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LunaArmor? Dis gun be gud...

A whole story, huh? Not even just chapters, but the whole thing.

Soon as I saw your name on the story, I had a boner.

5464735 I see the story, read the description. Instant boner.
also, When you gonna update Jungle Fever?

Probably next week if me and my buddy are able.

I go all in if you know what I mean. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)‎

Oh yeah bby, I just love me some crackshipping.

This was good, hot and smoking!


You're goddamn right you did.

My eternal love and gratitude.

Very good story, my friend

Good job, Bob.

Couldn't have done it without Merc at my side, being sexy as always.

But of course. Do you two plan on doing future collaborations? (I'm sure you have done in the past and I admittedly didn't pay attention)

You betcha. Crackships 4 Life!

Let the testing begin.

Crack ship that's good what is this madness.

“Procure us a fitting room. Mine knight will browse the clothing and obtain me a vestment.”

That first sentence should probably be changed to, I shall procure us a fitting room. Or something along those lines. As it stands, it sounds like Luna is ordering him to get them a fitting room and ordering him to find clothing at the same time.

leader of a county is supposed to be.


“Thou shouldn’t tempt the magic holder, Ser Shining. Otherwise I’ll make thee wear the disgusting abomination and look good while doing so,” Luna warned.

Yes... that would be awful. It'd be even worse if someone drew art of that and linked it to me...

I'm... not sure what I just read, but...
Not bad. Not bad at all.

I ship it.

But seriously, I think you just gave me an actual ship to sail (is that the proper terminology?) and it's the first one in this fandom. And it contradicts the headcanon I've made. Fuck you, Rainbow. Fuck you and your little Bob too.


okay but seriously u make me ship lulu with someone that's just mean; ur mean rainbowbob


Thanks. I like writing her tougher. I prefer a warrior over a more meek character, like she's usually shown to be in the fandom.

:facehoof: Bro. Never assume you are in better shape than the one who literally wrote the training manual.

5466110 Dude, you are now sailing on the ship S.S LunaArmor!

From chapter 5:

I mean, she hasn’t completely opened up to me over these past few months, but we’ve been making promise.

'been making promise' seems like a really odd way to word this. It's been a promising start, perhaps? Or, we've been making headway?

“...It was Blueblood, wasn’t it?”

“Perhaps,” Luna replied. Though the answer clearly meant ‘yes.’

This just seems like the easy way out. Might have been better if Luna ditched her date for being boring. Or perhaps even better than that if it had been Celestia purposefully giving her a bad date to make Shining look good.

Chapter 6:
You abused the ellipses a bit in their conversation.

Plus, you actually made a guard duty not boring.

Probably better without the a.

All together, this was a great story. I really loved this type of characterization for Luna.

Dear Christ let there be a sequel to this!

5466277 I concur. She was in fact the head of the royal armies at the time, so it only makes sense that she possesses the abilities of a warrior.

The cover art reminds me of mistral.

Me seeing the cover art:

a fuck, i need to read this shit now


Earlier Me: Dis? Gun b guuuud.

Present Me: Dis? Was guuuuuuud!

5465935 I think it's fine the way it is as she's talking to the man with the pencil moustache who's running the store

5466360 lol, i think he heard you but he's too busy keeping his manhood intact :rainbowlaugh:

She reached up, pragmatically taking a hold of her breasts in her hands.

Oh my gooooooooooooooooood :pinkiegasp: *froths from mouth and dies of envy* shining you lucky bastard! :flutterrage:

“Princess, as your friend, I should warn you about something crucial about me.” Shining ran a hand through his hair and gave her is best award-winning grin. “I always look good.”


I saw "would of" a couple of times in this chapter. Otherwise pretty solid.

That was so effing hot. This is among the best luna shipfics i've ever read (and i've read quite a few).
O dear where to start... first off kudos to you for choosing the cover art. Damn, just when i was planning to have a full night's sleep this helluva story with its *@$$=+-^ cover art comes along. Oh well, goodbye sleep.
Second, your luna. Your luna was dropdead, legendary, intensity 9000, sexy. SEXY. It's not just because of the picture, she's goddamn sexy because of how you wrote her. Her cool aloof and mysterious demeanor add to that her hardy personality and martial prowess... dayuuuummm.
Third and last, the love scene. It was divine in execution. I was expecting a hardcore-wild, frenzied sex craze but what i got was a tender, enthralling, heart-racing, lovemaking. It was hot as celestias sun... yes.

Dear princess celestia,
Today i've learned how much of an awesome sonofagun-writer rainbowbob truly is.

Your faithful(soon to be sleep deprived) student,

5466970 from MGR? If so.... RULES OF NATURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5468118 Yeah, bro! If she dyed her hair blue and got her limbs back, that's her spitting image.

oh its one of your stories.
guess I better go read it :rainbowdetermined2:

Nice story.
Shit, how'd an hour go by? :rainbowderp:

You done gud, Rainbow (and Merc too!)

5464962 Stop being that guy.

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