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Have a fave and a like.

Yay reading!

The sequel that needed to exist.

You truly are the gay horse king.

I'll say, m/m is not my cup of tea. But this story really got me hooked, besides, I don't know why but I feel that if this story were to be f/f, it would not have been that great.

Even though I think that TwiDash is one of the most overused ships in this fandom (aside from AppleDash, TwiLuna, TwiLestia... actually, ANY ship that has Twilight and/or Rainbow Dash, etc.), I really enjoyed the first story enough to favorite this one. I'm anxious to see how this goes, but all I only ask for one thing:

Please... PLEASE don't make Applejack a homophobic asshole! I know you want to do that, but it's one of the most overused tropes in coming out stories like this. And considering that the Mane 6 have all saved each other's lives multiple times, I don't want to see those bonds get messed up because of something as petty as a friend's orientation.

Hmm, not sure if want to read, what with Dusk being a damn-near rapist last time. Also, 5625618's comment makes me fear AJ being some homophobe, and that ain't cool...

Also, did... did you reuse the same cover art as before?

I didn't plan or really want to make Applejack homophobic in this story.

Applejack wasn't even in the chapter, so don't be afraid. Dusk's pretty sweet in this chapter and this story moving forward, so don't worry too much there either.

And I did use the same cover.


It didn't need a sequel, but by God did we get one. I'm not complaining. I saw this and I was like ZWOOP, click. I'm really looking forward to the possibilities with this one. You can delve so much deeper into Blitz's personality and his reactions, and emotions, and feelings and it gives you such a broader spectrum to work with. i'm really looking forward to it.

Automatically clicked "track story" as soon as i saw it...
Loved the last one and can't wait to read this one!

I'll be honest; I really like this one. It painted Dusk in a far more amiable light, with him still taking the lead, but always making sure Blitz is willing. There is certainly a lot more trust between them in this one, and while Blitz is still scared about being found out, I can certainly see him becoming less so, while at the same time, Dusk has learnt to be more laid back- dominant still, of course, but respectful of Blitz's wishes. All in all, 10/10 in my opinion- it's sweet, it's hot, it's kinky, and it doesn't have any the problems that made me uneasy about the first. This sequel so far is not only as good as the first, but it surpasses it, actually.


Hmm.... grr, damn my love of gay pones!!!

“Yeah, yeah…” Blitz rolled his eyes. “I wish I had known. I would have tried out for the roll!


Very sweet. And I apologize if I sounded a bit harsh in my previous comment. A friend of mine took issue with some of the things that happened in the first one, and that kinda gave me an impression, one that I am pleased to see I was wrong about. This is very sweet, well-written, and I am eager to see where it goes from here. Any idea how long this will be?

Thanks, I'm glad to see you enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

No problem. It will either be three or four chapters. I'm also working on a side story with Elusive and Butterscotch that runs parallel to this one, though that won't be released before this one is done.

Comment posted by Panem et Circenses deleted Feb 15th, 2015

Read 'till the end in one fell swoop.
Here's what i predict, due to what i can tell about the characters from the show:
Fluttersh- wait... sorry... Butterscotch will probably be quite embarrassed, blushing and with a lot of 'um's and 'oh's.
AJ will probably have a bit of a smirk and will probably engage in some lighthearted teasing.
Bubble Berry will be even more energetic and happy, and probably immediately start planning for the inevitable party that will come of it... As they say, 'You don't go to a Bubble Berry party, the party comes to you. there is no escape.'
Elusive will have a very large and most definitely overly-dramatic reaction and will demand to know EVERY. SINGLE. DETAIL, even though he already knows, as he has to keep up appearances after all.
In all i think Butterscotch would be too embarrassed to talk about it, so Blitz's secret won't get out through him, AJ wouldn't tell anyway, but that leaves Bubble Berry and his inevitable well-meaning party to perhaps give it away, unless Dusk and Blitz specifically make him Bubble Berry promise not to tell anyone and just to keep the party between the six. Elusive as far as i can tell in this one won't tell as he already knows and hasn't done so already, so really the only danger is a well-meaning Bubble inadvertently broadcasting it to the rest of Ponyville.
Oh, and if you're wondering about my earlier comment, i accidentally deleted a part of it before posing and so i retyped it and reposted it.
-Emperor Greif McScumbag VII of Grieftasia.

Dominant/submissive stuff during sex. In other words, one of them acting in a dominant role.

More cum inflation, please? Make Dusk save up again and give lil' Rainbow a nice, swollen belly!


I would have to say, that, that right there, was the sweetest, the most vomit inducing love story I've read about a gay couple. And I loved it.

Sweet Christmas, a continuation of an already amazing story!

Rock on you magnificent bastard.

Delicious faggotry

I loved it! I'm really excited about this sequal and it's off with a bang already.

Oh my god, it is a sequel of my favourite gay-colored-horsies fanfiction! :twilightsmile:


just had to

Annd followed. Looking forward to seeing what happens: maybe Blitz can be on top for once? :rainbowkiss:

Comment posted by Ajax94410 deleted Feb 15th, 2015

I plan on working in some of the fetishes from the previous story into this one. Maybe a bit of crossdressing as well, since that was pretty fun to write.

I might in a one shot later where Blitz is in charge, but for this one he's still the sub. Though I'm thinking of doing a power bottom scene for Dusk.

“I think I’m want to tell our friends…”

Typo here. It should be I instead of I'm.

Nicely done so far. I love how you write this, and I can't wait for more. :heart:


My excitement is contained, but just as vast. :pinkiesmile:

Derring-do -> Daring Do

I’m want to -> I want to


If anything, dusk May be a bit too obsessive.

I'll be sticking around for both the clop and the story. It feels good to say that for once; most fics focus on one or the other. :twilightsheepish:

I do wonder about Elusive, though. Why wasn't he mentioned? Doesn't he know?

Also, an interesting choice to not gender-swap Thunderlane. Usually it's an all-or-nothing matter. This brings up the question of whether it's just the Mane Six + Barb (and Derring-do, presumably) who've been 63'd, or if it's a general mishmash. :applejackunsure:

I think Derring-do was on purpose, as a gender-swapped Daring Do. (Though I would have preferred if it was Derring-Do, with both D's capitalized. That's probably just me, though.)


No, I think it works. He's probably realized just how hard he pushed Blitz in the last story, so he's scared of losing him. As we see, while there may be a clear Dom/sub in the bedroom, their normal relationship is very much normal, so Dusk probably thinks he might lose Blitz of he pushes too hard again. Just like Barb said.


The reason I made this point is because dusk was, yes overly so, confident about his knowing how To get blitz. He's already seeming to be heading to border-line creepy. He touched on it a bit last time, but it's really just showing he's not as confident as we though.

That's what I see anyways.

Yaaay, a sequel, and it's a coming out story, too. As much as I love hot, gay sex, I love reading emotional romantic fics, especially ones that have coming out or other gay-specific themes

5625618 amen

I think most people do it because they say "BLAH blah southern accent EQUALS BLAH blah homophobic"

Off to a good start. I have a feeling that Blitz doesn't have anything to fear when it comes to the other Mane Six. His work buddies, maybe, but not the Elements.


Keep in mind that what is creepy for you is not creepy for everyone else. A problem I see with most people trying to analyze things here on Fimfic is not taking into full consideration that the actions and reasons of the characters involved are not tailored to the individual reader or even the audience, but between those characters. Blitz responded quite well to what Dusk has done, and Dusk has performed his natural role well. This means it's working and is appropriate for the two of them. As Blitz's epiphany this chapter pointed out, he needs to be pushed. Dusk's experience, nature, intelligence, and familiarity with Blitz makes him the best person to push Blitz. That includes the observation and analysis efforts Dusk has put into this, which is natural in most top/bottom relationships, requiring more depending on the depth of involvement in the relationship.

Maybe not so much charts and whatnot, as I suspect Dusk used, but that's his personal thing. As a dominant, one can't rely on what the submissive tells you alone, rather that should be used as a guidepost to read between the lines. An experienced submissive expects you to be able to know them at least as well as they know themselves in short order, and a newly-minted bottom such as Blitz holds a similar expectation, but it is generally not something he consciously thinks about. You have to be able to tell a lot about the person that they can't or won't tell you (a big portion of the relationship is pushing them outside of their comfort zone and into something they might not have known they'd enjoy), and that requires powers of observation.


I'm aware of this, but I was not referring to his pushing blitz to be more open to this. I was actually talking about dusk's sudden feeling that blitz possibility of not being with him for long, and this relationship being a very temporary thing. His asking for the feather, almost seeming to feel that he isn't actually worth what he thinks he does to blitz if blitz should refuse to allow it. I understand fearing losing somebody, but I'd like to understand the sudden change a bit more. I'm hoping to see it in later chapters.

so far so good:yay:

Has it really been a year?

Hey, just remember...Elusive knows about the relationship, too. You keep referring to only Barb and Dusk being aware that Rainbow is gay, but Elusive does, too.

Although, I wonder...would Rainbow go to the spa with another stallion, or is that too gay? An even better question, however, is this: Are the spa sisters gender flipped?

Oh god, I'm excited for the next chapter already! You sir are one of the best clop artists in the world!


All I can say is this...
Good chapter too. Pleas make this one a biiit longer than the last if you dont mind.
Love it favorite it fuck along with it.
oh, and it follows my curent BF relationship perfectly, save he is shy and dosent want anyone to know. At all.

Eager to see what happens next. I would love to see more of Dusk's domineering and jealousy side.

Maybe Blitz does something that causes Dusk to "snap" and forces him to reassert his dominance in the relationship. Sorta remind Blitz who's the stallion and who's the mare in this relationship.

I really enjoyed that side of Dusk in the first story.

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