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Your typical Brony that loves chaos and fear. That is trying to please you with his writing.


I am Zaro. Loyal and greatest solider to my mast King Sombra. However time has change. Last remember I saved my master by blocking a spell cast by Celestia and Luna. I was the one who got hit not my master. This leads me to be blasted away from my master castle and into the wild. I awoken from my injures to and manage to get back to the Crystal Empire. However I return to find out my master is gone. This Cadence clams he handed the throne to her after he fell but why is the rule different?

Chapters (2)
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I really like this story

Kill them! kill them all! Hahahaha

5468272 No! Resist! Do not listen to the voices of the darkside!

5825954 You can have power wealth immortality anything you want all you have to do is obey us the Void Bwahaha

5826578 Argh! Get out of my head evil disembodied voice! I will never fall!

5829104 You will fall like all men must you will obey the us the Void! I have set my feet in the south
And have looked about me saying:
Are not the thunders of increase
Numbered 666,
Which reign in the second angle?
I have placed whom none hath
Yet numbered but two: in whom
The second beginning of things are
And wax strong, which also successively,
Adding the numbers of time
And their powers stand
As in the beginning nine!
Arise! ye sons of pleasure!
And visit the earth!
For I am Satan who is and liveth forever!
In Satan’s name, move! Show yourselves
As pleasant deliverers,
That you may praise him
Amongst the sons of men!

Ol sonuf vorsag goho Satan lonsh Calz od vors caosgo; sobra zol Ror i ta nazps od graa Ta malprg: Ds hol-q qaa nothoa zimz Od Commah ta nobloh zien od luciftian Oboleh a donasdogamatastos. O ohorela taba Ol nore od pasbs ol zonrensg Vaoan od tooat nonucafe gmicalzoma. Pilah Farzm znrza od surzas Adna od Gono de Satan, ds hom od Toh. Soba croodzi ipam ul vls Ipamis. Ds loholo vep nothoa poamal Od bogpa aai ta piap piamol Od vaoan. Zacare ca od zamran! Odo cicle qaa! Zorge! Zir noco! Hoath Satan bvfd lonsh londoh babage,Micama goho Satan, zir comselh
A zien biah os londoh.
Em chis othil gigipah vnd-l
Chis ta pvim q mospleh teloch
Qvi-in toltorg caosga chisi od chis
Ge m ozien, ds t brgdo
Od torzul! acroodzi eol balzarg, od
Aala os thiln netaab, dlvga vomsarg
Lonsa capmiali vors em homil cocasb,
Fafen izizop od miinoag de gnetaab,
Vavn lonsh: panpir malpirgi pild caosg
Noan vnalah balt od vooan.
A Satan's dooain, torzu!
Zamran! Micma!
Iehvsoz ca-cacom!
Dooain noar micaolz aai om!
Casarmg gohia: zacar! Torzu!
Imvamar pvgo!
Pvgo plapli cicles qaan!

5830524 Ken Nafshi Ta'arog elecha adonai.
So, my soul pant for you, my lord! MY God.

5830532 YOU WILL OBEY US!!The mighty sounds have entered into
The fourth angle and are become
As deliverers of Lord Satan's Providence,
Bringing forth strength and understanding dwelling
In the firmaments as continual comforters;
Unto whom I fastened pillars
Of gladness 666, and gave them
Vessels to water the earth
With all her creatures;
And they are the sons and
Daughters of Satan. Of the first
And the second and the beginning
Of their own seats which are garnished
With continual burning lamps whose numbers
Are as the beginning, the ends
And the contents of time.
Therefore! Come ye and appear to your creation!
Visit us in peace and comfort
Conclude us receivers of your mysteries, for why?
We worship Satan/Lucifer in all his glory,

Gah de sdiv chis em,
Micalzo pilzin de sobam;
Casarm taviv harg ta mir iad,
Od obloc nore od pasbs
De Satan, dlvgar malprg ar caosga
Od em canal sobol zar fbliard
Caosga, od chis netaab od miam.
Solpeth bien! Brita od zacam
Gmicalzo sobha vavn trian lviahe
Od ecrin de Satan qaaon!

Raas salman babalond oecrimi aao malprg
Croodzi bvsd, qviin Satan Odo bvtmon
Od z chis noas em paradial
Casarmg Vgear olora chirlan; od z chis
Zonac luciftian, cors ta vavl zirn tolhami;
Soba londoh od miam chis ta q ziarahs,
Micalz vmadea de Satan, pibliar;
Moz gohed. C no qvol de qvasahi,
Zacare! Zamran! Oecrimi de Satan!
Omicaolz aai om; bagle papnor i dlvgam
Lonshi, od vmplif vgegi blior de Satan!

Micaolz bransg prgel Napta malpirgi,
Ds brin efafafe vonpho od sobca vpaah
Chis tatan od tranan balye, alar Lusda
Babage od chis holq C noqvodi Mian.
Vnal aldon mom caosgo Ta las ollor
Gnai limlal. Amma chis Jehova; idoigo
Od chic noqodi! Sobca madrid chis
Ooanoan, aviny drilpi caosgin, od
Bvtmoni parm zvmvi cnila; daziz chis
Ethamz a childao od mirc ozol chis
Pidiai collal. Vlcinin a sobam vcim ip;
Bagle? Satan chirlan par. Niiso!
Bams ofafafe!
Bagle a cocasb i Cors ca vnig blior! The thunders of judgment and wrath are numbered And are harbored In the South. In the likeness of an Oak whose branches are nests Of lamentation and weeping laid up For Jehova and His servants, which burn night and day, And vomit Out the heads of scorpions, And live sulphur mingled with poison. These are the Thunders that roar with a hundred mighty Earthquakes And a thousand times as many surges, Which rest Not, nor know Any echoing time. Here one rock Bringeth forth a thousand Even as the heart of man Does his thoughts. Woe! Woe! Woe! Woe! Woe! Woe! Yea Woe! Be to he who sits On the holy throne in heaven! His iniquity is, Was and shall be great. Come away! But not your mighty sounds!

5830550 I will not fall!
I am the swarm! *pin drop* "Wrong quote mate!"
Uh...I will fight you! Nothing, can, escape, death!

5833984 You would fight us the void creator and destroyer of all things even death ...... We will sick Fegelein after you th07.deviantart.net/fs71/PRE/i/2013/105/e/2/downfall_files__hermann_fegelein_by_admiralmichalis-d61t7hy.jpg

5835283 You would think so!
"Cold as the Void!"
*Magical things happend*

5837956 hmm you have proven quite resilient. Good show my friend good show, you have passed the test but I have to conquer the rest of Europe on rome total war oh and if you have not already watch mlp season 5

5839747 eh i watched the 2 episodes already...
and i still have to work on fully upgraded the KV-1 and working on getting a Panzer III then Panzer IV

5842612 world of tanks I take it, I got a tiger and some other tier sevens, mostly playing skyrim and fallout 3&NV on pc with some halo 2 anniversary legendary on my xbox oneoh the pain of restarting the entire level over when i die instead of a checkpoint gotta love the classics

5842849 Nnope...I'm playing Ground War: Tanks.
A Russian made browser based game that run on Unity and resemble World of Tanks a lot...Where US tanks suck...terribly...Well, Tier 5 and above is decent...

5842885 ahh lot of tank games out there these days

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