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Sgt. Marcus Burns, SAS, is sent into the Everfree Forest by a strange bolt of magical energy, and Ponyville's local drinker stumbles across him.

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 67 )

Great so far, though as with all HiE fics there are only a finite amount of places you can go with this, and I am curious as to where you are going to go with this.

This is rather good. I noticed a few past and current tense errors, but nothing major.
Good work

Sgt. Marcus Burns, SAS? As in the CoD:MW3 character? Interesting...

EDIT: This is actually pretty good so far. CoD and MLP doesn't seem like a very good combination, but then again I am also reading Pony Gear Solid, so...

I'm not sure how you wanted it to sound

“I really shouldn’t go in there,” said she to herself in a light, feminine voice. “I mean, I’d been told since I was a filly to not even come this close.”

I'd been told. It would work for internal thought for a first person point of view since. I'd simply means 'I had.' I think I've would rather suit that part better.

Well, if that's it, then it's fixed. Thank you for pointing it out, Sir.

Not bad. Not bad at all. I approve!

I like it! :pinkiehappy:
I really am not a great critic! :derpytongue2:

It's not a problem at all. Any critic's welcome here.

It is interesting how Rossiya is always the antagonist:ajbemused:

544063It is Russia in transliteration I am learning how to type in english but I learned transliteration first

Ah, I see. Terribly sorry, Sir.

The atory is off to a incredibellay good start do go on good sir

I'm afraid I'm not a Sir, Sir.

Incridibly sorry good madame now i feel like a ass cuz ur name states your gender:ajsleepy:never the less damn good story:ajsmug:

We all screw up sometimes, Mate.

AWESOME! :rainbowkiss:
please make moar! :pinkiehappy:

Like last time pure epicness my good lady:pinkiesmile:

Well he's taking it rather calmly…

Well that's kind of sad, you've already posted a new story with two chapters before I've even updated mine once... I must start writing right now!

Also, great chapter I loved it.

Is that bad? I mean, he explains exactly why.

565166 Well it's more of the fact that he got over the 'oh I'm not on Earth anymore' pretty quickly. Plus I'd have to say that you really shortcutted around the 'this is Equestria' conversation.

Once again, a good chapter! :ajsmug:
Keep up the good work! :pinkiehappy:

I see. I guess I just didn't want to say the same thing you've heard in every single Human story you've read.

can the ending be about like britian fucking up the russians plz

That happened in MW3, My Friend.

I suppose things will be explained in due time...

It makes it all the better that I started watching Doctor Who about 2 weeks ago, I love the show and seeing him in a story of YOURS.... icing on the cake.

That they will, Good Sir.
That it will, Good Sir.
well, I am honoured you think that, Good Sir.

Well madam you are genius

Is that sarcasm, or genuineness?

Now why would i use sarcasm this has caught my intrest and i constantly look for updates

I also dont know why but i also keep telling people that I CANT WAIT FOR SEASON 3

I highly doubt any of us can just sit down and wait for another season. Also, I've come to expect sarcasm from people who compliment me.

Srry u deel that way towards compliments but i will tell u this i never use sarcasm when complimenting however after i compliment people just insult me but i aint gonna explain my life story so yea...good fic

I wasn't intending to insult you in any way, shape, form, or left shoe, Sir. I'm terribly sorry.

No worries you didnt insult me i was just saying that i usually get insulted after i compliment srry for making you think you inulted me didnt mean to give that impression

Oh, well, okay then. Terribly sorry, either way.

FIRST!!!! Yes!!! Good job and due to this fic i got into mw3 and doctor who again


What do you mean "First?" And, I'm honoured to have shown you to these two great genres again.
Indeed, Good Sir.

631923 He means he was the first commenter.

Also you said "This isn’y ‘my’ country, but this place is in need of defending, and I’m here to answer that call."
Should be isn't:scootangel:

Yes i was first commenter so i did mean first and please tell me you didnt kill frost when he only just appeared or i may get sad:fluttershbad:

Damn these keys being so bloody close together. Thank you for pointing that out, Mate.
I see. And, I have to be honest; Frost did die.

Part 1: it's cool, I'm good at speling:trollestia:
Part 2: noooooooooooooo!

Hello tears pleasure seeing you again the story is still doing great and i shall continue to read and give freindly comments or advice and correction if needed or wanted *lots of :heart: the brony of vegas :ajsmug:

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