• Published 8th Jan 2015
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Kingdom Hearts: Princess Twilight Sparkle - Golden Flare

Sora needs a new training ground to prepare for his Mark of Mastery exam retake, King Mickey sends him, Donald, and Goofy to a new world for such a task, but will it be another world in danger?

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Princess Twilight Sparkle Part 1 - Chapter 4: Who's Behind All of This?

In the sky of Equestria, Twilight, Spike, Sora, and Jiminy quickly make their way to Ponyville to collect the Elements of Harmony and aid their friends. While flying, they narrowly avoid the spiky clouds, a couple Hookbats, and an Air Battler, thus making Spike nauseous and putting on a seat belt that came out of nowhere.

"I'm starting to wish...we'd taken the train." Spike said.

"Almost there!" Twilight said.

"That's good, because it looks like the Heartless are spreading like wildfire!" Sora added.

"C'mon, we need to get the Elements of Harmony and find the others!"

With that, Twilight swooped down and charged towards the library in Ponyville with a determined expression while the boys were panicking.

"INNNCOMING!" Spike screamed.

Twilight began to panic herself when she noticed that she was going to crash. Thinking quickly, she lit up her horn, teleported into the library, and barreled into a pile of book, except for Spike, Sora, and Jiminy, who were about to hit the window.

"Oh, this is gonna hurt." Sora said.


(stop music)

Just after they hit, they slid down to the ground outside. Twilight stuck her head out of the pile of books in a daze.

"Oh, thank goodness!" Rarity said.

"Oh, I hope you know we wouldn't normally go through your books without permission." Fluttershy said.

Twilight shook off her daze as the boys came crawling in, kissing the floor.

"Sweet ground! Sweet, sweet wonderful ground!" Spike declared.

Twilight looked annoyed, "Okay, I get it, I need to work on my flying."



It was at that moment that Donald and Goofy came bouncing through the open door and crashed into a bookcase, leaving them in a daze as Twilight once was in.

"Oww!" Donald moaned.

"I don't know if you noticed," Pinkie began, "but the Everfree Forest is just a teensy tiny bit out of control!"

For some reason, Pinkie's tail twitched and she ducked when a giant vine forced it's way into the window, knocking Rarity away, as if she knew it was coming.

"Guess it turned out you were missin' somethin' here in Ponyville after all." Applejack said as she closed the window, cutting the vine in the possess. The vine created a Neoshadow, which Sora swiftly dispatched with his Keyblade.

Rarity was in a daze, but shook it off, "But perhaps you already know what's causing all of this calamity, has Princess Celestia sent you to dispel it posthaste?" Everypony looked hopeful when she said that.

"Not exactly," Twilight began, afraid to tell them the bad news, "you see, Princess Celestia is...well, she and Princess Luna are both..."

Sora, Donald, Goofy, Jiminy, and Spike decided to take the initiative on this one, "GONE MISSING!!"

Everypony gasped at hearing the news, with the princesses gone, who would protect Equestria?

"I don't know who has taken them, but I've got a hunch we're going to need the Elements of Harmony to get them back." Twilight levitated the glass case concealing said Elements and attaching them to their respective owners.

"Oh, yeah! Just like old times!" Rainbow declared.

"A-boo-yah!" Pinkie said as she hoofbumped Twilight, who walked over to Applejack.

"Ah told ya we'd always be connected by the Elements," Applejack said to her and sighed, "Now we jus' gotta figure out who to aim these bad boys at, so we can get Celestia and Luna back, and keep th' rest of Equestria from becoming plant and critter food!" As Applejack said that, she held a hind leg on an nearby Shadow's head, making it wipe the air trying to hit her. "Uh, Sora?"


Sora dispatched the Shadow as per Applejack's request, "Got 'em."

"Any ideas?" Applejack asked Twilight.

"Hmm..." Twilight began to ponder the events that has happened so far.

"I haven't found squat in any of the books I'm looking through!" Pinkie said as she was playing with a coloring book, "Oopsies! Missed a spot!" She took a crayon and continued to color, making Sora chuckle at her randomness.

"Half day, half night, strange weather patterns, out of control plants, and rampaging Heartless," Twilight listed aloud, making the girls say, "Heartless?" But Twilight ignored them and continued, "I think I'm starting to get a pretty good idea who we're up against."

On their way into the center of town, Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Jiminy explained to the girls what the Heartless were, what they do to people and ponies, and how they're created. They were shocked that such terrible creatures could possibly exist anywhere. Once they arrive to their destination, Twilight lights her horn, which activates the gem in her crown, making the girls float in the air with the gems in their necklaces shining as well. They link themselves with a rainbow coming from their Elements, which swirls around Twilight and enters into her crown, creating a rainbow tornado that summons...

A creature with several different body parts from certain animals unnaturally attached to his body taking a shower, singing to himself.

"Winter wrap up, winter wrap u-OH!" He chuckles as he wraps a towel around himself, "Now, Twilight, you know Princess Celestia said that you were to give me a heads-up before you summon me, with that little spell she gave you," he tapped on her crown a few times as he said that, "In case you haven't noticed, I was in the middle of a particularly invigorating shower." He concluded while drying his flank with his towel in front of Twilight's face.

She shoved him away and said, "Enough!" She walked towards him, making him back up in surprise, "Release Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, and stop the Everfree Forest from invading!"

A vine wrapped itself around Twilight and in a flash of light, the creature appeared in its place with a smug look, "Why, whatever are you talking about?"

"Don'tchu play dumb with us, Discord!" Applejack ordered, "We know yer th' one behind all of this!"

The creature named Discord uncoiled himself from Twilight and popped up on top of one of the houses, taking pictures with a camera that somehow appeared, "Don't get me wrong, I absolutely loooove what you've done with the place," He then made his way over to Fluttershy's side, "But I couldn't possibly take responsibility, I'm reformed, don't you remember?" He nudged Fluttershy, emphasizing that she had something to do with his, "reformation".

Did something happen before I came here? Sora thought.

"Yeah, right!" Rainbow flew to Discord, surprising him, "This has got your cloven hoofprints all over it!"

He regained his composure and put his eagle claw hand to his chest, "I'll have you know that I have only one cloven hoof." For some reason, a disembodied cloven hoof hopped up Discord's body and swung itself behind Rainbow, kicking her in the flank. Discord and the weird hoof disappeared and just Discord reappear in front of the group and walk away, "Such accusations." He stopped and looked back at them with a sad look, "And here I thought we were friends." Then fluttered his eyelashes, giving them a puppy dog face.

"Drop the act, buster!" Pinkie demanded, "We're on to you!"

Discord pressed a finger from his bear hand to shush Pinkie, "Ladies, ladies, I'm innocent! Would I lie to you?"

"YES!" The girls said, except for Fluttershy, who said, "Um, maybe?"

Discord was dumbfounded, but spoke anyway, "Well then, it seems we've reached an impasse; I'm telling the truth, but you think I'm lying," he used his bluebird and bat wings to fly over to Twilight, "what do friends like us do in this situation like this," he poked her crown as he continued, "Princess Twilight?" He then put an arm around her, "Congrats, by the way, on the promotion," he used his to stretch the corners of her mouth and let go, "you totally deserve it!" He then proceeded to poke her nose.

"I say we blast him back to stone!" Rainbow suggested.

"Works for me!" Applejack agreed.

"Hear, hear!" Rarity added.

They prepared the Elements to revert Discord back to stone, who braced himself for the blast-

"Wait!" Fluttershy interrupted, "We can't do that! What if he really is telling the truth?"

Discord smiled with renewed hope, "Well, finally! Somepony willing to give me the benefit of the doubt! The rest of you could learn a lot about friendship from my dear friend Shutterfly here." He reached his bear hand and pulled Rainbow close, believing her to be, "Shutterfly", as he puts it.

"Um, it's Fluttershy." She said from his other side.

He tossed Rainbow away and used his eagle claw hand to pull Fluttershy close instead, "Oh, right, whatever."

Sora crossed his forehooves, "You're bizarre..."

Discord took notice of his comment flew over to him and his friends, "Oh! And who do we have here? Some new friends? Hold on, let me guess," He waved his bear hand toward Sora, "Sora, the legendary Keyblade wielder, who saved the universe many times over," then over to Donald, "Donald Duck, the Court Wizard of Disney Castle and one of King Mickey's two best friends," then Goofy, "Goofy, the Captain of the Royal Knights and King Mickey's other best friend," and finally, Jiminy, "and last, but certainly not least, Jiminy Cricket, Pinocchio's best friend, conscience, and now currently Sora's notary for all of his grand adventures!"

"Hey! How did you know all that!?" Donald angrily asked.

"I am Discord, I have approximant knowledge of, well, just about anything!"

Twilight interrupted Discord's guessing game and tried to get back at task at hoof, "If you're not the one responsible, then help us figure out who is!"

"I suppose I could, but after all the hoof pointing and besmirching of MY good name, I just don't know if I'm up to it." He pulled out a pair of knitting needles from...somewhere, and began knitting one of the vines.

"Ugh!" Twilight groaned.

"Why don't you ask your zebra friend if she knows anything?" He added while knitting the vine into an arrow pointing at a zebra, wearing gold jewelry with an African-like sun on her flanks, lugging a bag and pulling a cart of tribal goods.

"Zecora!" Twilight said as hers and girls spirits brightened.

The group ran over to her and Twilight used her magic to lift the bag off of her back and Pinkie, Fluttershy, Rainbow pull the cart off of her.

"From my home, I've had to flee, the forest has grown too wild, even for me." Zecora explained in rhyme.

"Any idea why all this is happenin'?" Applejack asked as a vine snatched her hat, but she eventually got it back.

"I am afraid it is a mystery to me as well, but I may have something that if combined with a spell." Zecora went into her cart and pulled out a strange bottle of purple liquid, "I do not dare to use it myself, the results would be tragic, it only responds to Alicorn magic." That said, Twilight looked up at her horn and then her wings. "Princess Twilight, you can turn the potion from purple to white, after a sip, you may see why the sky is day and night."

Twilight used her horn and shot raw Alicorn magic into the bottle, turning the liquid white, just as Zecora said.

"Oooooh!" Pinkie cooed in awe.

Everypony looked uncertain about this, even Sora and the gang. Just when Twilight lifted the potion off the ground, they all heard a clinging sound and turned to see what it was and saw an army of Heartless headed their way; Armored Knights, Dual Blades, and even Shadows and Neoshadows appearing from the ground.

"What the hay!?" Rainbow exclaimed.

"They must've sensed the magic from the potion!" Twilight said.

Sora summoned his Keyblade as Donald and Goofy prepared their own weapons, "Don't worry, Twilight! We've faced way worse than this!"

"Yeah, back in Radiant Garden, when that Heartless army appeared!" Goofy added.

Sora craned his head to face Twilight, "We'll handle things here, you just find out who's behind all this!"

"But Sora!" Twilight's plea was on deaf ears as they ran into battle, yelling a battle cry. Twilight just decided to trust Sora and drank the potion, she licked her lips when nothing happened, "Doesn't seem to be workin-" Her words came to a halt when her eyes glowed white and world around her changed.

(stop music)

* * *

Twilight shook her head and found herself in some kind of throne room with a dark blue throne and a yellow one. She is unfamiliar of this place. "Where am I?"

"Not. Another. Step."

The mysterious voice came from a dark blue Alicorn with a translucent mane imitating the stars in the night sky, wearing black regalia on her body, sparkling light blue regalia horseshoe on her hooves, and a black tiara with the moon surrounded in darkness adorned her flanks, who came from behind the dark blue throne with a scowl upon her face.

"Princess Luna!" Twilight exclaimed as she walked over to her, "I don't understand, where are we? Why did you and Celestia disappear?"

Princess Luna remained silent for a moment until she spoke, her words containing malice, "Did you really expect me to sit idly by while they all bask in your precious light!?"

"Precious light?" Twilight echoed.

Princess walked to the bridge in the center of the two thrones, "There can only be one princess in Equestria! And that princess...will be ME!!"

She reared up and stomped her forehooves, smashing part of the bridge. a large crack began to form into the wall behind her as a dark shadow loomed over it and shattered the stained glass and its frame, startling Twilight. Luna lit her horn and raised the moon over the sun, causing a solar eclipse. She lost control of herself and became surrounded in darkness, creating a menacing orb of flaming magic, which Twilight stared in horror at the sight. The orb soon turned black, then a translucent blue, and exploded, revealing Princess Luna, who has changed drastically; the pupils of her eyes narrowed, giving them a cat-like appearance, her teeth have gradually sharpened, her wingspan has grown in length, and her regalia have turned into blue armor, adding a helmet.

"HA-HA-HA-HA-HA! HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!! HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!" She laughed manically as the eclipse soon turned into the normal glow of the moon.

Twilight was in shock and fear of what stood before her, it was no longer Princess Luna, it was the monster that she and her friends have fought once, the monster she thought was gone for good...

Nightmare Moon.

To Be Continued On Kingdom Hearts: Princess Twilight Sparkle Part 2...

* * *

You see the save screen on your TV,

Would you like to save your game?
[Yes] [No]

You click "Yes".


You come up on your file list.

1. Canterlot High [Play Time] 0:48:12
School Courtyard [Munny] 3500

2. - - -

3. - - -

You then click your previous save file.

This already has a saved file, would you like to overwrite it?
[Yes] [No]

You click "Yes".


Your game is saved!

"Stinking cliffhangers!" You curse.

"Sweetie, come on! We're going to Golden Corral for lunch!" Your mom called.

"Okay, mom! I'm coming!"

You switch off your TV and game console and head out the door with your family.

Author's Note:

It's time for Jiminy's Journal!




A known troublemaker for the ponies. He is made up of several different body parts of animals in an unnatural way and has control over the most strangest of magic. He appears to have gone through some reformation prior to our arrival.
Not much else is known about him...


A zebra who once lived in the Everfree Forest, but was forced to flee because of the invading vines and Heartless. Her speech is affiliated with rhymes, maybe it's a usual custom for zebras in this world. For some reason, she seems similar to Rafiki from the Pride Lands.
Not much else is known about her...

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