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This story is a sequel to Igniting The Flame of a Rainbow

After an exhilarating Equestria Games, Soarin and Rainbow Dash are now happily in a relationship. However, adjusting to a normal life with Rainbow might be harder than Soarin first thought.

Edited by: QuillpenTheStoryteller

Cover Art by: Nabbiekitty

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 43 )

awwww adorable I love soarindash :rainbowkiss:, they fit so well to together, im exited to read more:pinkiehappy:

LOVE IT! Favourite already. Nice job, Rumble.

Glad to see the sequel to one of my top favorite stories ^○^ as always, wonderfully done, this has certainly gotten me excited. Keep up the great work Alex, really loving it.

Yay it's hereeeeee!!!!!:rainbowkiss:

5524671 glad you like it

5524731 :scootangel:

5524785 Thanks, it means a lot :twilightsmile:

Nice job with Soarin realizing life doesn't always have a happy ending. Great job with this sequel. I'm so excited. Hope you do a great job with it.

Great sequel already, I like how you bring in actual events from the series as opposed to almost completely ignoring them.

Whoa, out already? I Just realized something—I didn't finish the first story :twilightoops: I still have to read the final chapter.
I'll have to do that before I read this one :moustache:
I was sure I did read it, but I can't even remember how it ends now :trixieshiftleft:

Hmmm ya know what I never faved the previous story ima do that right now.

Title is my name.



Glad to see that there is a sequel! Plus I'm loving it so far.

5525573 Heya Soaring, lovely to see your face around here again :twilightsmile:

5525245 haha :twilightsmile: take your time

5527611 Glad to be around. :twilightsmile:

5528256 :twilightsmile: well you're always welcome around here

please dont let anything happen to dash
soarin cant take it

Why does this not update, It's been a month?

5594584 I had exams, patients my dear friend :twilightsmile:

Th-th-there is a s-s-s-sequel?


Last fic you did it ended with them doing it on a cloud I like it after marriage but hey fine by me hopefully soarin won't bring it up or it will just spring up on a front page

I'm back for more, don't make me wait for two stories now:pinkiecrazy:

Slowly dying. Need....update

Waiting for Rumble to update like...cdn.meme.am/images/188548.jpg

6162591 Sorry, it's hard trying to balance things properly. :ajsleepy:

6162685 I know, don't sweat it man, I'm just making a joke about it.

Well I'm looking forward to reading more!


6377998 Hmmmm, Will a SoarinDash scootadopt be a good enough fix this weekend before I get around to this?

It's almost been a year dude

When you still waiting there like...cdn.meme.am/images/8373718.jpg

In the name of soardash fans everywhere, I command you to update! please

Please add more!:applecry:

It be a year!
Update, buddy!

Well, we know you're still alive, so apology accepted.

This one was so cute :fluttershyouch:

Soarin nodded as he turned back to check his mane, his heart still beating slightly faster than normal from the previous few moments. He smiled as he turned back to the picture, but as he looked, a small thought started to nibble it’s way at the back of his mind. Tirek. What if he’d won? Would Soarin and Dash even be planning to go out? The two had just faced certain doom, not knowing whether either was going to see the other again, but for Dash, life just seemed to be back to normal. Soarin loved his mare, more than anything, but now he thought… what if something was to happen?

He would've married her if you continued this right?

any chance this will be updated?

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