before Rain is reminded of Pinshot's daughter, and he hurriedly gets in the car without Misty P or Rainbow Dash and drives back to his home. It's smoldering, ruined. Redolent is there, afraid. He asks her what happened, and she explains the Light Bringers attacked. He asks where Pinshot's daughter is, and she says she climbed to the top of the cliff and flew away. He moon drains Pinshot (it decreases her scent, so webeloes or anything else won't get a hold of her) and buries her. Redolent joins his gang.

4. He picks Misty P and Dash back up ("You waited in the exact same spot?" "You left in the first place?") He doesn't explain why he went, even after questioning. Redolent also doesn't tell. Misty asks him if he wants to join her in her mission. He thinks of his adventure, but quickly says to himself that he needs to be realistic. He blatantly says no, and tells her he's going back to the Light Bringers to explain his situation, and remove his wanted status. Misty understands, and tells him to drop her off near an auto-cart. It cuts to her driving away with Gunner's auto-cart. Redolent goes with Misty. Before, however, Misty warns Rain not to tell them of her plan, and if things don't work out, meet her at the Los Pegasus Train Station. She'll be there for two moon cycles. Rain enters the building, explains himself, and is relieved. He speaks to his team and sleeps in their Bunk Quarters, before Remy wakes him in the middle of Dormant Hours and leads him into the Hollow Moon Room. He tells Rain that he should have stayed away from the Light Bringers, and tells him to put in Pinshot's moon drainer to prove it (Rain thinks that the Light Bringers killed Pinshot, but has been suppressing those feelings out of a want for it to all be okay). He does, and is convinced. Rain steals ammo and another OEMP - this one being a shotgun. He also steals five instigator mines, and one Demomare suit. Fleck catches him and starts to talk casually. After a while it becomes apparent to her that Rain is going. Fleck says that he's on the KOSL (Kill on Sight if Left) list. Rain still persists. Fleck gives him four water bottles (he instantly drinks half of one), three pairs of muck boots, an inapercu necklace (a necklace which magically makes a wounded pony physically look completely fine, used for inconspicuously encountering civilians), and a medkit. She talks to him in monologue form, telling him that he's nearing his gray years, and that the theatrical adventure he's been wishing for all these years have already happened, but once it's clear he has his mind made up, she bids him well and hopes she's not called to kill him. She hugs him as he leaves. He is shot at as he drives away.

5. Rain goes to Los Pegasus (thinking that he'll leave the Light Bringers even if he doesn't find the Misty P and RD, but also thinking about his squad) and meets up with Misty P and Rainbow Dash and Redolent. Redolsent hugs him and cries. He eats one LBar on the ride. Rainbow Dash is having excruciating spasms. Rain shares his LBars with the two, and covers Rainbow's missing right ear with a bandage. Rain is sent to get some money from her cache. (He gives her a look. She says he doesn't have to be a pegasus. It's under the city. She points the way, and quickly tends to her friend again. He goes to the cache, which is a wooden cabin, [the cache is underneath] and is flabbergasted to see the many valuables and doits and bits she has stolen.) After he returns with lots of money in his backpack, they sleep at the cache, as Misty P knows what it's like to be ambushed by webeloes. They each eat half of their LBar, and go to sleep. Rain is still pondering what has happened.

6. Misty P buys tickets to Horseshoe Bay. It's expensive, and takes a third of the money. Rain acknowledges how she didn't steal the tickets, and how she bought one for all of them. They attach Rain's auto-cart to the side of the train, along with the others. When he steps on the train he ponders the frailty of his adventure, and what the Light Bringers could be doing to kill his late friend. Redolent sits by Rain. The train is attacked by Light Bringers, led by Vivacious Swan - she tells him this attack was led by her, and her only - the Light Bringers have nothing to do with this. Rain is skeptical. Rain's auto-cart is thrown out. He is forced to kill Vivi, and is overcome with guilt. He holds the train hostage all the way there. He acknowledges how sleepy he is. He tells Misty to turn off the lights. She does, he puts on his night vision goggles, and goes into a light sleep. The conductor tries to make a move once, but Redolent subdues him and Rain threatens him, and they continue on their way. Rain eats the other half of his LBar. (6 left in his bag. Misty has half of one. Her friend has the other half.) Rain drinks some of his water, but tries to save some. He thinks this isn't a theatrical adventure, but a real one.

7. They get off the train. (Rain is exhausted, but threatens the conductor, saying he's a Light Bringer, and has snipers all over Horseshoe Bay. He tells him to keep on going, and don't come back, or he'll get shot.) Rain steals a four-seated auto-cart from the train and parks it at the Bay, acknowledging how its gas is a fourth full. Redolent tells him he should rest, but Rain is stubborn. They board a boat, headed for Tours-des-Chevals. Rain ponders if he should throw his Light Bringer uniform away (the Night Guard might find it), but decides against it. He hides it instead. They sleep the night away on the cruise ship. They arrive in Fance. They take a taxi to Hornmandy. They discover that Rain and Misty P are wanted throughout the world, but through Light Bringer means so they're incognito to civilians. Misty P gives her half of her LBar to her friend. Rain takes one from his bag, and gives another to Misty. There's 4 left. They buy a hotel there. There's a TV in the room. Rain asks what Misty's plan is. Misty P tells Rain. Rain finally removes the sunpad and stitches on his haunch, and his wound is healed. They sleep.

(Time passes. They get to the first destination of Misty's plan: the herd where Rarity to being held. If you want to skip until the moment they're willing to attack or instead spend a few days in town building the lore and constructing a plan, please do)

8. Misty tells Rain to trust her at the herd which they are at the outskirts of. He says he doesn't. By Misty's orders, he attaches Redolent's RSB to his OEMP and announces his presence. This amplifies his signal to all OEMPs in the herd, showing his name and rank. While they wait for the NRGE to attack ("It won't be long for them to show up, and go berserk on the herd. They really seem to hate you."), Misty attempts small talk. Rain gives little information, besides his opinion on the Night Guard's rule. He calls them a museum for Sinners, not a hospital for Saints. (?) The NRGE join in the battle with the Night Guard. They slaughter each other. Rain uses one instigator mine. (Its explosion is ginormous, and he gets a burn on his right side. He figures he'll only use those for emergencies.) 4 mines left. Misty P's friend leads the way to Rarity. (Dash spasms again) They escape. Rarity recognizes RD as an old friend.

9. They go back to the hotel. Misty P tells Rain that Rainbow Dash really does know where Pinkie Pie is. She tells him where she is. Rarity interrupts them, saying that Pinkie Pie was moved from Saddle Arabia to an unknown location in Equestria, then goes on to tell them that she knows more, but is too shaken to speak. Misty attempts to ask her if she knows how to use the Elements, but she drifts off, unable to speak. She wants to watch TV and relax, collect her thoughts. Rain gives her the fourth bottle of water and orders room service to save on supplies. He puts on his inapercu necklace to meet the waiter. (There's a fun scene when Rain pays the waiter more than necessary, and says keep the change) He turns the TV on, and goes into the restroom to inspect his burn, hearing that it was a commercial break. He sees that it's a second degree burn, and that it had already started to blister. Instinct takes over and he runs cool water over it. It feels good, but he doesn't know if it's helping. After taking out the medkit Fleck gave him, he properly cleans the wound and uses an antibiotic ointment named "Ponysporin" and bandages it. Redolent calls him in the other room, and Rain dresses and comes in to see that the TV is on one of his movies, "Utopia." He sees a 16 year old him, and watches to the movie's end (it's a serene experience, Rain smiling as he remembers), Redolent and Misty P mistified, but changes the channel when the credits start rolling. He doesn't want them to know his name. Rarity explains where her friends are - she doesn't know where Twilight or the actual Element medallions are. When asked if she knows how to use the Elements, she says she doesn't. Room service comes up.

Part 2- "Fox Guarding the Henhouse" (4 LBars in bag. Rain's water is almost empty, and Misty P and her friends' are half empty, while Rarity's is full.)

10. They board a boat to Equestria. Rain has a brief encounter with a Night Guard who he swears looks familiar. His Light Bringer uniform is moved from its original spot, although he's not sure if it's just a mirage. Rarity hates how Rain kills, and talks with him about it. They are at odds. Rarity gives Rain half of her bottled water. Now everypony is at half. Griffins attack the boat. The Night Guard is killed, so ponies are forced to resort to hide and seek tactics. They don't sleep.

11. They hide in the innards of the boat, using stealth to pick the griffons off. Misty P suggests Rain uses his instigator mines, but he says they'd sink the boat. Rarity is captured by the griffins. They spend the day stealing food and defending themselves. By now, civilians are being picked off. Rain wonders why the griffins aren't flying away yet. They sleep. This is the 10th day of Rain's adventure. Afterwards, they interrogate a griffin (Rain threatens to shove the decorative cactus up his asshole, literally. Rain acts insane, but doesn't know for himself if he was acting at all.) and find that Rarity is being held in the Captain's Quarters. He starts to think that his adventure could end right there, prematurely. Safety for the Elements is all he's concerned with now, for somepony else to save if not him.

12. With the brief help of the recognized Night Guard mare he saw on the ship yesterday, they retrieve Rarity (her bottle is empty. Rain gives her his own, after a swig. He aggressively insists.) and the original captain, and continue sailing. It starts to rain. They all refill their bottles. RD recognizes Rarity due to her rant at the griffin captain resembling one of their escapeds back then. Rain and Misty P agree to keep Rarity and RD at a disclosed location after the original captain explains that they were being interrogated about where the other Elements were. The captain introduces himself as Storm Surfer, and he is grateful to them for saving him. He wants to join their gang - he has nothing else to work for here because he knows what the Night Guard does to failed captains. He says he has connections all over to all the high-class hotels, and he won't take from their supplies. They sleep.

13. When they return to Equestria, Rain steals a spare luggage cart for his auto-cart. Redolent is with him. Fleck catches him again, and gives him twenty LBars, refilling his amount, and another four water bottles. She spends all her doits. Rain gives Fleck Misty P's doits. It's revealed it has been two and a half days since they arrived in Equestria. All water bottles are half drunk, but now they have more. Rain halfmindedly implies he needs more ponies on his side as he's reminded of Storm, and Fleck explains that Celestia's Rebels have doubled in size since Rarity's liberation. Rain drives back to his comrades and takes them to Neutral Zone. RD and Redolent refuse to leave Misty or Rain. Rarity explains she doesn't know where Twilight or the actual Elements of Harmony are, but they decide on saving Applejack second in Ponny-Stad, Hästverige once Storm says he can take them, and also he can get them a good hotel. Redolent eventually is decided to stay, but she vows to help in some way in the future. She gives Storm something which he puts in his mouth. The auto-cart is out of gas. Rain suggests they steal from the Moon Worshipers.

14. That night, Rain leads them to Location 9, which is near a Moon Worshiper camp, which has Canterlot Falls at the other side of it. It's raining. Misty P remarks about how she met Rain here. Misty argues her way into helping Rain as he goes into the camp. Storm smiles at that. Rain sees a mare being tortured and almost raped by a Moon Worshiper, and strangles the Moon Worshiper before freeing the mare. The mare is silent. Rain plants an instigator mine out of hatred. Misty steals the gas. They go in and out stealthily, surprising Rain. His experience with movies made him think they would be compromised. They then refill the gas tank. As they are, the mare finds Rain alone and thanks him by hugging him tightly. She uses sign language to tell him how she was captured, and that her name is White Singer. He communicates back with her using sign language, and she decides to stay with them for the night. They spend the night near a campfire, and talk with each other. They laugh and have a happy night, and Misty gives hints to her past, and tells Rain what her cutie mark used to be: a black mask. Storm Surfer talks about somepony Misty P reminded him of, but doesn't tell them to whole story. They each drink the rest of their bottles (Rain gives his to White Singer, and is thirsty), and each take two LBars; there is 14 left. True to his word, Storm does not take any, even after Rain insists. The next day, White Singer is gone. They each have an LBar. 11 left in the bag.

15. They sail to Ponny-Stad, Hästverige, courtesy of Storm Surfer's charisma to pass inspection to take off. The herd is huge, and they get seperated. They use the radio to reunite. They buy a hotel, order room service, and sleep there. Rain explains that he's not going to attack until he finds some of Celestia's Rebels to be on their side. Storm Surfer goes out at night to gather his known Celestia's Rebel friends.

16. Celestia's Rebels attack the herd. The hotel is in flames. Rain loses all LBars and water bottles, but keeps his backpack. He uses one instigator mine. As they are running for Applejack, Blue Light intervenes. (RD spasms) Blue Light helps them save Applejack, and attacks the Celestia's Rebels and Sun-Sons. It rains. Blue Light aids them to a cruise ship, but Rain says he's not leaving without Storm Surfer. They have to, though, and leave. Blue Light is a little violent/desperate when she pushes Rain onto the boat.

17. They sail back to Equestria. Rain gives Applejack his inaparcu necklace, and she numbly accepts it. Rain tells his team that they can't keep getting lucky like that. They need allies. Also, they need to find a way to get Storm back. Misty P finds out Rain gave away her doits. They have a huge meal, and awkward moments with Blue Light (Rain and her are both picking off bacon. She offers him a few pieces, and he uneasily accepts). She keeps glancing at his leg, and follows him. That night, after Rain tells his team to not trust her and is walking from their room to his, Blue Light corners Rain in his room and reveals that she is Goldbuck, his long lost sister. Goldbuck says she'll help Rain. They don't sleep that night, but stay in each others' arms, silent and loving. Rain calls Goldbuck by her real name, over and over, but it is never revealed what it is to the reader. The next day, Rain tells Misty P his real name after AJ says she doesn't know how to use the Elements. It is, "Summer Monsoon."

18. Rain is extremely tired. Goldbuck and him stay together, happy. Misty P tells Rain how grateful she is to see their plans coming to light, and hugs Rain, who hugs back. They arrive in Equestria, and start driving away. (Rain is in the backseat, sleeping with his head on Goldbuck's shoulder). He drifts off, and wakes up to an abandoned auto-cart, in the middle of the True Darkness. In a dream-like state, he sees the Light Bringers in auto-carts driving to his location in the distance. Shocked and alone, he dashes into the Everfree for shelter. The Light Bringers start speaking to him through comms as they enter the Everfree, trying to lead him out. Rain's fury soon shows. He uses the last three instigator mines on the auto-carts, and walks through the wreckage, killing off the struggling Light Bringers and any animals who try to aid him. His reasoning is that they hurt Goldbuck. He stops when Flecksturz is aiming her OEMP at him. He refuses to shoot, and is subdued by Remy. Remy says, "Did you cherish your moments?"

Part 3 - "Sink or Swim"

19. Rain wakes up in a cell. He has absolutely no supplies. He has no mechanical leg. He meets Nightmare Moon, after being showered and tended to. She explains why he'll lose. (She tells him this isn't a movie, that there are no bad guys, good guys, or main characters in life. There are merely ponies, who sometimes think they're more important than others because of natural selfishness. She tells him that she is a ruler, and he is a servant, both out of their places. She tells him that she is immortal, and that he is not. Soon he will die, and these stirs of rebellion will end. She says that everypony will die eventually.) Rain asks what she means by that. She tells him that the many ponies across Equestria have been rioting and instantly crushed. No other country has joined them in their pathetic war. (She then tells him all she has to do to bend the moral laws in her favor is to cut out some words from the history books. In the near future, she will be the primary source, and no others will live then. He will be another fossil. The world is a huge place, and everypony has a story just as deep and compelling as the next one. She starts naming off examples: White Singer being killed just after she left Rain's group. Pinshot's filly disappearing, never to be found again. Vivacious Swan's death. The fact that she knew these things from his comrades, and that all it took was some torture. Solid loyalty doesn't exist. Everypony suffers from their basic instincts of survival, which overrules love and logic any day. Unlike in the movies. She mentions why he was bathed and healed: "the villain reveals her evil plan to the hero only when she is at her most vulnerable. You are not at your most vulnerable. In fact, you're probably in the best shape in sixteen years.") She has his leg, and every prosthesis from Blue Light.

20. Rain spends seven days in Canterlot Prison, being relatively well looked after, but without his friends. The Night Guard finds the rest of the gang in Neutral Zone, bringing them in as Rain watches. He challenges Nightmare Moon, saying she's alone and has no friends, but when he brings up Celestia, Nightmare Moon takes him to see Misty P sleeping. Both she and Rain are infected with the Kind Dread, and Nightmare Moon ponders who will die first. Rain knows he must eventually tell her she is infected and it's his fault. That night, Storm Surfer is brought in and tells Rain somepony is coming to free him and his friends. It is now the 24th day of his adventure.

21. Rain is broken out by Redolent. He begins to like her. Storm hands her a little device on the roof of his mouth, mentioning it's her tracking device. Rain saves Goldbuck first, and plans to search for her mechanical limbs after. He frees his friends, wondering where the Night Guard is. His friends are constantly telling him they're sorry for telling the enemy information, but Rain doesn't listen - his mind is mechanical as he goes to work. They accidentally find and hurriedly rescue Twilight Sparkle in the deep confines of Canterlot Dungeon, but as they're trying to find Goldbuck's prosthesis, Sunbeam Aurora attacks Rain. She explains that Canterlot is under attack by the Light Bringers, to kill him and Misty P, and that she loved Vivacious Swan. It's revealed the Light Bringers want to be the heroes who are known in the history books who saved the Elements, and that is why they want to kill the gang. Rain is suddenly overcome with internal pain from the Kind Dread and can't fight (some of the shrapnel of her missed projectiles destroys the right side of his face, blinding and deafening him on that side) so Redolent kills Sunbeam Aurora. It rains. He steals her night vision goggles and OEMP, but her ammo is depleted. Rain wants to bury her, but there's no time. He gives the OEMP to Misty P because he's too tired to operate it. They escape with Twi and Goldbuck's limbs.

22. Rain is walking at the base of Canterlot Mountain, away from the wreckage, with his group, with no supplies. Twilight explains what the true history of the Renaissance is, Celestia's lifehood, their second battle with Nightmare Moon, and why Dash is mentally handicapped. Misty tells them she knows a safe place. She's worried that they won't be able to use the Elements of Harmony because of RD's disability. But she refuses to believe that this plan can be folly. She uses words such as "when," not "if." They trot through the Everfree Forest, and Rain wanders into a spider web from exhaustion and his destroyed senses. He hears his group's voices faint, and comes face to face with a shadian widow spider. Goldbuck and Redolent save him (the moment the spider charges, Goldbuck extends a metal limb to take the blow before killing the spider. Redolent fishes Rain's stuff out of the bag and frees him using his vine cutters, and gives him his backpack and mechanical leg.). Rain plans on going to Light Bringer Roots to tell Flecksturz it's too dangerous for her to keep seeing him. It's hinted there's something more to it, though. Blue Light and Redolent sleep next to Rain that night (he sprays them both with Unacting, and goes to sleep with Goldbuck watching over him. She and Redolent find out he has Kind Dread from his coughing fits and cold sweats. He makes Goldbuck wear his OEMP to avoid her getting it as well, and Redolent is naturally immune to it anyways.)

23. Rain wakes up. They're fine. Rain reunites with his group by using his OEMP to contact Storm Surfer. Sunbeam Aurora's name popping up gives him a minor heart attack, and he feels major guilt. Rain and Misty P's relationship grows as they meet again, Misty hugging him, but Rain feeling guilty. Rain finally goes to the safe place and drops off Twi, Rarity, AJ, and RD. Rain, Redolent, and Misty P exchange back stories while the four are talking. It is revealed that Sweetie Belle ran away to Manestralia after the Renaissance, and Applebloom is at Appleloosa. They are all hungry and thirsty.

24. The next day, Rain walks outside to a form of communication, maybe a letter or stone. It states a place to meet: Table 37, Wubberz Club, in Megaplex Herd, with one of the Elements and Sunbeam Aurora, in two days - 8:34pm. ("Be sure to bring money for the check. You're paying, Handsome"). Suddenly, Flecksturz attacks with a legion of Knights. It rains. Rain kills them with the help of Misty P (his disabled senses are a disadvantage), but one of the Knights stab Misty P with a flail and punctures her lung after she stepped in front of Redolent. They kill the Knights. Rain refuses to kill Fleck. As he is standing there, Fleck sees Misty's condition (gasping and sputtering, holding her side), and helps her medically. Rain takes her aside in the True Darkness before sending her off. She says she can help with his face, but he refuses. She also says he improved his relationship with bat ponies (referring to Redolent), and she's glad. As he is standing there watching her go, Moon Worshipers kidnap him.

25. Rain wakes up the next day confined. One of the Moon Worshipers, a young colt, tells him that the Light Bringers want him dead, the Night Guard wants an example to be made out of him, and the Moon Worshipers want him all to themselves. He doesn't explain why, but history is implied. Fleck and Goldbuck save him, earning the trust of the group. Fleck has supplies, and shares it with the group. (15 LBars and 5 bottles of water. Each takes one bottle of water, except Goldbuck, so Rain gives his to her. Redolent insists he takes hers. Each takes one LBar and eats half of it. There are now 8 LBars left in the bag.) Rain is too tired and beaten to eat, but Fleck makes him eat. Redolent pouts at their closeness. 7 LBars left. Misty P has still not recovered naturally, Fleck discovers after removing the medipad. That is not normal, and Rain feels guilty. The King Dread must be halting her healing. Twilight explains that Fluttershy is in Maratov, Plussia, and Rain tells them about the message, while Fleck is fixing Rain's face. There is romantic tension between the two. Goldbuck sees this. Storm says he can get them to Megaplex Herd, and that the pony who sent the message is trustworthy. Rain reveals to the group that he has the Kind Dread, but does not say Misty has it. Fleck says that makes all injuries stay for a lot longer of a time (with a glimpse at Misty), and gives him an eye patch. They sleep, but Goldbuck takes Fleck out and gets defensive over her brother. Rain intervenes, inducing tensions. Rain says they're gonna have a long drive tomorrow. They sleep afterwards. Storm and Redolent add some comedic relief.

Part 4- "One Pound of Flesh"

26. They travel to Megaplex Herd. Each of their bottles are a fourth drained, but Rain and Goldbucks' are half drained. Misty P's condition has not bettered. Each of them have eaten their LBar, and have another. There are 2 left in the bag. Rain enters Wubberz Club with Blue Light and Storm Surfer. Dubstep is playing. They meet Gunner (he has many new wounds), and he is pugnacious. He keeps threatening him, saying that he killed his sisters and brothers, and Rain snaps right back. Storm Surfer calms them. Rain brings up the message, and Gunner says he thought he was the one who sent it. A Night Guard joins the conversation. She trots up and asks, "Is this seat taken?" Rain recognizes her as who he thinks to be Serene, and connects her to the mare he saw on the boat. Both stallions are confused at first, but as they get their OEMPs from their suits (Gunner's is on his suit, Rain's is in his backpack), the Night Guard shuts them down, telling them that not only was she trained by Midnight Blossom herself, but she's also the one who sent the message. Gunner is furious, and tries to attack her repeatedly during her explanation, saying that she's an accomplice of the second most wanted (Rain bristles at that) pony of the Light Bringers, but Rain sits him down each time. The Night Guard explains that she got them together to tell Rain that she knows how to use the Elements of Harmony - she saw them being used when the Elements tried to battle Nightmare Moon. She also knows more information of Midnight Blossom's infamy. Rain asks why she brought Gunner. She tells him that it's so he can tell the Light Bringers that Midnight Blossom is hers, and that she's coming for Chillstep. Gunner tells her that she's going to Light Bringer jail, and the Night Guard tells him, "Oh, well. It was worth a try. If you aren't going to tell them, I might as well beat your memory of me out of your head." There is a fight scene synced with dubstep. Storm Surfer watches, charismatic as ever. The Night Guard tells Rain her name: Adamance. He says he knows she's lying, but she dismisses him. She also tells him that she will tell him why Midnight Blossom is wanted, if he helped her with one thing: assassinate Midnight Blossom. At first, he disagrees, saying that Fluttershy cannot wait, but Misty P, RD, and Twilight tell him to accept the offer. Storm Surfer also tells him that Adamance would be a great ally. Rain accepts, and asks why she's helping him. She says it's hard to find a trained assassin that won't kill her on sight, and also it's an ironic victory against the Light Bringers to have an ex-soldier kill their second most wanted pony. Adamance tells him they leave immediately ("Alright. Get in the auto-cart." "...?" "We're leaving right now!") Storm then says that Rain's gang has reservations at a five-star apartment tent in town. Rain tells them to get Misty to a hospital, and Storm muses that even though medipads always work, it wouldn't hurt to give her the extra help.

27. Rain and Adamance are in an auto-cart, driving to the location: the Badlands. Rain asks for the debrief. Adamance tells him that Midnight Blossom is the ONLY target, HER target, and that his job is to subdue the ponies that get in her way, and he cannot kill anypony until after they attack him. Rain asks why he can't kill anypony, and Adamance tells him she can't tell him; she has to trust him first. He rages, saying he was forced to trust her, but she replies with her not being forced to trust him. He sulks. She says, "Besides, you'll see when you get there." Adamance continues her debrief, saying that she'll explain why Midnight Blossom is wanted - not one second before. Rain thinks her as extremely untrustworthy. He planned to sleep with one eye open that night. He tells her he knows her name is Serene. Adamance is confused. Rain says he was assigned to kill her a month ago, along with the rest of the personnel of that train. Adamance explains she was a spy on that train - about to kill her target, too, until he interrupted her. They spend the night in Former-Appleloosa Herd at a hotel. They order room service for food, Rain having a cow steak and water and Adamance having a hamburger with fries and an orange soda. Adamance tells Rain to take a shower. The lore is increased due to pony-suited items in the restroom. When Rain is done, and after some hesitation, he looks at himself in the mirror. His face is healed, but will never look the same, and his left eye is useless. He asks himself if the past month has been worth it.

29. Rain is tired yet again, although he's used to it. They are at the Badlands, and Adamance is silent as they find a factory in the crevice. They move in, and Rain is surprised to find that the factory is full of hypnotized ponies, Night Guards, Sun-Sons, and Moon Worshipers all alike. All of them have collars with a dark blue orb in the middle of them, and a mechanical prosthetic somewhere on their body, although horribly dysfunctional and painful. Rain is tempted to kill the Moon Worshipers, but resists. Adamance heads up to Midnight Blossom's office, leaving Rain to defend. Rain is bumped into by a Light Bringer mare with a mechanical left hind leg, and he instinctively pushes her away, thinking she's trying to pickpocket. Instead though, the pony instantly breaks down and hugs him, telling him her thanks over and over again. She then tells him to escape, and quickly. He takes her aside and she tells him her story: two days ago, she was a Dmm. Rki (Demmomare, Rookie rank), out with her husband (Kni. Hnr, ph3, Gunner) around Appleloosa when some ponies attacked them. They only wanted her, and left him beaten to a pulp. She tells him that they dragged her by auto-cart to this place, then Midnight Blossom hypnotized them, and that was all she remembered. She's sorry she can't tell him what Midnight Blossom is up to, or what her plans are. It is then the collar on her neck glows blue, and her left hind leg emits a high pitched squeal, and everypony goes insane, attacking each other. She attacks Rain.

30. Rain refuses to kill her, repeatedly telling her that he knows where her husband is, and that he can reunite them. She is sobbing as she throws vicious and untrained punches at Rain, knocking him to the floor and climbing on top of him, hitting his most vulnerable left side of his face. The ponies around him are killing each other, throwing their neighbors into lava buckets and jumping in after them, cracking their own necks, and slamming others' heads into the floor. Finally, after some time of the chaos, the dark blue lights on their necks glow brightly, and their mechanical parts explode. Same happens to the mare that was attacking Rain. He takes some time to recover from the dizzying explosion, before walking to the mare's side. She is missing her entire lower body, and most of the right side of her abdomen, bleeding out. She hurriedly pulls Rain close and tells him, "Tell Gunner that Poppy forgives him. For everything. Tell him that I love him, and I trust him to do the right thing. Promise me... Please..." Rain promises. Then, she passes. Rain shakily walks up to Midnight Blossom's office, and comes to Adamance standing over Midnight Blossom's dead body. She is crying. Rain gives her time, waiting outside, and soon Adamance's grief spirals out of control and she screams as she destroys the room with her magic. After some time, she comes from the room, and her cheeks are tear-streaked and her face is harrowed. She tells Rain, "I will tell you everything. Let's burn this place down, first, though."

31. (The first segment of this chapter is dialogue-only.) As Rain and Adamance are driving away from the burning factory, she tells him what that was about: (Project Greenhoof was a project made by the Sun-Sons to help cure ponies of crippling weaknesses with the help of a new plant discovered, the White Light. She tells him that Goldbuck was the first volunteer because she was a valuable asset to the Sun-Sons, but also was almost killed from the Renaissance, missing her back left leg, front right leg, having blindness in her left eye, and having a broken left wrist. They gave her treatments for years, until 3-iD, when she was given advanced enhancement. She was given two mechanical limbs, had a healing serum injected in her left eye, and a new left hoof. With the added accessories of internal machines, mechanical organs, and magical enhancements, it virtually made her a superpony, having faster reflexes, pinpoint accuracy with any weapon, increased IQ, and superpony strength. She was renamed Blue Light, and was used for secret or difficult missions for the Sun-Sons. However, in actuality, the Sun-Sons were planning on making her an actual weapon; mind control was the next step. That is, until Midnight Blossom stole the blueprints for such an accomplishment. She was made target number 1 for all anti-night corporations, not just the Sun-Sons. Turns out, later, Midnight Blossom didn't burn the papers, she read them. And was instantly set aflame with insane power-hunger. She set out to gather hosts for her experiment - Adamance herself helped, along with a few other ponies. Adamance stole from the vaults of the Light Bringers themselves to retrieve a drill that can cut Biridium Tyropiani. Midnight Blossom hypnotized ponies by placing Adamance's own hypnotic magic into a sphere, attaching the ball to a collar, and making the victims wear it. They would torture the victims in a Saw-like fashion, cutting off limbs and making them join them so they could survive. They then put in the mechanical legs, thanks to the genius of one of the Light Bringer Ordermares: Chillstep. Over the course of three years, Midnight Blossom has been growing her new factory of slaves, and Adamance soon had enough of the bloodshed. She quit her job, and that conversation soon turned into a heated argument. She knew she needed to stop her former mentor, and who else to help her than Summer Monsoon, reclaimer of the Elements of Harmony? Rain doesn't agree with that title.) They continue the drive back to Former-Appleloosa Herd. They arrive, and Rain shares his sympathies with Adamance. She tells him it's fine, and they go to sleep.

32. They arrive at Megaplex Herd, but it is currently being attacked by Celestia's Rebels, burning. Allusion to the Renaissance is made as Rain and Adamance are running through the burning town, much like when Rain was running through the burning Canterlot as Nightmare Moon attacked from above. Rain is reunited with his gang, but is barely conscious due to the Kind Dread settling in. The left side of his face starts bleeding. He is under the thought that it's his job to protect his gang, and it's pathetic to pass out like this. Redolent coos him to sleep.

33. Rain wakes up in the safe place. Redolent, Fleck, and Misty P are in Rain's room, and Misty P looks even more distraught. Adamance comes back with some manticore meat, and she has refilled the water bottles. She tells Rain that she has to go because killing Midnight Blossom was the beginning of her adventure, saying that everypony has a story, even if some are more private than others. She says they will most definitely cross paths again, calling him by name (even though he's never told her it), and telling him that life is not one of his movies. It's implied she is a fan of his. Adamance kisses Summer Monsoon (acknowledging the fact that she begged herself to do that countless times as a young filly) before leaving. Redolent and Fleck bristle with anger at that. Flecksturz explains that they need to head down to Tall Tale Bay by train to catch a boat to Plussia. It's also too dangerous to leave the gang in Equestria, so they decide to take the Elements wherever they go, but once the fighting starts they are left in a hotel at the nearest city. When everypony but Misty P leaves, Misty P tells Rain she has the Kind Dread. Rain explains how she got it, and Misty P walks out, horrified. Their relationship from then on is cold and distant.

34. A day of traveling later, Tall Tale Bay is destroyed by Celestia's Rebels (Misty P dryly says she thought they were on their side. Rain can't help but smile at that.). Rain and his group inspect the wreckage in detail. Propaganda is suggesting Rain and Misty P are their idol. Rain hates that, Misty P adores it, and Blue Light is amused. Redolent implies her jealousy. Plussia is a mile away from Vanhoover. Fleck suggests that she steals flight suits and thermal auras. The next day, Fleck and Misty steal flight suits and thermal auras, along with ten LBars (Rain and Blue Light stay together) - at a cost. The Light Bringers know she's helping him, and they opened fire on her. A bullet grazed her neck and horn. Rain fixes it up, telling Goldbuck the Nurse off, and Goldbuck sees how attached he is to her. Rain kisses Fleck on the forehead. There are now 13 LBars in his bag, and everypony has half of one. Rain tells them they leave the next day, that now they have to sleep and get rest.

35. They leave. They are attacked by a drage (gorilla-like creatures dark purple, brown, or black in color. They're territorial) damaging their auto-cart, but fend it off after it flips the auto-cart. Fleck investigates it, calling it beautiful. Rain decides to teach Misty P how to fight. They then flip the auto-cart back over together, and continue on their way. After passing a heavily defended Vanhoover, they all fly to Plussia.

Part 5- "Diamond in the Rough"

36. Rain, Misty P, and Fleck confront the lair of a snow dragon. It is revealed that the three have asked the local herds about it, wanting a powerful ally. That lasted two days. Also, Rain has been teaching Misty P how to fight. She's no prodigy. They go into the cave and meet the dragon, D'Vorah. She is aggressive, but agrees to help in freeing Fluttershy. She makes references to eating them, especially Rain. She tells them she expects a reward after she helps. Rain figures she wants more diamonds. After all, she has a gigantic horde of them. He asks Misty P if she'll share her horde, and she says yes. D'Vorah says yes. With the aid of Misty P, they fly to the herd which holds Fluttershy.

37. They free Fluttershy. Misty P explains her disgust at the massacre, saying the fight wasn't fair. Fleck agrees. Rain and D'Vorah don't get it. D'Vorah tries to eat Rain, but he shoots his way from her throat. (She freezes him with her breath, and grabs him before telling his allies he is her reward. She flies back to her cave and talks to him, as if toying with her prey. D'Vorah takes him in her mouth and bites into the ice, breaking it and freeing him. He uses his leg to buck a tooth in when she starts to chew, so she tries to swallow him whole. He shoots his way out, almost decapitating her.) He finds that she's been keeping hostages in ice in the backroom. He frees them using her sharpest canine. Pinshot's filly is one of the captives.

38. A day passes, and now it is at night, around a camp fire. It is revealed Pinshot's filly used the flight suit Rain left behind to fly here after her mother died. Makes sense -- this is her homeland after all, and Plussia is not very far away from the northwestern-most edge of Equestria. The Plussians all talk to each other in Plussian, and Rain cannot understand it, but knows they are having a good time. Pinshot's filly and Rain talk about who survived the attack on Neutral Zone: Redolent. They go to sleep. A few hours of treking the next day, they are attacked by snow webeloes. They flee to a lone cabin in the woods. It has Rain's gang in it.

39. Fleck, after a brief tussle with Goldbuck, tends to Rain's wounds. Fluttershy explains her gratitude to him (she mentions offhandedly that she didn't approve of the methods he used, and Fleck smiles smugly). They are then confronted by the Plussians. The Plussians explain they want to join them, because Rain killed D'Vorah and freed their ponies. It is revealed one of the Plussians Rain freed gathered them - Pinshot's daughter. The Plussians say they can help them get back to Equestria, but it will take a few days to arrange the boat. Storm Surfer buys them a four-star hotel in town to rest - Pinshot's daughter stays behind. They all eat, except Rain. He's not hungry. Fleck forces him to eat. Misty P tells Rain that Fluttershy told her Pinkie Pie is in Vanhoover.

40. They spend that day at the hotel, eating three full meals. Fleck wants to get out of the cabin, but Rain isn't comfortable being social. That night, after Rain is done teaching Misty P a "Manestralian Hug," Fleck tells Rain her feelings, and the two sleep together.

41. The next day, all the ponies have a wide-spread telepathic message, saying that half the dragons have declared war on all anti-night organizations. They then say they will single Rain out and kill him at his most vulnerable. Rain and Fleck go down and explain their message with the Plussians, but everyone else heard it as well. A day passes, and now they want to wind down. They all go into one of the Neutral Zones to see the culture, and Rain falls in love with Plussia's comradery and food. Redolent and Misty P follow him and Fleck around, but are distracted, and Goldbuck watches over them as they trot off. Rain and Fleck have a relaxing day together, and it's revealed Rain prefers the snow to the rain. (Fleck talks with him about his future - a future with her is implied. Flecksturz says she doesn't want him to end up like her father. Rain is reminded of her father and asks how he's doing. Fleck says she doesn't know and sulks. Rain tries to awkwardly comfort her, but she's just as awkward receiving as he is giving.) Later, Rain teaches Misty P some defense. Fleck watches from the corner of the room, smiling. A month and two days have passed since he first met Misty P.

42. The Plussians help them back to Equestria with their own boat port. Rain teaches Misty P more, and him and Fleck sleep together again. The next day, griffins attack the boat. They help fend them off (Misty P killing her first griffin), Rain saving a Captain. It rains. They arrive in Equestria, in the destroyed Horseshoe Bay, which has been under repair. The Plussians join them.

43. Stray Celestia's Rebels join Rain as he is driving to a safe zone after a brief conflict. They explain what Nightmare Moon has made him look like. They tell him that half of the herds are in flames, the other half spewing embers. They then go to the safe zone and all eat at a neutral zone's hotel. Blue Light and Rain share their feelings after Fleck makes her and Rain's relstionship obvious.

44. The next day they plan the final attack. Twi tells them it's too heavily guarded. They instead plan to attack Canterlot, where the Elements of Harmony are. Celestia's Rebels ask for one more night in Ponyville to honor their dead families. Rain joins them, thinking he could see the place where the Age of Fire blossomed from. Fleck joins him, and Blue Light stays behind. The five of the Mane Six catch up with each other.

45. Fleck takes Rain aside in the ruins of Ponyville to talk with him. Remy snipes and kills Fleck, Chillstep at his side. Rain vengefully makes his way to them while avoiding sniper fire. On his way, Chillstep coolly and confidently tells him that she thought he'd be a Redeemer when she saw that glint of madness in his eyes, caused by a traumatic past. After a brief cat-and-mouse chase, Remy wounds Rain. Rain kills Remy and Chillstep, and buries Fleck and Remy both, spending the night beside them. He thinks about how Adamance should have killed Chillstep.

46. The next day, Rain returns to Misty P and is patched up by Blue Light. Misty P hugs him. Blue Light knows that Rain's Kind Dread is getting worse. Rain is chosen to retrieve the Elements of Harmony, and Misty P is chosen to get Pinkie Pie. The next day, they depart in auto-carts, and Misty P drives her own.

Part 6- "Tomorrow is a New Day"

47. Rain and his squad attacks Canterlot, and Goldbuck joins in. Rain is coughing out blood and sweating. Goldbuck and Rain reminisce about their childhood and young adult years growing up here, when suddenly an explosion startles them out of their stupor. It's Canterlot Castle, and the fight is nearing its climactic moment. When Rain charges in to get the Elements, Goldbuck subdues him and does it for him. (As he is blacking out, Goldbuck says repeatedly that she loves him. She tells him that tomorrow's a new day.)

48. When he wakes, the Elements are with him, but Goldbuck has died in an explosion. Rain returns to the safe house with the remains of his squad to see that Misty P hasn't returned. Days pass. Rain contemplates suicide. His infection gets worse. The whole gang knows about it now. The Plussian Captain he saved comforts him. He then states that the rest of the militia is also downtrotten. Rain realizes he's starving and parched, and eats a full lunch. Rejuvenated, Rain gives a speech to his comrades before driving to Vanhoover to help. Redolent sneaks in Rain's auto-cart and he discovers her too late to turn back. She tells him her feelings as he drives.

49. Rain battles against the fallen city. His team is eventually slaughtered by the Night Guard and griffins, and he takes refuge in an abandoned building just before hundreds of medium-to-small sized dragons join in. Moon Worshipers and the Light Bringers join in. Storm Surfer is killed.

50. The next day, the five Elements of Harmony show up with reinforcements. They rejuvenate the battle. Three giant dragons show up on Nightmare Moon's side. Two of them are killed after some hard work, wounding Rain, Rarity, and Twilight. When the last dragon is about to finish them off, a much older, grisled Spike joins in and battles the dragon. Now, dragons painted green and purple are filling up the sky, massacreing griffins, enemy dragons, and pegasi Night Guards. Rain pushes to the place where Pinkie Pie is held, before Gunner confronts him with a flail, wounding him. Rainbow Dash attacks him, but Rain stops her. Rain talks to Gunner, saying all that Poppy promised him to say, including "do the right thing." Gunner exits. Rain asks what Dash is doing here - she should be helping her friends. She replies meeky, "I am." That catches Rain off guard as he hears a new voice coming from her mouth: the Element of Loyalty. "I've known Misty P longer than anypony else. And you have risked your life for me. I am helping my friends." Rain and Dash continue into the fortress. But the place is empty. Discord levitates the city above ground.

51. Rain is alone now, and after some searching, finds Pinkie and Misty P. Nightmare Moon has them in her magical aura, and shoots a drug at him which makes it hurt to move, and deflects all teleportation magic. He can't make any sudden movements, minus his mechanical leg. After she takes all of Rain's OEMP's ammo except one bullet, she forces Rain to choose to save either Misty P or Pinkie Pie, or kill her - but if she dies, Misty P will also die with her. [Misty P has a mechanical spiked hat on, connected to NM's heartbeat via wires. A magical aura surrounds the sensor.] They are both drugged.) He chooses Misty, but uses the projectile mechanism to shoot a sundial at Nightmare Moon's chest, shattering the sensor. The password for the projectile mechanism was his sister Goldbuck's true name, Sunset Auburn. But before Misty could die, Rainbow Dash swoops in and saves Misty while Rain helps Fluttershy. Before she could be freed, though, Princess Celestia comes onto the scene. She sees her sister's state and rages at Rain, tackling him with her magic and beating him to a pulp. She tears apart his mechanical leg. Twilight comes in and defends Rain. Twilight tells Celestia that they will help Luna be freed. They decide to teleport all ponies off the rising city. Rain agrees, even though he knows he can't be saved. Rainbow Dash points this out, but Rain shuts her up. Discord, seeing this, drops the city and teleports away. The Elements and Celestia act fast. Celestia teleports away with Luna. Rainbow starts to argue with Rain, but Twilight teleports away with her friends, leaving Rain and Misty P alone. Rain, even as he is weightless, in pain, and drugged, picks up Misty P and uses his damaged mechanical leg and other leg to kick himself through the air and out the complex. His Kind Dread is nearing the fatal stages. He recognizes that he will and must die, if not only to save Misty P. He sees the ground nearing and the pegasi picking up their comrades and flying away. (Dead bodies float in an invisible water.) Before he passes out from the pain, he hears Misty P awaken.

52. He wakes up in a hospital, blue skies outside. His mechanical leg lays at his bedside, destroyed. A nurse walks in (Nurse Redheart), sees him awake, and squeals with delight and dashes away. A Royal Guard and Adamance are at his door, guarding him. When Adamance sees him awake, she simply smiles. She helped the Elements work. A few minutes later, the Royal Guard sees him, and thanks him. They reveal that a week has passed, and his Kind Dread infection is healed. Princess Celestia and Luna both arrive at his bedside and Luna cries at his side and blubbers her thanks while Celestia apologizes profusely. The Mane Six arrive next, and they all express their gratitude. Rain says repeatedly it wasn't him. Rainbow Dash is recovering from her inflicted mental disability. She tells him everything she's felt in the past. Misty P shows up, and the room is emptied. They hug. They pour out their hearts to each other. Misty P tells him his squad has been recovered and buried, along with everypony else he's lost. She tells him, "Recover soon, Rain. The movie isn't over yet."

Epilogue. Ten years later, Rain attends a play with his family. His wife is Adamance. He has a filly, six years old, named Midnight Star (remember to mention that Fleck means Star). Redolent is a close friend of his and sits by him. The Mane Six and two princesses all attend the play with him. Misty P stars in the play. Afterwards, they all visit the graves of his fallen comrades. He starts feeling his age.

If you've managed to read all the way to the end, I can't thank you enough. It feels like I can finally get the closure I needed posting this, and hopefully I'll be able to focus on my life from now on. The Black Monsoon is cancelled due to the personal effect it's had on my life and horrible discrepancy between the work put into it and reader count, but my writing career would have never been the same without it. I'm thankful I've had this experience.
But just because I'm done with The Black Monsoon, I am nowhere near done with writing. If you're interested in my work, please do visit my Wattpad. I've also taken a lot of inspiration and plot ideas from the experience of writing this story, and will definitely use them in an upcoming story titled, "The Angel's Advocate." In a way, The Black Monsoon will live through this story and might even earn a few cameos of each characters' human counterparts.
Hopefully this will let it achieve the fully written status it always deserved.

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Not sure if you guys would care (or even remember this story existing :rainbowderp:), but I posted the overview of everything I had planned for this story as a third chapter. Hopefully that oughtta count as some form of closure.

If this story was cancelled, then why isn't it labeled as such?

Thank you for this

There is one thing just cause Luna is free dose not mean the other ponies in equestria will accept her for she has done to equestria how would you explain that part cause not all will forgive Luna.

Please tag this cancelled, author.

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