• Published 3rd Jan 2015
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Code Pink - Summer Dancer

The Dazzlings are forced to spend a whole night with Pinkie Pie.

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Part 1

Pinkie Pie herself had a wild imagination. Anything could happen in her eyes. But if someone had told her that one day she would be running from the police and leading the Dazzlings to her house with at least forty bras in tow, she would’ve laughed told them they were loco in the coco. But lo and behold, here they were. She and her new found friend Sonata Dusk were keeping good pace, But Adagio Dazzle and Aria Blaze were having increased difficulty carrying the huge bag filled with brassieres. Pinkie looked back and grinned encouragingly. “Hang in there, guys! It’s just a couple more houses down!”

“I wish you would let us help you with that,” Sonata said as she jogged beside Pinkie.

“N-No, we got it,” Aria huffed stubbornly.

“If anything, we can handle a few bras, thank you very much,” Adagio grunted.

Sonata clicked her tongue. “They’re always so prideful,” She whispered to Pinkie.

“Well, you won’t have to worry about that much longer, Sonata,” Pinkie said assuredly. “Once we get to my house, you can all relax—and meet my family!”

Adagio groaned inwardly. The last thing she needed was to meet and spend the whole night with Pinkie’s crazy, out of control family. They probably moved here from the circus for all she knew. “We’re here!” She heard Pinkie announce. She looked up to see a… normal-looking house. But Instead of pink, like she thought it would be, it was the surprising shade of blue-grey. Instead of colorful flowers on the lawn, there was only rocks and gravel. Pinkie lived here? The others seemed to be thinking the exact same thing.

“You sure we’re at the right house?” Aria asked with one eyebrow raised.

“Maybe it’s the next one over,” Sonata suggested, craning her neck to look at the other houses down the street.

“Nope! This is my house!” Pinkie said cheerfully. She dug into her pockets. “Now, let’s see…” She patted her vest, frowning in confusion. Then she ran her fingers through her hair. “Where are those keys?” She pulled out a number of objects from her hair. A stick of gum, some loose change, some marbles, a live goldfish, a CD, and pop rocks. “Darn, I must have dropped the keys somewhere in the mall!”

Adagio frowned. “The mall’s closed now! And possibly swarming with cops! We can’t go back!”

“You mean we’re stuck out here!?” Aria shouted in frustration. “This is just great!”

“Don’t worry!” Pinkie assured them. “My sister’s inside.” She hopped over to the front door and raised her fist. “I’ll just knock on the door, and—"



Pinkie gasped and turned to the Dazzlings. Adagio and Aria were scowling at a very guilty Sonata. “What happened?” She cried, running over to them.

“She just threw a rock through the freaking window,” Aria growled. Pinkie looked up at the second story window. There was a shattered hole right in the middle of the glass.

“I didn’t mean for that to happen!” Sonata defended. “I saw it in romance movies all the time—I thought it would wake her up, not—"

Suddenly, the front door opened to reveal a grey girl wearing a plain white T-shirt and dark shorts. Her expression was blank. “Maud!” Pinkie exclaimed.

“What’s going on out here?” Maud asked in her monotone voice. She glanced at the three Sirens standing awkwardly behind her sister.

“Who are your friends?”

“Oh. Oh! Yeah, Maud, these are the Dazzlings, Adagio, Aria, and Sonata. Guys, this is my sister Maud!”

Sister?” They exclaimed together. This girl didn’t look like Pinkie at all.

“Weren’t these the girls that terrorized your school?” Maud asked Pinkie.

She nodded. “Well, yeah...but they’re cool now. Is it okay if they stay here for the night? Pretty please?”

Maud looked from the Dazzlings to her sister. She shrugged. “Sure.” She stepped aside to let the girls in. Pinkie grinned and wrapped her in a tight hug. “Thanks, Maud!” Adagio and Aria squeezed past them with the bras. Sonata followed them inside, smiling apologetically.

Pinkie suddenly released Maud and looked at her closely. “Wait—You don’t have a scratch on you!”

Sonata frowned. “If I didn’t hit you with that rock, then who’d I hit?” Before Maud could respond, a teenage girl came out from the kitchen, clutching a thick dish towel to her head. Blood was trickling from her concealed temple. “Marble!” Pinkie cried, rushing over to the injured girl. “Are you okay?”

“Pinkie, would you believe it? There I was, watching That’s So Robin reruns, then BAM! A rock smashes through your window, and flies from your room to mine, and I get whacked in the head! Since when does that happen? Coincidence? I think not!”

“Marble, enough with the Leprechauns!” Another girl said, entering the living room holding a bottle of peroxide. Pinkie’s eyes widened.

“Limestone too? When did you guys get here?”

“A few hours ago,” Limestone replied, giving Pinkie a hug. “That Sapphire Shores Sweepstakes didn’t quite go as planned.” She paused and glanced over at the Sirens. Adagio and Aria were turning the bag upside down, letting the bras fall onto the couch. “…The heck is this?”

“Limestone, these are—"

“The jokers that hit Marble with a rock?” Limestone cut in angrily.

Aria crossed her arms. “That wasn’t us, it was her.” She nodded her head towards Sonata. The blue Siren’s eyes welled up with tears. “I’m—I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to do that, I swear!”

Marble walked over to Sonata and placed a hand on her shoulder. “It’s okay. I don’t blame you.”

“Y…You don’t?”

“No…not really. What’s your name?”


Marble stared at her and then blurted out a giggle. “Then I suppose its Sonata issue with me then!” She looked around the room, grinning. “Get it?” Crickets. Marble frowned. “I’m funny too!”

Maud took the peroxide from Limestone and started guiding Marble to the bathroom. “Come on. Let’s get you cleaned up.”

As soon as they left, Aria leaned over slightly. “Is it too late to turn ourselves in to the police?” Sonata swatted her on the arm.

Limestone walked over to Pinkie and slung an arm around her. “So. I suspect they’ll be no funny business around our kid sister?” She asked, ruffling Pinkie’s hair.

Adagio rolled her eyes and forced a smile. “Why, we wouldn’t dream of it,” She drawled sarcastically.

Limestone caught onto her tone and frowned. “Good. Because I’ve heard all about you three, and I’d hate to be the one to dial the police if any other injuries happen tonight.”

Pinkie bit her lip. “Limestone—"

“Oh, no, no!” Adagio interrupted, placing her hands on her hips. “She should be able to express her own opinion—and she’s right. She is. We give our word that nothing will happen to your family tonight—Siren’s honor.” She held up two fingers. Sonata immediately did the same thing. Aria reluctantly followed suit—then crossed her fingers behind her back.

Limestone gave them one last glare before turning away. “Just be careful, Pinkamena,” She said, as she went down a hallway.



Pinkie’s face turned bright red as Adagio and Aria howled with laughter. Sonata covered her mouth to hide her grin. “Pinkamena?” Aria chortled. Adagio wiped tears from her eyes.

Pinkie frowned and rolled her eyes. “Let’s just try on those bras,” She muttered.

Snips slurped the last of his slushy through the straw. “Aaah,” He sighed, and leaned against a trash can.

“This is the life, huh, Snips?” His best friend Snails said, enjoying his own slushy.

Snips shrugged. “I dunno. This is pretty chill, but there’s not enough action around here these days.”

“…Yeah, I miss being mind-controlled too.”

“Yeah…wait, that’s not what I—“ Snips stopped himself and elbowed his pal on the arm. “Look!” Snails raised his head to see Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon gabbing to each other. “They’re coming this way,” Snips whispered. He gave Snails a confident smirk. “Watch how it’s done.” Snails sat back and watched.

“So I said why wouldn’t she do my homework?” Diamond snickered.

“Hey,” Snips said in his deepest voice. “Did it hurt?” Both girls stopped and looked at him in confusion. “…When you fell outta heaven?”

Diamond scoffed and kept on walking. “Get lost, loser. Come on, Silver.” Silver Spoon hung back for just a couple of moments and flashed Snips a five second smile before skipping after her leader.

“Real smooth, Snips,” Snails chuckled.

“Smooth is right!” Snips declared, turning to his friend with a smirk. “Did you see the way she looked at me? Score!”

Snails scratched his head. “Wait…Silver Spoon?”


“Not Diamond Tiara?”

Snips’ face contorted in disgust. “Eww! No! Why would I consider going out with the Pig?”

Snails shrugged his shoulders. “Eh, I wouldn’t consider her bein’ a Pig. I hear she does perfume commercials with her mom.”

Snips face palmed. “Look. I think she’s smart. And cute. Don’t you think?”

Snails shrugged again. “Meh. I like Apple Bloom better. But I’m not exactly on good terms with her ever since the Battle, man.”

Snips nodded. “Yeah, most people are still kinda on the ropes since the contest. I just wish that I could take her out on a date maybe. But I don’t know how to ask!”

“Maybe you should just…Y’know….ask?”

“Whaddaya, crazy? She’s like royalty. One does not simply ask Silver Spoon out on a date!”

“Dedicate a rap to her?”

Snips waved his hand. “Na, that’ll take too long. I need to really impress her. We need to impress, man! Don’t you want Apple Bloom to notice you?”


“I’ll tell you what we’ll do. We gotta be cool! Do cool stuff, you know?”

Snails raised an eyebrow. “What kind of cool stuff?”

Snails opened his mouth and then paused. He scratched the back of his head. “Um…I dunno.”

“Heeey, Button Mash!” Snails suddenly called, waving his hand. Snips looked up to see Button slowing down on his bike next to them. He looked quite shaken up.

“ ’Sup, bro?” Snails said, holding out his fist.

“Hey, dude.” Button bumped his fist against Snail’s and repeated the notion with Snips.

“What’s going on, Mash?” Snips inquired. “You don’t look so good.”

“Yeah, you look like you’ve seen a ghost,” Snails agreed.

Button swallowed. “I might as well,” He muttered.

“What happened, buddy?”

“You wouldn’t believe it—I was riding my bike down Graphite Avenue when I saw Pinkie Pie and the Dazzlings running down the sidewalk holding a ginormous bag of bras!”

“Dazzlings!” Snips shouted.

“Bras?” Snails questioned.

“No joke!” Button insisted. “I saw it with my own eyes…” He shuddered. “And I really wish I hadn’t.”

“Well, did ya see where they went?” Snips asked eagerly.

“I saw them go inside Pinkie’s house—and I think the blue one possibly killed somebody.”

Snips elbowed Snails. “Dude, that’s it! Here’s our chance to do something cool!”


“We go on a panty raid!”

Snails spit out a large amount of slushy.

Button’s pupils dilated. “Are you crazy? They’ll kill you!

“No they won’t—not if they don’t see us!”

Snails shook his head. “Look man. I admire your courage, but let’s face the facts—we’re not cool. I mean, look at us—couple of guys hanging out the Eleven Seven, drinking blueberry slushys outta bendy straws—"

“Hey! Real men drink out of bendy straws!”

“—Face it, Snips…it’s out of our league!”

“And downright disgusting!” Button put in.

Snips grabbed Snails by the cardigan. “Snap out of it, man! Look. We got six and a half months left of our Freshman year—you wanna spend the rest of it as wimps? As nobodys?”

“Well, no—"

“Heck no! I say we do something about it! I say we break the status quo! By the end of tonight, we’re gonna be legends!”

Snails tapped his chin. “Legends huh?”

“And just think of Apple Bloom. She likes risk takers, does she not? So whaddaya say, buddy? Are you in?”

Snails thought for a minute. He grinned. “I’m in.”

Button shook his head. “It starts.”

Snips grinned. “What about it, Button Mash? Care to join us?”

Button rapidly shook his head. “Oh, no no no no. Uh-uh. You’re not roping me into this. I’ve seen too much. Heard too much. I’m out!”

“Suit yourself! But first, we need to go back home to acquire the appropriate gear! Let’s meet back here in one hour.”

Snails nodded. “Agreed.”

Button started pedaling away. “Great. You do that. I’m just gonna go rinse my eyeballs out with mouth wash.”

“Okay, see ya buddy!”

“Later, Mash!”

Rainbow Dash sped down the empty neighborhood street on her bike, the wind blowing through her hair. She loved moments like this, when she could go as fast as she wanted without any limitations. After all the assignments, essays, projects, and especially the Battle of the Bands tension, she could definitely use a breather.

Although she and her friends were on great terms with each other now, she had the feeling that at least half of the student body had not fully recovered. People were either still guilty over the way they had treated others, or still a little bitter over what was said, spell or not. Some kids got along better, but others were still affected—two students had even transferred to Crystal Empire High School. I guess having your mind invaded twice in one month can do that to you, Rainbow thought.

The cyan teen was pulled out of her thoughts when she heard distant sirens from behind her. Must’ve caught Berry Punch drinking again. However, the sirens got louder and louder. She glanced behind her to see about ten or twelve police cars behind her. “What the heck?” A voice boomed from a megaphone.

“You there! Pull over!”

Rainbow’s heart dropped in her stomach. “What—Me?”

“Yes, you! Pull over your vehicle this instant!”

“Oh, heck no!” She stood slightly and pedaled faster.

The cop with the megaphone sat there, dumbfounded. “Is she seriously trying to outrun us with a bicycle?” His partner said in disbelief.

The first cop nodded darkly. “It appears so. After her.”


Rainbow gasped as the police cars sped up in full pursuit of her. “Oh crap!” She pedaled even faster, making a sharp left down another street, slowing them down a bit. “I haven’t been arrested since I was twelve! My Dad’s gonna kill me if it happens again!”

A band of teens on motorcycles suddenly appeared a few feet in front of her. “Gah! Move it move it move it!”

The motorcyclists gave out shouts of surprise when they saw Rainbow Dash speeding towards them with a squad of cop cars behind her. They moved out of the way on either side of her so that she could pass. “Yeah, Dash!” Gilda cheered, her fist in the air. The others took up the cheer as Rainbow whizzed by.

“Get it, girl!” Thunder Lane laughed.

“Happy New Year, Dash!” Lightning Dust hooted. “In jail!”

Rainbow’s legs were on fire, but she didn’t dare slow down. She had to admit, this was kind of awesome, if it weren’t for the possibility of her getting arrested and her Dad unleashing whatever rage he would surely have inside him. Just then, a truck came up in front of her from the right—


Rainbow smacked right into the side of the truck and fell backwards onto the street concrete. “Ohhh,” She moaned, holding her bruised arm. The man who was driving the car stepped out and stood over her.

“Why, if it isn’t miss Rainbow Jennifer Dash!”

Rainbow looked up at the man and immediately closed her eyes. “Mr. Discord,” She groaned. She was stopped by the school janitor of all people. ”Un-freaking-believable.”

Discord smiled down at her and put his hands on his hips. “Well, this is awfully peculiar, even for you, Rainbow Dash. Perhaps this is a new fad of yours? I’d rather you tell me up front, because I can’t have teenagers throwing themselves against my truck like this, my insurance simply won’t cover it! Now—!"

He was cut off at the sight of multiple police cars swarming around them, sirens wailing, lights flashing. Policemen jumped out of their vehicles and quickly advanced on the injured teenager. “Swarm, swarm!”

Rainbow scowled. “Hey, why are you tackling me, I’m already do—!" They instantly pulled her to her feet.

“What’s all this?” Discord demanded.

“It’s none of your concern, Sir,” An officer replied, straightening his dark sunglasses.

The janitor scoffed indignantly. “Not my concern? I’ll have you know that I was the one that helped you capture this young teenager, so I think I deserve an explanation as to why she’s wanted for murder, hmmm?”

The officer frowned. “She’s not wanted for murder.” He looked at his team, and then back at the janitor. “This one,” He said finally, “Is a suspect in the robbery of JAY Jewelers. When we tried to pull her over for questioning, she ran.”

Rainbow quickly shook her head. “I didn’t know anything about a robbery! I didn’t do it! I swear!”

“Then why did you run?”

“I had twenty-something cop cars chasing me down! I freaked!”

“Likely story.”

“Do you have any proof that she was the culprit? Any cold hard evidence?” Discord questioned, folding his arms.

“We will, as soon as we take her down to the jewelry store for verification.” The officer said. He turned to the two other policemen holding onto Rainbow. He gave them a slight nod. They released her.

Rainbow started to sigh in relief, until one of the female officers started to frisk her. “Whoa, whoa, hey!” She protested. “Hands off the merchandise!”

“She’s clean,” The officer stated, bemused.

“Right then. Let’s take her down to the store.”

“I don’t believe this,” Rainbow muttered as they handcuffed her and put her in the back seat of one of the cars. The female officer placed a hand on top of her head as she ducked inside. “In you go, flight risk; watch your head.”

“Fight the power, Rainbow Dash!” Discord called. Rainbow rolled her eyes.

“Mine won’t come on right!” Sonata whined. She and the other Dazzlings were in Pinkie’s bathroom trying on their new bras for the first time. Pinkie stood on the other side of the door giving them as much guidance as possible.

“Did you turn it upside down like I said?” Pinkie asked.

“Yeah, and I fastened it, but I can’t pull it up!”

“Do you really do this when putting on a bra every day?” Aria grunted, having difficulty getting hers to fasten around her back.

“This is atrocious and utterly unnecessary!” Adagio shouted.

Pinkie tapped her chin. “That’s how all the other girls do it—but I just fasten it beforehand and pull it over.”

There was a moment of pause.


“Well that’s much better.”

“Why didn’t you say that before?”

Pinkie giggled. “Now that that’s settled—“


“Oh! That’s the doorbell! There’s some spare Pajamas on the bed, you can pick whichever ones! I’ll be right back!”

She trampled down the stairs to the living room. Limestone was sitting on one of the couches reading a magazine. “I’ll get it!” Pinkie chirped. She slid over to the front door on her socks and peeked through the peephole. “It’s the Cakes!” She unlocked the door and flew it open. Mr. and Mrs. Cake stood in their uniforms holding sleeping and duffle bags.

Pumpkin and Pound stood in front of them in their pajamas. “Aunt Pinkie!” They screamed, jumping up and down around her.

“Hey guys!” Pinkie grinned, kneeling down to hug them. “Hello, Pinkie dear,”

Cup Cake said breathlessly. “We hate to do this to you, especially on such short notice and so late too—"

“But you see, we have to fulfill a very important order for a very important client in Dodge City,” Carrot Cake finished. “We don’t have anyone to watch the twins, especially at this hour, but do you think—"

“Say no more, Mr. Cake!” Pinkie said cheerfully. “I’d be happy to watch them! It’ll be like a sleepover! Take your time!”

The married couple sighed in relief. “Thank you so much Pinkie,” Cup Cake sighed as they handed Pinkie the twin’s belongings. “It’s such a nice feeling to know the twins will be safe with you.”

“We’ll be back in the morning!” Carrot called as they ran over to their truck. “Bye Pumpkin, bye, Pound!”

“Be good! We love you! Mwah!” Cup Cake said, blowing a kiss.

“Bye Mom and Dad!” The twins chorused, waving back.

“BYE YOU CRAZY LOVE BIRDS!” Pinkie screamed. As soon as the truck disappeared down the road, Pinkie closed the door behind them.

“Aunt Pinkie, look at my finger,” Pumpkin said, holding up a bandaged index finger.

“Whoa, look at that sucker!” Pinkie gasped, bending down to look at the finger better. “What happened?”

“I had to feed the class fish at school yesterday, and one bit me,” Pumpkin sulked.

“That’s nothing!” Pound said, rolling up his sleeve. He lifted his elbow and pointed to the bruise right under it. “Look at this! I got it during a fight!” He said proudly.

“A fight?” Pinkie repeated, surprised. “With who?”

“He didn’t get into a fight,” Pumpkin said, twirling around in a circle. “He fell on a block when Long Shot pushed him down.”

Pinkie frowned. “Why’d he do that?”

Pound crossed his arms. “He was pulling Pumpkin’s hair, so I pushed him off and called him a jerk.”

“Then everything happened.” Pumpkin concluded.

Pinkie smiled and ruffled Pound’s hair underneath his large baseball cap. “Well I think that was very brave of you Pound.” The boy beamed with pride.

“I’m hungry,” Pumpkin said, tugging on Pinkie’s night gown.

“Oh, right! C’mon then!” She grabbed the kids by the hands and led them over to the kitchen. She set them down on the island and opened the fridge. “Let’s see… how’s ice cream with whipped cream sound?”


“Yes please!”

“So what happened to that Long Shot kid?” Pinkie asked as she got out the spoons.

“Oh, he got fired,” Pumpkin said.


“She means he got suspended,” Pound corrected.

“Oh. Well, let’s hope that he’s learned his lesson, right?” Both twins nodded. Adagio suddenly walked in wearing the darkest T-shirt and sweats that Pinkie owned. She stopped short when she saw the twins eating ice cream. She slowly pointed a finger at the children.

“What…are those?”

Pinkie sprayed whipped cream into her mouth and murmured something in reply.


Pinkie swallowed and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. “I said those are kids! You have seen kids before, haven’t you?” She giggled.

Adagio rolled her eyes. “Of course I’ve seen kids before! The question is who are they, and what are they doing here?”

“Oh, these are the Cake twins! Their parents asked me to watch them for the whooole night! Isn’t that great? It’s like a double sleepover!”

Adagio’s brain short circuited at the thought of spending the whole night with two children. “Hi, I’m Pumpkin!” One of them said. “Your hair is really big.”

“Mmm-hmm. I noticed.” Adagio muttered.

“Are you Aunt Pinkie’s cousin?” The other asked.

“No…no, absolutely not.”

“Can we watch T.V.?” Pumpkin asked.

Pinkie nodded. “Sure! C’mon.” Adagio breathed deeply as soon as they left. “That’s something I never want to experience again…” She opened the fridge only to find endless cans of whipped cream. “I know I’m not imagining things. Is this seriously all they eat?” She slammed the door shut. Maud was behind it. Adagio leapt four feet in the air. “GAAAH!”

Maud seemed unfazed by the Siren’s reaction. “There’s food in the freezer and in the cabinets also,” She said flatly.

Adagio clutched at where her heart was, panting heavily. “Has anyone told you how much you scare the crap out of people?” She gasped.

“A few people have,” Maud replied.

Adagio cleared her throat and smoothed out her pajamas. She craned her neck to see if anyone else was present, and then turned back to Maud. “So…um…you mind if I ask you something?”

Maud blinked.

“So, I’m looking at you and the others, and you all look alike except for Pinkie Pie. I even saw the family portrait, and things don’t seem to add up…and I was wondering…because you know you can tell me...Is Pinkie Pie adopted?”

Maud stared at Adagio for a moment. “No,” She said simply. “She’s not.”

Adagio blinked. “Well, that’s not possible,” She said shaking her head. “There’s like, no resemblance between any of you…except for the eye color maybe. Are you absolutely sure?”

Maud nodded slowly. “Positive. My sister may be a little different from the rest of the family, but we are family. And I love her very much. I’d do anything to keep her happy.”

“And is that the reason why you let us in without hesitation?”


Maud opened a cabinet door and got out a box of crackers. Then, she pulled out a rock from her pocket. Adagio raised an eyebrow.

“What’s that?”

“This is my pet rock boulder.” She poured a heap of crackers onto the rock. “He usually gets hungry this time of night.” Adagio’s pupils shrunk. Slowly, she started to back away from the college student with a wide grin plastered on her face.

“Hmm. M’kay! Good talk! I’ll just…yeah.” She turned around swiftly and bolted out of the kitchen.

In the living room, Aria was slouching on the couch between the two twins. She was forced to wear sock monkey pajamas, which added to her growing displeasure. The kids were laughing at some show that came on 10 minutes ago. “What’re we watching again?” Aria asked, clearly uninterested in what was going on.

“Suite life of Mach and Grody,” Pumpkin replied.

“And why are we watching it?”

Pound laughed. “Because it’s funny! Don’t you think it’s funny?”

“I think Grody’s cute,” Pumpkin gushed.

Pound rolled his eyes. “Why? They’re twins! They look exactly alike!”

“So are we, but we don’t look alike! At least to us!” Pumpkin argued.

“That’s because I’m a boy and you’re a girl!”


Aria rolled her eyes. “Look, sticky fingers. This whole episode they’ve been trying to act like each other because their mom had one slip up when they were babies. What’s funny about that?”

“A lot!” Pumpkin said, swinging her legs.

“My favorite part was when they were grossed out by their mom giving birth,” Pound snickered.

Pumpkin scratched at her chin. “I just don’t get why girls always have babies in their stomachs. How do they even get in there?” She looked up at Aria. “Do you know?”

Aria’s eyes widened. She quickly jumped off the couch and ran towards Pinkie’s room. “Nope!” She brushed past Marble who had a large bandage on her head. “You. Margaret.”


“Whatever. Explain to the trolls how you humans get it on.”

Aria burst into Pinkie’s room and quickly shut the door behind her. The room was in sharp contrast to the rest of the household. It practically exploded with color. The colors were so bright, Aria had to shield her eyes a bit, at least until they adjusted to the brightness. Sonata and Adagio were sitting on Pinkie’s bed while Pinkie was lying on her stomach on the floor with her laptop. “Status update: Hangin’ with ma best frienimiieeess!”

Adagio looked up and smirked. “Let me guess; you came here for shelter as well?”

Aria groaned and sat next to her on the bed. “Okay. I was wrong. Polly and those girls must be related to each other. This family is certifiable.”

“Right? I just had a …talk with Maud. The lights are on, but nobody’s home.”

Aria grinned. “Depressants…” She pointed at Pinkie. “Stimulants.”

“I know. And it’s Pinkie.”

“I can’t keep track of everyone’s names.” She turned to Sonata, whose hair was in a French braid. She wore a bright pink night gown, and she also had cool pink eye shadow spread over her eyelids. “What are you wearing on your face?”

“It’s makeup!” Sonata said cheerfully, batting her fake eyelashes. “It is a ritual in sleepovers that we give each other makeovers! We have also done the braiding of the hair and the painting of the nails.” She held up her finger nails which had shimmering blue nail polish on them. Pinkie got up from the floor and turned to the Dazzlings with a huge grin on her face. Aria instantly recoiled in surprise.

One strand of her hair was fixed in a messy French braid and she had glitter sprayed all over her face. Bright pink lip gloss covered her lips. “Do you like it? Sonata did it for me!”

“…I can’t stop staring at it,” Aria said with a smirk. Pinkie beamed and clapped her hands excitedly. “Yay! So!” She plopped down on the already crowded bed and faced her ex foes.

“How about a game of Truth or Dare?”

Sonata beamed. “Oooh, I’ve always wanted to play that game! Can I go first? Can I can I please?”

“Sure! Go ahead!

The Siren clapped her hands excitedly. “Okay okay okay. Hmmmm… Pinkie, truth or dare?”


“Lame,” Said Aria.

Sonata ignored her sister. “Who do you have a crush on?”

Pinkie suddenly blushed and started playing with her hands. ”Crush?” Adagio and Aria shared a devious look. Now, this was getting interesting.

“Yeah, Pinkie, who do you like?” Adagio questioned.

“Spill it,” Aria joined in.

Pinkie grabbed a pillow and covered her face. “Nnnnnmmphph.” The Dazzlings continued to press on, practically demanding who her crush was. Pinkie really didn’t want to tell, but… rules were rules. She lowered the pillow, revealing her reddened face. “Okay, okay! I’ll tell you. But you have to Pinkie Promise not to tell anyone! No one else but my other friends knows about this…Pinkie Promise!”

Sonata sat up. “Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye!” She turned to the others.

Aria crossed her arms. “I’d rather stick something else in my eye before anything like that comes out of my mouth.”

“Oh, they promise,” Sonata said with a wave of dismissal. “Now come on! Tell us tell us tell us!” Pinkie buried her fists inside her hair.

“Ohh…alright…I like…”

“Yeah? Yeah?”

“I like…”

“Out with it, Pie!” Adagio commanded.

“I like Cheese Sandwich! Eeeeep!!”

“I knew it!” Aria shouted victoriously.

“Aww, that’s so cuuuute!” Sonata gushed.

“I’m sort of not surprised,” Said Adagio.

Pinkie cleared her throat and fanned herself lightly, hoping her blush would go down soon. “Okay. My turn… Adagio!” The leader’s eyes widened slightly. “Truth or dare?”

“Dare. Obviously.”

Pinkie smiled wide. “Pumpkin’s been wanting to experiment with makeup recently. I dare you to let her do whatever she wants to your face! And you have to leave it on the rest of the night!”

Sonata covered her mouth and Aria clapped her hands while laughing. Adagio was far from amused. “A dare’s a dare, Dagi,” Sonata giggled. “You gotta do it!”

Said girl bit her lip. “Fine,” she seethed through clenched teeth.

“Take the makeup case with you!” Pinkie reminded. Adagio stood up and snatched the case, ignoring the other girl’s giggles as she made her way downstairs. “While we wait for that,” Pinkie turned to Aria. “Truth or dare.”

“What do you think? Dare!”

“I dare you to…drink an entire bottle of hot sauce!”

“You’re on!” The unlikely trio giddily padded downstairs to the kitchen.

Pinkie grabbed a bottle of hot sauce from one of the cabinets and gave it to Aria. “You know what to do, sister!”

Aria pulled off the cap and smirked. “Watch how it’s done.” With that said, she held it up and started drinking the whole thing without break while Pinkie and Sonata cheered her on.

“Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug!”

Within 30 seconds, Aria had consumed every last drop of that hot sauce. “Whoo hoo, you did it!” Pinkie grinned bouncing up and down. Aria’s tongue lolled out and started to pant heavily. “You can drink some water now, the dare’s over,” Pinkie said. She grabbed a cup from the dish rack, but Aria had other plans. She had turned on the water in the sink and held her head under the faucet with her mouth wide open. “That works too,” Pinkie laughed.


Pinkie and Sonata turned to see Adagio standing behind them. It took all of their will power to refrain themselves from laughing. Adagio looked like a murderous clown that had been run over multiple times. Her eyelids were covered with lip liner, her lips were smeared with a large amount of lipstick; even her chin was covered. Her cheeks had big red circles drawn onto them, and it was clear that Pumpkin had gone crazy with Adagio’s eyebrows, for they had two big black lines on her forehead facing downward, making her look outrageously furious. Bottom line—she looked ridiculous.

Aria withdrew her head from under the faucet with a mouth full of water and faced her older sister.

Water flew in all directions.

This made Sonata laugh, which made Pinkie start laughing too. Adagio rolled her eyes and made her way up the stairs. “N-No, wait, Adagio!” Pinkie laughed, running after the lead singer. “I-I’m sorry, it looks great! Hahaha!”

Aria and Sonata went up the stairs after them, doubling over with laughter.

“So, how have your singing voices been?” Pinkie asked. They had all returned to her room and they all sat on her bed once again. Adagio still had the makeup on, but she swore that she would kill anyone who would dare laugh again.

“Horrible, thanks!” Adagio chirped with a fake grin.

“We actually haven’t sung anything since the incident,” Sonata said glumly. “It hurts too much.”

“No thanks to a certain band,” Aria muttered pointedly.

Pinkie nodded slowly and played with her fingers. “I’m sorry about that. But maybe we can change that!”

The Dazzlings stared at her in confusion.

“I mean, think about it! When you first tried to sing after the battle, your pendants had just been smashed into smithereens, and that must have damaged your throats, because you’ve had them for so long. And since it’s been, what—two months?”

“Three,” Adagio said curtly. “We’ve counted each and every day.”

“Right! So maybe now your throats have had the time to heal! You have been able to sing without those pendants before, haven’t you?”

“Well, yeah, but that was in Equestria,” Aria pointed out. “This world doesn’t have magic, and those pendants were the only connection to Equestria we had.”

“Yes, that’s true, but that means that if your throats have healed, that would mean that you might be able sing like normal girls—just not as hypnotizing and controlling.”

The Sirens glanced at each other. It was worth a shot.

Oh whoa, Oh whoa,

You didn’t know that you fell...

“Whoa, whoa whoa!” Pinkie interrupted, waving her hands. “That was good and all, but why don’t you try singing… nice songs?”

Adagio blinked in confusion. “Nice songs?”

Pinkie nodded. “Yeah, you know...happy songs!”

“We don’t know any happy songs,” Sonata said.

Pinkie gasped. “You don’t know any happy songs?! Not one?”

Aria shook her head. “It’s not the Siren way. We only sing songs of disharmony, deception, and power. It’s our culture.”

Pinkie hopped off the bed. “Well, we’ll just have to start off with the basics. Repeat after me!”

Do, a Deer, a female Deer

Re, a drop of golden sun!

“I’m going to have to stop you right there,” Aria cut in. “There’s no way in Tartarus am I singing that.”

“Okay,” Pinkie said, going over to the T.V. set. “I have another idea!”

“What?” Sonata asked eagerly.

Pinkie whipped out four microphones with a wide grin. “KARAOKE!”

Rainbow Dash had to refrain from struggling in the policemen’s grasp as she was lead inside the jewelry store. Multiple police cars and news reporters surrounded the crime scene. Inside, the store was completely empty. Whoever had done this knew what he or she was doing.

The manager of the store looked frantic and distressed, babbling something to an officer who was writing something down on his notepad. She could hear the conversation better as she was brought closer. “I didn’t see much, but what I did see was that he had a tattoo of an anchor on his arm and he had one gold tooth. I didn’t quite get a look at his face, since he wore—"

“Mr. Emerald,” Said the head officer who gripped Rainbow’s arm. “I’m officer Shield. You’ve reported that a teenage girl had helped the robber steal all the jewelry, is that correct?”

“Yes, correct.”

“We’ve apprehended two suspects, and I would like you to take a good look at them.” Rainbow frowned. Two suspects?

“Unhand me, you piece of filth!”

Her head jerked to the side and her jaw fell open. “Trixie?!”

Trixie was being dragged across the room until she was beside Rainbow. The magician looked equally horrified. “Rainbow Dash! I knew you would have something to do with this! And it’s the Great and Powerful Trixie to you!”

Rainbow scoffed. “More like the Meek and Powerless Trixie!”

Trixie gasped. “You take that back!”

“Make me!”

“ENOUGH!” Shield yelled. “Both of you!”

“I think it’s quite obvious as to whom your culprit is,” Trixie said, glaring menacingly at the girl next to her. “It’s Rainbow Dash you want, not Trixie! I always knew she was a delinquent!”

“Trixie’s certifiable!” Rainbow retorted. “She thinks she’s so great and powerful—she can barely pull off a cheap card trick! And she refers to herself in the third person…third person! Who does that?”

“I SAID ENOUGH!” Shield bellowed.

“Mr. Shield,” Emerald said suddenly. “I’m sorry, but neither of these girls robbed me.”

Shield looked flabbergasted. “N-Neither? Are you sure? Look closely, Mr. Emerald, are you absolutely 100% sure?”

“Positive. The girl that robbed me was rather dim and she had blue hair; she was nothing like these two.” Trixie and Rainbow looked victorious.

“Told you so,” Trixie said smugly. “Now release us at once!”

Shield scowled. “Not so fast. I can still arrest you for assaulting an officer with smoke bombs,” He pointed at Trixie. “And I can still arrest you for fleeing from police!” He pointed at Rainbow.

Before either girl could protest, the officer with the notepad spoke up. “Oh, let them go Shield. They’re just a couple of kids that had rough night. I’m sure that they’ll behave themselves in the future…” He glanced towards them. “Right?”

Both teens nodded vigorously.

“Oh yes!”


Shield sighed heavily. “Fine. But I’ll be watching you two. Closely.” He nodded towards two other policemen. “Get the cuffs off them.”

“Alright!” Rainbow grinned, happy her wrists were free. “Thanks a lot, officer…” She squinted at his name tag. “…Armor.”

Armor grinned. “Call me Shining.”

A voice suddenly came over his radio. “We have a 401 on Clouds Dale drive, I repeat; we have a 401 on Clouds Dale drive, all units report…”

“Sweet Cinnamon sticks!” Shining exclaimed.

“Let’s go, people, go go go!” Shield screamed. All police officers rushed to their squad cars, not bothering to grab their equipment.

“What’s a 401?” Rainbow wondered.

“Hey! What about my store?” Emerald yelled after them.

“Sorry Mr. Emerald, this can’t wait!” Shield replied, getting in his car. Within seconds, a whole army of police cars vanished off into the night.

Trixie ran outside the store and onto the curb. “Hey! What about my ride home!?”

“Looks like you’ll have to walk, princess,” Rainbow smirked, casually walking up from behind her. Trixie shook with rage and whirled around.

“This is your fault!” She fumed, poking Rainbow in the chest. “If you hadn’t robbed that stupid store, Trixie would not be in this mess!”

“Uh, newsflash! Didn’t you hear the guy in there? It. Wasn’t. Me!”

“Hmmph. You must have paid him off or something.”

Rainbow rolled her eyes and started walking. “Whatever. I’m outta here.”

Trixie blinked. “Wait! You can’t just leave me here!”

“As a matter of fact, I can! And—well, would’ja look at that! I am!”

Trixie quickly ran up to Rainbow and blocked her path. “No no no no. You can’t. Do you have any idea how dangerous this neighborhood gets at night? I need someone to protect me!”

Rainbow scoffed and shoved past her. “Yeah right! Sooner or later, you gotta learn how to fend for yourself...that’s what my parents taught me. You can’t rely on people to protect you all the time.”

“Well, that’s not how I was raised!” Trixie said, following the athlete closely. “And I do know how to fend for myself, just so you know! I just…don’t like the looks of this neighborhood, that’s all.”

“Why should I help you? You’re the one that trapped us underneath the stage—without anything soft to land on no less!”

Trixie grabbed her by the arm, and forced Rainbow to look at her. “I was under that spell, and you know it!” She seethed.

Rainbow yanked her arm free. “So? Spell or not, deep down, that’s what you wanted to do, am I right?”

“Maybe so—but you still can’t hold me accountable for that, Rainbow Crash!”

Rainbow gasped and turned red in the face. “Oh…no…you…didn’t!”

Trixie’s smile grew wide. “Oh, yes I did. I know all about that rather embarrassing skateboard crash of ’07… Derpy can be quite the Chatty Cathy when her mind’s being controlled. I think the name is quite fitting for you, though.”

Rainbow clenched her fists. “Dang it, Derpy!” She whispered sharply.

“See? She may be a bubble head, but I doubt she would’ve told if there wasn’t a spell—which proves you wrong, Rainbow Crash!”

Rainbow was beginning to see red. “Call me that…one more time.”

“Or what?”

“Two hits… me hitting you, you hitting the ground. What’s it gonna be, Lulamoon?”

The other girl let out a laugh. “You dare to challenge the Great and Powerful Trixie to a fight? Ha! I will drop you like a bag of dirt, Rainbow Cra--”

“Well, look at what we have here!”

Both girls froze.

Slowly, they turned their heads towards the voice. Trixie gasped.

Five figures dressed in black were slowly striding towards them, one swinging a large chain around as if it were a jump rope instead of a weapon. Rainbow Dash however, was staring at the guy to the left. There was one thing about him that stood out to her in particular. That thing was the tattoo on his bare arm that was the shape of an anchor. His lips pulled back into a creepy smile. His gold tooth glinted in the moonlight.

“Okay, Sonata, just sing the words on the screen, and the judges will tell you how you did,” Pinkie instructed. “Got it?”

Sonata gripped the microphone in her hands and nodded nervously. “Got it.”

“Don’t worry, you’ll do great!” Pinkie went over and sat between the two Sirens on her bed, and gave Sonata the thumbs up. Sonata looked over the lyrics.

“This looks like a good song. I think I might change it up a little.”

The music started, and she started to sing.

Five O ‘clock on a Tuesday I start and grab a Taco down at the mall

But my sisters say I gotta go sing for some humans and prepare to rule them all

She looked back at Pinkie who nodded and encouraged her to keep going.

With the voice of an angel and a stomach of steel I guess I really shouldn’t complain

Though I wish I could walk out in public without being hailed in tomato rain!

It’s enough to fry my brain! And drive me insaaaane!

So welcome to my life (As a teenage Siren)

The story of my life (As a teenage Siren)

My teenage Siren…LIFE!

Pinkie applauded madly when she finished. “Whoo hoo! That was great!”

Sonata beamed and turned to the others. “So? What do you think?”

“Well, my nose hairs stopped vibrating, so that’s an improvement,” Aria said.

Sonata scowled. “Why do you always have to criticize me?”

“I dunno, maybe because you’re the worst!”

“You are!”

“You’re such a pain!”

“You’re—you’re Baka!

Pinkie drew back with a shocked gasp. Adagio clapped a hand over her mouth, trying to hide her grin. Aria blinked. “What?”

Adagio took her hand away from her mouth. “I believe,” She coughed to mask the laughter in her voice. “She just called you an idiot.”

Aria’s jaw dropped. Sonata, realizing her mistake, started to back up. “I-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean—"

“YOU’RE DEAD!” Sonata shrieked and dropped the microphone as Aria started to chase her around the room. Adagio fell on her back on the bed laughing, clutching her stomach and kicking her legs.

Pinkie looked on frantically, not entirely sure on what to do. “N-Now girls, let’s work this out! Don’t fight! Hey, that was dirty!” She went over and clutched at Adagio’s pajamas. “Please, Adagio! Stop this madness!” But the leader of the Dazzlings was laughing too hard to respond.

Marble suddenly appeared in the doorway. “What’s going on in here?”

Pinkie sighed in relief and hugged her sister. “Marble! Thank goodness. Help me tear these two apart!” Marble nodded. She jumped over the bed and grabbed Aria by the shoulders while Pinkie stood in front of Sonata.

“Hey, what gives, Mary?” Aria shouted, straining in the other girl’s grasp.

The third oldest of the Pie sisters scowled. “It’s Marble!”

“Whatever! How on earth are you this strong?!”

“We farm rocks.” She let go of Aria and crossed her arms. “Now if you two can’t get along in here, then I’ll have to put one of you in the guest room!”

Aria was already at the door. “Fine by me. It’s about time I get my own room.”

Sonata huffed furiously as Aria left. “Fine by me too! I’m gonna hang out with the cool people!” She threw herself onto the bed. Adagio excused herself and went down to the kitchen to grab more food.

Pinkie sighed sadly as Marble went after Aria. “I’m sorry, Sonata. I wanted you guys to have fun, not be angry with each other!”

Sonata waved her hand dismissively. “Oh, it’s not your fault, Pinkie. She just needs to cool off a bit. Aria’s always like this. Well—not always. She was actually happy when we were really little. She was always pulling pranks, getting us into trouble…she smiled a lot too. But she became kind of bitter ever since mom and dad left.”

Pinkie sat on the bed beside her. “They left? Why?”

Sonata shrugged. “I don’t know. One day they were there, the next, they’re gone. I don’t remember much, because I was so sad, but at least the rest of my family was still there. The weird thing was though, Adagio acted like nothing happened. She didn’t talk about it, but I think she was upset too. But she didn’t show it. I think Aria took it the hardest.” She paused. “I never told anyone that before.”

Pinkie smiled softly. “I’m glad you did. Sometimes talking with a friend you trust is much better than keeping your feelings all bottled up inside, y’know?”

The Siren nodded. “I guess you’re right. I do feel a lot better. So…what’s next on the sleepover list?”

A wide mischievous smile spread across Pinkie’s face.

The dark figures drew closer and closer to the hapless teenage girls. Rainbow threw her hands up in the air. “Are you kidding me right now? Seriously? Am I being Punk’d? First I get arrested for no reason, and now this? Come on!”

Trixie began backing away slowly. “Stay away from us, you…you brutes!”

Rainbow clenched her fists while she also took liberty in stepping backwards. “Brutes? That’s the best insult you could come up with?”

“This isn’t the best time to criticize Trixie’s vocabulary!”

“You girls seem reasonable…and loaded…” The man with the gold tooth chuckled. “Hand over any valuables you have on you, and no one gets hurt.”

Rainbow scowled. “Not a chance, buster! You’re the one that robbed the jewelry store, aren’t you? I got picked up because of you!”

“Wait until the Cops gets wind of this,” Trixie said, suddenly gaining confidence. “Oh, I can’t wait until you thugs are behind bars!”

“I don’t think so,” Gold tooth replied as he and his friends continued to draw in closer. “You’re not going to tell anyone anything when we’re through with you.”

Rainbow threw her former nemesis a look. The magician grinned in understanding. The smoke bombs. Rainbow turned back to the thugs, smirking. “You’ll have to catch us first! Now, Trixie!”

“So long suckas!” Trixie yelled as she threw an object on the ground.


The thugs looked confused. The teenage girls looked down at the ground in horror.

It was a cracked open egg.

The magician looked apologetic. “Trixie went grocery shopping before she was incarcerated.”

Rainbow looked up at the thugs before looking back at Trixie. “Okay then…RUN!”

Author's Note:

Please, lower your arrows, and give me the chance to explain :twistnerd:

Okay, so, this was meant to be a one-shot, but this story is considerably longer than the last... I mean, it's waaaaaaay long. So I made the decision to karate chop it in half and make it a two parter. Hopefully Part 2 will be uploaded soon :twilightblush:

In my opinion, the story before was never really finished, at least for me, and this gives me the chance to vent it all out.

Also, references! :rainbowlaugh:

Sooo, yeah. Save that brain bleach though, 'cause you'll need it for later :pinkiecrazy: